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2017  »  Bicicletas Strongman  (CT)

Riders by age

GONZÁLEZ Roberto Carlos1994-05-21 (23)
CASTRO Wilmar Andres1994-04-01 (23)
MUNOZ William David1994-01-17 (23)
CALDERÓN Steven1993-12-25 (23)
CAICEDO Jonathan Klever1993-04-28 (24)
ROZO VELEZ Daniel Andres1992-04-03 (25)
CALA Aristobulo1990-05-13 (27)
ANGARITA Marvin Orlando1989-04-11 (28)
TAMAYO Juan Sebastian1988-05-23 (29)
MILLAN Jonathan1988-04-16 (29)
SASTOQUE PULIDO Didier Alexander1987-05-03 (30)
SANCHEZ Oscar Eduardo1985-05-14 (32)
GOMEZ Camilo Andres1984-10-05 (32)
BECERRA Carlos1982-08-05 (35)
ACOSTA Ruben Dario0000-00-00 ()
ARIZA JARAMILLO Heimarhanz0000-00-00 ()

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: BSM
Bike: Wilier



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking: 128
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results

13.081 Vuelta a Colombia
13.0813 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 12
12.085 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 11
11.084 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 10
10.083 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 9
09.088 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 8 (ITT)
07.0811 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 7
06.0824 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 6
05.083 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 5
04.084 Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 4





1 Vuelta a Colombia 2.2CALA Aristobulo
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