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2015  »  Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke  (CT)

Top (n) results:
2017-06-2532 National Championships Netherlands - Road RaceBakker DennisNC1
2017-06-2520 National Championships Netherlands - Road RaceMeijers DaanNC2
2017-06-2574 National Championships Netherlands - Road RaceBugter LuucNC3
2017-06-2566 National Championships Netherlands - Road RaceGroen IkeNC4
2017-06-2564 National Championships Netherlands - Road RaceVan Dalen JasonNC5
2017-06-2415 National Championships Netherlands U23 - Road Race Pastoor GercoNC6
2017-06-2441 National Championships Netherlands U23 - Road Race Van Den Dool JensNC7
2017-06-246 National Championships Netherlands U23 - Road Race Bax SjoerdNC8
2017-06-2465 National Championships Netherlands U23 - Road Race Tulner RensNC9
2017-06-2411 National Championships Netherlands U23 - Road Race Talen JordiNC10
2017-06-219 National Championships Netherlands U23 - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Pastoor GercoNC11
2017-06-2114 National Championships Netherlands U23 - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Bax SjoerdNC12
2017-06-2119 National Championships Netherlands U23 - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Van Den Dool JensNC13
2017-06-2112 National Championships Netherlands U23 - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Tulner RensNC14
2017-06-2126 National Championships Netherlands - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Bugter LuucNC15
2017-06-2116 National Championships Netherlands - ITT - Stage 1 (ITT)Groen IkeNC16
2017-06-1116 OberösterreichrundfahrtVan Den Dool Jens2.217
2017-06-1133 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Youth ClassificationPastoor Gerco2.218
2017-06-114 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Mountains ClassificationBax Sjoerd2.219
2017-06-1122 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Van Den Dool Jens2.220
2017-06-119 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Meijers Daan2.221
2017-06-1132 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Pastoor Gerco2.222
2017-06-112 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Van Dalen Jason2.223
2017-06-1182 Ronde van Limburg Tulner Rens1.124
2017-06-118 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Points ClassificationGroen Ike2.225
2017-06-1131 OberösterreichrundfahrtVan Dalen Jason2.226
2017-06-1115 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Mountains ClassificationGroen Ike2.227
2017-06-1130 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Bax Sjoerd2.228
2017-06-11DNF Ronde van Limburg Talen Jordi1.129
2017-06-1129 OberösterreichrundfahrtBax Sjoerd2.230
2017-06-1119 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Points ClassificationBax Sjoerd2.231
2017-06-1113 Ronde van Limburg Bakker Dennis1.132
2017-06-116 OberösterreichrundfahrtGroen Ike2.233
2017-06-1118 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Points ClassificationMeijers Daan2.234
2017-06-1118 OberösterreichrundfahrtMeijers Daan2.235
2017-06-1118 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 4Groen Ike2.236
2017-06-1166 OberösterreichrundfahrtPastoor Gerco2.237
2017-06-1163 Ronde van Limburg Mulhern Mitchell1.138
2017-06-115 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Youth ClassificationVan Den Dool Jens2.239
2017-06-115 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Points ClassificationVan Dalen Jason2.240
2017-06-1111 Ronde van Limburg Bugter Luuc1.141
2017-06-1111 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Youth ClassificationBax Sjoerd2.242
2017-06-114 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Teams Classification 2.243
2017-06-1033 Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Bugter Luuc1.244
2017-06-1054 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Pastoor Gerco2.245
2017-06-1015 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Van Den Dool Jens2.246
2017-06-1045 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Bax Sjoerd2.247
2017-06-1030 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Van Dalen Jason2.248
2017-06-10DNF Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Bakker Dennis1.249
2017-06-10DNF Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Talen Jordi1.250
2017-06-10DNF Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Mulhern Mitchell1.251
2017-06-10DNF Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Van Schip Jan-willem1.252
2017-06-10DNF Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen Tulner Rens1.253
2017-06-1012 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Meijers Daan2.254
2017-06-1010 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 3Groen Ike2.255
2017-06-0953 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Van Dalen Jason2.256
2017-06-0913 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Pastoor Gerco2.257
2017-06-0968 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Bax Sjoerd2.258
2017-06-0917 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Groen Ike2.259
2017-06-0923 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Van Den Dool Jens2.260
2017-06-095 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2Meijers Daan2.261
2017-06-089 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Groen Ike2.262
2017-06-0821 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Van Den Dool Jens2.263
2017-06-0839 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Van Dalen Jason2.264
2017-06-0827 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Meijers Daan2.265
2017-06-0818 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Bax Sjoerd2.266
2017-06-08106 Oberösterreichrundfahrt - Stage 1Pastoor Gerco2.267
2017-06-0469 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa Tulner Rens2.Ncup68
2017-06-0465 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa - Stage 3Tulner Rens2.Ncup69
2017-06-0372 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa - Stage 2Tulner Rens2.Ncup70
2017-06-0233 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa - Stage 1Tulner Rens2.Ncup71
2017-06-0119 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa - PrologueTulner Rens2.Ncup72
2017-05-2816 An Post Rás - Mountains ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.273
2017-05-2816 An Post Rás Mulhern Mitchell2.274
2017-05-282 An Post Rás - Points ClassificationBakker Dennis2.275
2017-05-282 An Post Rás Groen Ike2.276
2017-05-2831 An Post Rás - Stage 8Groen Ike2.277
2017-05-2820 An Post Rás Bakker Dennis2.278
2017-05-281 An Post Rás - Teams Classification 2.279
2017-05-281 An Post Rás - Points ClassificationMeijers Daan2.280
2017-05-287 An Post Rás - Mountains ClassificationMeijers Daan2.281
2017-05-2843 An Post Rás - Stage 8Van Schip Jan-willem2.282
2017-05-287 An Post Rás - Points ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.283
2017-05-2829 An Post Rás - Stage 8Mulhern Mitchell2.284
2017-05-2869 An Post Rás - Stage 8Meijers Daan2.285
2017-05-2813 An Post Rás - Mountains ClassificationBakker Dennis2.286
2017-05-2839 An Post Rás - Points ClassificationMulhern Mitchell2.287
2017-05-2812 An Post Rás - Stage 8Bakker Dennis2.288
2017-05-2823 An Post Rás - Points ClassificationGroen Ike2.289
2017-05-2834 An Post Rás Van Schip Jan-willem2.290
2017-05-2823 An Post Rás Meijers Daan2.291
2017-05-2716 An Post Rás - Stage 7Mulhern Mitchell2.292
2017-05-2722 An Post Rás - Stage 7Bakker Dennis2.293
2017-05-272 An Post Rás - Stage 7Van Schip Jan-willem2.294
2017-05-271 An Post Rás - Stage 7Meijers Daan2.295
2017-05-2727 An Post Rás - Stage 7Groen Ike2.296
2017-05-264 An Post Rás - Stage 6Meijers Daan2.297
2017-05-263 An Post Rás - Stage 6Bakker Dennis2.298
2017-05-269 An Post Rás - Stage 6Mulhern Mitchell2.299
2017-05-2621 An Post Rás - Stage 6Groen Ike2.2100
2017-05-2617 An Post Rás - Stage 6Van Schip Jan-willem2.2101
2017-05-2584 An Post Rás - Stage 5Mulhern Mitchell2.2102
2017-05-253 An Post Rás - Stage 5Meijers Daan2.2103
2017-05-2519 An Post Rás - Stage 5Bakker Dennis2.2104
2017-05-256 An Post Rás - Stage 5Groen Ike2.2105
2017-05-2560 An Post Rás - Stage 5Van Schip Jan-willem2.2106
2017-05-2416 An Post Rás - Stage 4Groen Ike2.2107
2017-05-2484 An Post Rás - Stage 4Van Schip Jan-willem2.2108
2017-05-246 An Post Rás - Stage 4Meijers Daan2.2109
2017-05-2438 An Post Rás - Stage 4Mulhern Mitchell2.2110
2017-05-2457 An Post Rás - Stage 4Bakker Dennis2.2111
2017-05-234 An Post Rás - Stage 3Bakker Dennis2.2112
2017-05-2383 An Post Rás - Stage 3Van Schip Jan-willem2.2113
2017-05-239 An Post Rás - Stage 3Groen Ike2.2114
2017-05-2315 An Post Rás - Stage 3Mulhern Mitchell2.2115
2017-05-23134 An Post Rás - Stage 3Meijers Daan2.2116
2017-05-2254 An Post Rás - Stage 2Groen Ike2.2117
2017-05-221 An Post Rás - Stage 2Van Schip Jan-willem2.2118
2017-05-227 An Post Rás - Stage 2Meijers Daan2.2119
2017-05-226 An Post Rás - Stage 2Bakker Dennis2.2120
2017-05-2225 An Post Rás - Stage 2Mulhern Mitchell2.2121
2017-05-218 An Post Rás - Stage 1Van Schip Jan-willem2.2122
2017-05-212 An Post Rás - Stage 1Bakker Dennis2.2123
2017-05-2115 An Post Rás - Stage 1Mulhern Mitchell2.2124
2017-05-2129 An Post Rás - Stage 1Meijers Daan2.2125
2017-05-2117 An Post Rás - Stage 1Groen Ike2.2126
2017-05-1416 Profronde van Noord-Holland Bugter Luuc1.2127
2017-05-149 Profronde van Noord-Holland Bakker Dennis1.2128
2017-05-1446 Profronde van Noord-Holland Mulhern Mitchell1.2129
2017-05-1420 Profronde van Noord-Holland Tulner Rens1.2130
2017-05-14DNF Profronde van Noord-Holland Talen Jordi1.2131
2017-05-1439 Profronde van Noord-Holland Bax Sjoerd1.2132
2017-05-1418 Profronde van Noord-Holland Groen Ike1.2133
2017-05-145 Profronde van Noord-Holland Van Schip Jan-willem1.2134
2017-05-0716 Ringerike GP Bugter Luuc1.2135
2017-05-0740 Ringerike GP Bax Sjoerd1.2136
2017-05-07DNF Ringerike GP Tulner Rens1.2137
2017-05-07DNF Ringerike GP Talen Jordi1.2138
2017-05-07DNF Ringerike GP Pastoor Gerco1.2139
2017-05-07DNF Ringerike GP Meijers Daan1.2140
2017-05-0738 Ringerike GP Van Schip Jan-willem1.2141
2017-05-07DNF Ringerike GP Groen Ike1.2142
2017-05-0628 Sundvolden GP Bugter Luuc1.2143
2017-05-0612 Sundvolden GP Meijers Daan1.2144
2017-05-06DNF Sundvolden GP Van Schip Jan-willem1.2145
2017-05-06DNF Sundvolden GP Tulner Rens1.2146
2017-05-06DNF Sundvolden GP Talen Jordi1.2147
2017-05-06DNF Sundvolden GP Bax Sjoerd1.2148
2017-05-06DNF Sundvolden GP Groen Ike1.2149
2017-05-0623 Sundvolden GP Pastoor Gerco1.2150
2017-04-3045 Skive-Løbet Van Den Dool Jens1.2151
2017-04-3015 Skive-Løbet Bugter Luuc1.2152
2017-04-3012 Skive-Løbet Meijers Daan1.2153
2017-04-30DNF Skive-Løbet Talen Jordi1.2154
2017-04-30DNF Skive-Løbet Bakker Dennis1.2155
2017-04-30DNF Skive-Løbet Mulhern Mitchell1.2156
2017-04-29DNF GP Viborg Talen Jordi1.2157
2017-04-294 GP Viborg Bugter Luuc1.2158
2017-04-2932 GP Viborg Mulhern Mitchell1.2159
2017-04-2916 GP Viborg Meijers Daan1.2160
2017-04-2929 GP Viborg Van Den Dool Jens1.2161
2017-04-2917 GP Viborg Bakker Dennis1.2162
2017-04-28DNF GP Himmerland Rundt Talen Jordi1.2163
2017-04-288 GP Himmerland Rundt Bugter Luuc1.2164
2017-04-2837 GP Himmerland Rundt Van Den Dool Jens1.2165
2017-04-2825 GP Himmerland Rundt Mulhern Mitchell1.2166
2017-04-2812 GP Himmerland Rundt Meijers Daan1.2167
2017-04-2834 GP Himmerland Rundt Bakker Dennis1.2168
2017-04-2210 Arno Wallaard Memorial Van Schip Jan-willem1.2169
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Van Den Dool Jens1.2170
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Talen Jordi1.2171
2017-04-2222 Arno Wallaard Memorial Bakker Dennis1.2172
2017-04-22DNF Arno Wallaard Memorial Pastoor Gerco1.2173
2017-04-2231 Arno Wallaard Memorial Meijers Daan1.2174
2017-04-2225 Arno Wallaard Memorial Mulhern Mitchell1.2175
2017-04-2217 Arno Wallaard Memorial Groen Ike1.2176
2017-04-1756 Tro-Bro Léon Groen Ike1.1177
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Pastoor Gerco1.1178
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Bugter Luuc1.1179
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Mulhern Mitchell1.1180
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Talen Jordi1.1181
2017-04-17DNF Tro-Bro Léon Van Den Dool Jens1.1182
2017-04-1741 Tro-Bro Léon Bakker Dennis1.1183
2017-04-0123 Volta Limburg Classic Bakker Dennis1.1184
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Pastoor Gerco1.1185
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Mulhern Mitchell1.1186
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Van Den Dool Jens1.1187
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Tulner Rens1.1188
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Meijers Daan1.1189
2017-04-01DNF Volta Limburg Classic Bugter Luuc1.1190
2017-04-0162 Volta Limburg Classic Groen Ike1.1191
2017-03-2623 Tour de Normandie Bakker Dennis2.2192
2017-03-2632 Tour de Normandie Van Schip Jan-willem2.2193
2017-03-2679 Tour de Normandie - Stage 7Van Schip Jan-willem2.2194
2017-03-268 Tour de Normandie - Teams Classification 2.2195
2017-03-2620 Tour de Normandie - Mountains ClassificationBakker Dennis2.2196
2017-03-2643 Tour de Normandie - Points ClassificationMulhern Mitchell2.2197
2017-03-267 Tour de Normandie - Mountains ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.2198
2017-03-2619 Tour de Normandie - Points ClassificationBakker Dennis2.2199
2017-03-2613 Tour de Normandie - Youth ClassificationVan Schip Jan-willem2.2200
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