2014  »  White Spot / Delta Road Race WE (1.2)

One Day Race

1 Kirchman LeahOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies752:25:08
2 Schneider SamanthaTeam TIBCO - To The Top55,,
3 Stephens LaurenTeam TIBCO - To The Top40,,
4 Headley Sara32,,
5 Chilcott Kate28,,
6 Calle Williams Maria Luisa24,,
7 Anderson Elle20,,
8 Cutler Amy18,,
9 Jackson Alison16,,
10 Kiesanowski JoanneTeam TIBCO - To The Top14,,
11 Ramsden DeniseOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies120:03
12 Campbell Maddi10,,
13 Gibson Kinley8,,
14 Bergen Sara7,,
15 Salcedo Jannie6,,
16 Ewart AnnieOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies5,,
17 Rachetto Liza4,,
18 Coney Sarah3,,
19 Audrain Ivy2,,
20 Gilgen Jamie1,,
21 Todd AnikaTeam TIBCO - To The Top,,
22 Wilcoxson JadeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies,,
23 Foreman-mackey Annie0:08
24 Dessureault Catherine,,
25 Flynn Emily0:10
26 Cartmill Carolyn,,
27 Rook Anne-marije,,
28 Guloien Leah,,
29 Rathwell Megan,,
30 Fish Anna-lisa,,
31 Cabot Morgan,,
32 Griffiths Miranda,,
33 Schwager PatriciaTeam TIBCO - To The Top,,
34 Routley Shoshauna,,
35 Pinckston Tessa0:12
36 Bruneau Amélie,,
37 Brynjolfson Kristine2:29
DNF Rasmussen Sarah-anne-
DNF Cardin Houle Rosalie-
DNF Provost Adriane-
DNF Caron Joanie-
DNF Haatz Gina-
DNF Carroll Sarah-
DNF Lehmann Jenny-
DNF Bonhomme Ariane-
DNF Watters Ellen-
DNF Barson Ashley-
DNF Withers Alysia-
DNF Burtner Jennifer-
DNF Bradley Amy-
DNF Lowe CourtneyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies-
DNF Morin Anne-Marie-
DNF Gray Megan-
DNF Johnson Vanessa-
DNF Blais Marie-soleil-
DNF Grant Meghan-
DNF Canning Rachel-
DNF Kay Heather-
DNF Redl Erin-
DNS Williams Lizzie-
DNS Carleton Gillian-
DNS Ruby Krista-
DNS Clift Justine-

Race Info

Date: 6th July 2014
Avg speed winner: 38.464 km/h
Race category: Int. Woman
Point scale: 1.1
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