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2017  »   Bike Aid  (CT)

Riders by age

Kipkemboi Salim1998-11-30
Habtom Awet1998-01-01
Ghebreindrias Amanuel Mengis1995-01-14
Beck Joschka1993-03-22
Teshome Meron1992-07-13
Kiprotich Langat Geffory1991-09-15
Holler Nikodemus1991-05-04
Lechner Patrick1988-12-12
Kangangi Suleiman1988-12-09
Bichlmann Daniel1988-08-18
Thömel Tino1988-06-06
Rugg Timothy1985-11-24
Schafer Timo1982-08-09
Schnapka Matthias1980-07-27

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: BAI

PCS Ranking: 85
UCI Ranking:

10 Latest results

19.033 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 8
19.031 Tour du Cameroun - General Classification
19.031 Tour du Cameroun - Teams Classification
18.039 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 7
16.037 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 6
15.031 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 5
14.032 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 4
13.031 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 3
12.031 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 2
11.039 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 1


 17.04Tour of the Alps 05.07Sibiu Cycling Tour



6 Tour du Cameroun Holler
5 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 5 - Douala › DoualaTeshome
4 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 3 - Mbanga › LimbéTeshome
3 Tour du Cameroun - Stage 2 - Bafoussam › BafoussamHoller
2 African Continental Championships - ITTTeshome
1 African Continental Championships - TTT
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