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Agostini Stefano (from 21/08, until 20/11)
Aguirre Jose Alfredo (from 04/04)
Alvarado Adrian (from 01/05)
Ares Diego (from 12/04)
Arriagada Marco (from 29/01, until 28/01)
Artavia Enrique (from 22/04, until 05/06)
Askari Hossein (from 03/06, until 02/06)
Ballan Alessandro (from 17/01, until 16/08)
Bani Eugenio (from 24/07, until 01/05)
Barredo Carlos (from 18/10, until 17/10)
Basso Ivan (from 30/04, until 24/10)
Bastidehkharghani Parastoo (from 23/05, until 22/08)
Bdadou Said (from 29/03, until 04/10)
Belda Jose (from 08/08, until 20/09)
Bertagnolli Leonardo (from 25/06, until 24/11)
Bikienga Salfo (from 23/10, until 02/06)
Bileka Volodymyr (from 24/05)
Boogerd Michael (from 21/12, until 21/12)
Briceño Yimmi José (from 16/01)
Bugge Vegard Robinson (from 29/06, until 28/10)
Carretero Ramon (from 08/06, until 07/06)
Casas Ivan Mauricio (from 04/12, until 03/12)
Chaabane Hichem (from 22/04)
Chacón Lilibeth (from 18/05)
Chiarini Riccardo (from 07/05)
Cotumba Juan (from 17/08, until 16/08)
Dekker Thomas (from 01/07, until 01/07)
Fallanie Ali Ahmad (from 28/06, until 27/06)
Finkler Fernando Augusto (from 27/08, until 26/08)
Gabrovski Ivailo (from 24/04, until 16/07)
Galimzyanov Denis (from 13/04, until 13/04)
Ghaffari Vahid (from 20/06)
González Jonathan (from 10/04)
Hualda Ronnel (from 21/04, until 02/07)
Janiszewski Sylwester (from 11/08)
Kumar Kristjan (from 12/07)
Largo Luis Alberto (from 22/01)
Matnur Matnur (from 06/05, until 25/01)
Mondory Lloyd (from 17/02, until 09/03)
Morales Allan (from 03/04, until 03/04)
Mudarra Paulo (from 03/04, until 03/04)
Murray Karl (from 22/04)
Nedev Svetoslav (from 10/04, until 19/04)
Nikiema Abdoul Aziz (from 30/10, until 02/06)
Novikov Nikita (from 07/06, until 06/06)
PeÑa Miguel (from 20/02)
Pliuschin Alexandr (from 28/11, until 01/09)
Pourseyedi Mirsamad (from 25/05, until 29/06)
Pruus Peeter (from 05/06, until 04/04)
Rabottini Matteo (from 07/08)
Reda Francesco (from 21/07, until 21/10)
Robayo Mauricio (from 15/08)
Salas Sebastian (from 01/08, until 31/07)
Sangare Oumar (from 27/10, until 26/10)
Santambrogio Mauro (from 02/05, until 21/10)
Sapa Marcin (from 27/07)
Savoldelli Paolo (from 29/05, until 29/11)
Sayed Ibrahim Enas (from 01/12)
Schleck Fränk (from 14/07, until 14/07)
Sella Emanuele (from 23/07, until 18/08)
Serebryakov Alexander (from 05/04, until 04/04)
Suherman Heryadi (from 06/06, until 24/07)
Tiernan-Locke Jonathan
Ulissi Diego (from 21/06, until 26/03)
Vargas Paulo (from 03/04, until 03/04)
Yovchev Yovcho Zhivkov (from 14/09)

Riders by nation

Italy (12)
Agostini Stefano
Ballan Alessandro
Bani Eugenio
Basso Ivan
Bertagnolli Leonardo
Chiarini Riccardo
Rabottini Matteo
Reda Francesco
Santambrogio Mauro
Savoldelli Paolo
Sella Emanuele
Ulissi Diego

Mexico (1)
Aguirre Jose Alfredo

Chile (2)
Alvarado Adrian
Arriagada Marco

Brazil (2)
Ares Diego
Finkler Fernando Augusto

Costa Rica (4)
Artavia Enrique
Morales Allan
Mudarra Paulo
Vargas Paulo

Iran (4)
Askari Hossein
Bastidehkharghani Parastoo
Ghaffari Vahid
Pourseyedi Mirsamad

Spain (3)
Barredo Carlos
Belda Jose
González Jonathan

Morocco (1)
Bdadou Said

Burkina Faso (2)
Bikienga Salfo
Nikiema Abdoul Aziz

Ukraine (1)
Bileka Volodymyr

Netherlands (2)
Boogerd Michael
Dekker Thomas

Venezuela (2)
Briceño Yimmi José
Chacón Lilibeth

Norway (1)
Bugge Vegard Robinson

Panama (1)
Carretero Ramon

Colombia (3)
Casas Ivan Mauricio
Largo Luis Alberto
Robayo Mauricio

Algeria (1)
Chaabane Hichem

Bolivia (1)
Cotumba Juan

Malaysia (1)
Fallanie Ali Ahmad

Bulgaria (3)
Gabrovski Ivailo
Nedev Svetoslav
Yovchev Yovcho Zhivkov

Russia (3)
Galimzyanov Denis
Novikov Nikita
Serebryakov Alexander

Philippines (1)
Hualda Ronnel

Poland (2)
Janiszewski Sylwester
Sapa Marcin

Slovenia (1)
Kumar Kristjan

Indonesia (2)
Matnur Matnur
Suherman Heryadi

France (1)
Mondory Lloyd

New Zealand (1)
Murray Karl

Dominican Republic (1)
PeÑa Miguel

Moldova (1)
Pliuschin Alexandr

Estonia (1)
Pruus Peeter

Canada (1)
Salas Sebastian

Mali (1)
Sangare Oumar

Egypt (1)
Sayed Ibrahim Enas

Luxembourg (1)
Schleck Fränk

Great Britain (1)
Tiernan-Locke Jonathan

Riders by age

Finkler Fernando Augusto1996-05-31
Kumar Kristjan1996-03-10
Chacón Lilibeth1992-03-01
Alvarado Adrian1991-08-14
Mudarra Paulo1991-06-15
Sayed Ibrahim Enas1991-04-17
Yovchev Yovcho Zhivkov1991-03-27
Bani Eugenio1991-01-13
Bdadou Said1991-01-01
Carretero Ramon1990-11-26
Largo Luis Alberto1990-04-14
Bikienga Salfo1989-12-31
Bugge Vegard Robinson1989-12-07
Novikov Nikita1989-08-14
Nedev Svetoslav1989-08-12
Pruus Peeter1989-07-16
Ulissi Diego1989-07-15
Suherman Heryadi1989-03-24
Morales Allan1989-01-07
Agostini Stefano1989-01-03
Nikiema Abdoul Aziz1988-11-23
Ghaffari Vahid1988-10-07
Chaabane Hichem1988-08-10
Janiszewski Sylwester1988-01-24
Salas Sebastian1987-10-02
Serebryakov Alexander1987-09-25
Rabottini Matteo1987-08-14
González Jonathan1987-04-14
Galimzyanov Denis1987-03-07
Pliuschin Alexandr1987-01-13
Ares Diego1986-09-29
Briceño Yimmi José1986-04-15
Pourseyedi Mirsamad1985-10-15
Tiernan-Locke Jonathan1984-12-26
Artavia Enrique1984-10-18
Santambrogio Mauro1984-10-07
Dekker Thomas1984-09-06
Chiarini Riccardo1984-02-20
Fallanie Ali Ahmad1983-06-10
Reda Francesco1982-11-19
Hualda Ronnel1982-07-26
Mondory Lloyd1982-04-26
Matnur Matnur1981-08-02
Barredo Carlos1981-06-05
Sella Emanuele1981-01-09
Cotumba Juan1980-12-17
Casas Ivan Mauricio1980-06-12
Schleck Fränk1980-04-15
Robayo Mauricio1980-04-02
Ballan Alessandro1979-11-06
Bileka Volodymyr1979-02-06
Gabrovski Ivailo1978-01-31
Bertagnolli Leonardo1978-01-08
Basso Ivan1977-11-26
Sapa Marcin1976-02-10
Arriagada Marco1975-10-30
Askari Hossein1975-03-23
Savoldelli Paolo1973-05-07
Boogerd Michael1972-05-28
Vargas Paulo0000-00-00
Aguirre Jose Alfredo0000-00-00
Murray Karl0000-00-00
Sangare Oumar0000-00-00
PeÑa Miguel0000-00-00
Belda Jose0000-00-00
Bastidehkharghani Parastoo0000-00-00

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07.021 National Championships Namibia WE - Road Race
07.021 National Championships Namibia MJ - Road Race
07.021 National Championships Namibia WJ - Road Race
07.023 National Championships Namibia - Road Race
07.021 National Championships Namibia U23 - Road Race
05.021 National Championships Namibia WE - ITT
05.021 National Championships Namibia MJ - ITT
05.023 National Championships Namibia - ITT
05.021 National Championships Namibia WJ - ITT
05.021 National Championships Namibia U23 - ITT


 14.02Clasica de Almeria 06.03GP Industria & Artigianato 06.03GP Industria & Artigianato



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