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2017  »  Medellin - Inder  (CT)

Riders by age

MONTOYA Javier1997-10-17 (20)
CARDONA Julián1997-01-19 (20)
ORTEGA Robinson Armando1996-06-20 (21)
ESTRADA Eduardo1995-01-25 (22)
RAMIREZ Brayan Steven1992-11-20 (24)
PAREDES César Nicolas1992-09-05 (25)
VARGAS Walter1992-04-16 (25)
MONTOYA Cristian1989-08-04 (28)
OYOLA Robigzon Leandro1988-08-10 (29)
ARANGO Juan Esteban1986-10-09 (31)
ROLDAN Weimar Alfonso1985-05-17 (32)
SEVILLA Oscar1976-09-29 (41)

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: MED
Bike: Berria



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking: 55
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results

15.101 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile
15.1062 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 5
14.101 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 4
13.109 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 3
12.106 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 2b (TTT)
12.106 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 2a
11.106 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 1
04.0913 Tour of Alberta
04.0913 Tour of Alberta - Stage 4





8 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile2.2PAREDES César Nicolas
7 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Stage 42.2MONTOYA Cristian
6 Tour of Ankara 2.2RAMIREZ Brayan Steven
5 Tour of Ankara - Stage 42.2SEVILLA Oscar
4 Tour of Ankara - Stage 32.2ARANGO Juan Esteban
3 Tour of Ankara - Stage 12.2RAMIREZ Brayan Steven
2 Vuelta Ciclista Comunidad de Madrid 2.1SEVILLA Oscar
1 Vuelta Asturias Julio Alvarez Mendo - Stage 12.1ROLDAN Weimar Alfonso
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