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Upgraded head-to-head rider analysis

Published: 2017-08-18   -   views: 5770

We have upgraded the head-to-head rider analysis function, so here is a short technical review. You can find the head-to-head analysis on the statistics page, in the riders section, then 'head-to-head'. You can find it also on each rider page, where you only have to select one rider.

The first step is to search two riders to compare. Let's take Tom Boonen vs. Fabian Cancellara.

Key Performance Indicators

The first section gives an overview of the KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. For each rider some key statistics about their career results are listed.

Running point score comparison

A good indicator of the rider level at a certain point in his or her career is the amount of points scored in the previous 12 months. To smooth out strong fluctuations we compute a 4-month moving average. This means when a rider has point scores in month 1, 2, 3 and 4 of respectively 100, 120, 140 and 240, the moving average in month 4 would be ((100 + 120 + 140 + 240)/4), which equals 150. In the first graph this is compared in the same season.

In the second graph the value is compared on the same age, making a comparison of riders possible for riders at different points in their career.

Same race results

Finally, the results of races where both rider competed are listed. Because there is little quality difference when both riders finished back in the peloton, the default setting is to show results where at least 1 riders finished in the top-10. With the filter options, you can tweak yourself by for example looking only at classics or GC results.

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