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2017  »  Terengganu Cycling Team  (CT)

Riders by age

MOHD ZARIFF Muharnmad Nur Aiman1997-10-01 (20)
MOREY Drew1996-11-27 (20)
CHE KU ROMLI Mohamad Syamil1995-12-06 (21)
WHITEHOUSE Daniel1995-01-12 (22)
CHE KU ROMLI Che Ku Mohammad Nazmi1994-12-14 (22)
BATMUNKH Maral-erdene1994-10-15 (23)
AHMAD ZAMRI Muhammad Zulhilmie Afif1992-03-10 (25)
MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin1992-01-24 (25)
OTHMAN Muhamad Adiq Husaine1991-04-29 (26)
GOH Choon Huat1990-12-14 (26)
SURYADI Dadi1989-12-25 (27)
MAT AMIN Mohd Shahrul1989-06-09 (28)
SALEH Mohd Hariff1988-09-15 (29)
MANAN Anuar1986-10-11 (31)
ROSDI Mohd Nor Umardi1986-08-11 (31)
GONG Hyo Suk1986-01-01 (31)
SALEH Mohd Zamri1983-12-10 (33)

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: TSG
Bike: Lapierre


Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking: 113
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results

19.1111 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 2
18.119 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 1
12.114 Tour of Fuzhou
12.1122 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 5
11.114 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 4
10.1119 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 3
09.119 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 2
08.113 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 1
21.105 Tour de Selangor
21.101 Tour de Selangor - Stage 5





9 Tour de Selangor - Stage 52.2SALEH Mohd Zamri
8 Jelajah Malaysia - Stage 52.2SALEH Mohd Hariff
7 Jelajah Malaysia - Stage 22.2OTHMAN Muhamad Adiq Husaine
6 Jelajah Malaysia - Stage 12.2MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin
5 Tour de Flores - Stage 12.2MOREY Drew
4 National championships Singapore - Road RaceNCGOH Choon Huat
3 Tour de Lombok - Stage 42.2MAT AMIN Mohd Shahrul
2 Tour de Tochigi - Stage 22.2BATMUNKH Maral-erdene
1 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 12.2WHITEHOUSE Daniel
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