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2015  »  Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke  (CT)

Top (n) results:
2017-04-2928 GP Viborg Van Den Dool Jens1.21
2017-04-294 GP Viborg Bugter Luuc1.22
2017-04-2917 GP Viborg Bakker Dennis1.23
2017-04-2916 GP Viborg Meijers Daan1.24
2017-04-28DNF GP Himmerland Rundt Talen Jordi1.25
2017-04-2825 GP Himmerland Rundt Mulhern Mitchell1.26
2017-04-2837 GP Himmerland Rundt Van Den Dool Jens1.27
2017-04-2812 GP Himmerland Rundt Meijers Daan1.28
2017-04-288 GP Himmerland Rundt Bugter Luuc1.29
2017-04-2834 GP Himmerland Rundt Bakker Dennis1.210
2017-04-2231 Arno Wallaard Memorial Meijers Daan1.211
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Van Den Dool Jens1.212
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Talen Jordi1.213
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Pastoor Gerco1.214
2017-04-2225 Arno Wallaard Memorial Mulhern Mitchell1.215
2017-04-2222 Arno Wallaard Memorial Bakker Dennis1.216
2017-04-2217 Arno Wallaard Memorial Groen Ike1.217
2017-04-2210 Arno Wallaard Memorial Van Schip Jan-willem1.218
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Pastoor Gerco1.119
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Bugter Luuc1.120
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Mulhern Mitchell1.121
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Talen Jordi1.122
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Van Den Dool Jens1.123
2017-04-1756 Tro-Bro Léon Groen Ike1.124
2017-04-1741 Tro-Bro Léon Bakker Dennis1.125
2017-04-0123 Volta Limburg Classic Bakker Dennis1.126
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Pastoor Gerco1.127
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Mulhern Mitchell1.128
2017-04-0162 Volta Limburg Classic Groen Ike1.129
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Van Den Dool Jens1.130
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Tulner Rens1.131
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Meijers Daan1.132
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Bugter Luuc1.133
2017-03-267 Tour de Normandie - Mountains ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.234
2017-03-2632 Tour de Normandie Van Schip Jan-willem2.235
2017-03-266 Tour de Normandie - Points ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.236
2017-03-2679 Tour de Normandie - Stage 7Van Schip Jan-willem2.237
2017-03-2623 Tour de Normandie Bakker Dennis2.238
2017-03-2658 Tour de Normandie Mulhern Mitchell2.239
2017-03-2620 Tour de Normandie - Mountains ClassificationBakker Dennis2.240
2017-03-2619 Tour de Normandie - Points ClassificationBakker Dennis2.241
2017-03-2643 Tour de Normandie - Points ClassificationMulhern Mitchell2.242
2017-03-2613 Tour de Normandie - Youth ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.243
2017-03-2612 Tour de Normandie - Stage 7Bakker Dennis2.244
2017-03-268 Tour de Normandie - Teams Classification 2.245
2017-03-2699 Tour de Normandie - Stage 7Mulhern Mitchell2.246
2017-03-256 Tour de Normandie - Stage 6Van Schip Jan-willem2.247
2017-03-2528 Tour de Normandie - Stage 6Bakker Dennis2.248
2017-03-2553 Tour de Normandie - Stage 6Mulhern Mitchell2.249
2017-03-25DNF Tour de Normandie - Stage 6Meijers Daan2.250
2017-03-2482 Tour de Normandie - Stage 5Mulhern Mitchell2.251
2017-03-245 Tour de Normandie - Stage 5Bakker Dennis2.252
2017-03-2422 Tour de Normandie - Stage 5Van Schip Jan-willem2.253
2017-03-2418 Tour de Normandie - Stage 5Meijers Daan2.254
2017-03-24DNF Tour de Normandie - Stage 5Bugter Luuc2.255
2017-03-2331 Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Bakker Dennis2.256
2017-03-236 Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Bugter Luuc2.257
2017-03-2377 Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Meijers Daan2.258
2017-03-2322 Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Van Schip Jan-willem2.259
2017-03-2351 Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Mulhern Mitchell2.260
2017-03-23DNF Tour de Normandie - Stage 4Van Dalen Jason2.261
2017-03-228 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Van Dalen Jason2.262
2017-03-2289 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Meijers Daan2.263
2017-03-221 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Van Schip Jan-willem2.264
2017-03-2214 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Bugter Luuc2.265
2017-03-2237 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Bakker Dennis2.266
2017-03-2236 Tour de Normandie - Stage 3Mulhern Mitchell2.267
2017-03-217 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Van Schip Jan-willem2.268
2017-03-2132 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Meijers Daan2.269
2017-03-2177 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Mulhern Mitchell2.270
2017-03-2174 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Bugter Luuc2.271
2017-03-2146 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Van Dalen Jason2.272
2017-03-2114 Tour de Normandie - Stage 2Bakker Dennis2.273
2017-03-2083 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Mulhern Mitchell2.274
2017-03-2028 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Bakker Dennis2.275
2017-03-2069 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Meijers Daan2.276
2017-03-2057 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Van Schip Jan-willem2.277
2017-03-2018 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Bugter Luuc2.278
2017-03-2052 Tour de Normandie - Stage 1Van Dalen Jason2.279
2017-03-1234 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Tulner Rens1.280
2017-03-1292 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Van Den Dool Jens1.281
2017-03-1285 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Mulhern Mitchell1.282
2017-03-126 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Bugter Luuc1.283
2017-03-1227 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Van Schip Jan-willem1.284
2017-03-1275 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Bakker Dennis1.285
2017-03-1256 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Meijers Daan1.286
2017-03-1236 Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen Van Dalen Jason1.287
2017-03-1189 Ronde van Drenthe Mulhern Mitchell1.188
2017-03-111 Ronde van Drenthe Van Schip Jan-willem1.189
2017-03-1171 Ronde van Drenthe Van Dalen Jason1.190
2017-03-1163 Ronde van Drenthe Groen Ike1.191
2017-03-11DNF Ronde van Drenthe Meijers Daan1.192
2017-03-11DNF Ronde van Drenthe Talen Jordi1.193
2017-03-1139 Ronde van Drenthe Bakker Dennis1.194
2017-03-1135 Ronde van Drenthe Bugter Luuc1.195
2017-03-0522 Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Van Schip Jan-willem1.196
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Groen Ike1.197
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Bakker Dennis1.198
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Bugter Luuc1.199
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Meijers Daan1.1100
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Mulhern Mitchell1.1101
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Van Dalen Jason1.1102
2017-03-05DNF Dwars door West-Vlaanderen Johan Museeuw Classic Talen Jordi1.1103
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