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2017  »  CCC Sprandi Polkowice  (PCT)

Riders by age

BANASZEK Alan1997-10-30 (20)
MALECKI Kamil1996-01-02 (21)
PALUTA Michal1995-10-04 (22)
SCHLEGEL Michal1995-05-31 (22)
BROżYNA Piotr1995-02-17 (22)
STOSZ Patryk1994-07-15 (23)
GROSSSCHARTNER Felix1993-12-23 (23)
KACZMAREK Jakub1993-09-27 (24)
KOCH Jonas1993-06-25 (24)
SISR Frantisek1993-03-17 (24)
HIRT Jan1991-01-21 (26)
PLUCINSKI Leszek1990-06-03 (27)
MROZEK Marcin1990-02-26 (27)
OWSIAN Lukasz1990-02-24 (27)
TRATNIK Jan1990-02-23 (27)
MIHAYLOV Nikolay1988-04-08 (29)
KUREK Adrian1988-03-29 (29)
PONZI Simone1987-01-17 (30)
PATERSKI Maciej1986-09-12 (31)
SAMOILAU Branislau1985-05-25 (32)
TACIAK Mateusz1984-06-19 (33)
BIALOBLOCKI Marcin1983-09-02 (34)

Team info

Team status: PCT
Abbreviation: CCC
Bike: Guerciotti



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking: 33
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results



 12.09Tour de Slovaquie



17 Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich1.2PATERSKI Maciej
16 Memorial Henryka Lasaka 1.2BANASZEK Alan
15 Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques - Stage 22.2BANASZEK Alan
14 National Championships Poland - Road RaceNCKUREK Adrian
13 The 5 Interational Race Korona Kocich Gor 1.2OWSIAN Lukasz
12 Grand Prix Doliny Baryczy Xxvii Memorial Grundmanna I Wizowskiego1.2BANASZEK Alan
11 Tour de Slovaquie 2.1TRATNIK Jan
10 Tour of Malopolska 2.2PATERSKI Maciej
9 Tour of Malopolska - Stage 32.2PATERSKI Maciej
8 Tour of Malopolska - Stage 22.2PATERSKI Maciej
7 Tour de Slovaquie - Prologue2.1TRATNIK Jan
6 Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala 2.1PATERSKI Maciej
5 Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala - Stage 12.1PATERSKI Maciej
4 CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie - Stage 32.2BANASZEK Alan
3 Carpathian Couriers Race U-23 - Stage 22.2UMALECKI Kamil
2 Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali - Stage 1b (TTT)2.1TTT
1 International Rhodes Grand Prix 1.2BANASZEK Alan
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