Who is the tallest, shortest, lightest or heaviest?

Published: 2017-03-16   -   views: 36170

Are climbers shorter than sprinters? Are time trial specialist taller than the average professional rider? Which country has the shortest riders? Very interesting questions, and since we collect information about the height and weight of riders, we can answer these and more questions.

First some general statistics. We only look at the 498 riders this season active in the WorldTour. The average weight of these riders is 68.8 kg, the average length is 180.9 cm.

Table 1. Heaviest

Table 2. Lightest

Table 3. Tallest

Table 4. Shortest

Are climbers shorter than sprinters?

So far the simple statistics. We go back to our opening question, are climbers shorter than sprinters? Therefore we compared the top-25 of our sprinter ranking to the top-25 of our GC ranking. We assume the top-25 of the GC ranking contains a high number of specialized climbers. After running the computations, we found that climbers are on average 178.2 cm, against 179.8 cm for sprinters. This means a climber is on average 1.6 cm shorter than a sprinter. Looking at the average weight, we find much more difference as expected.The average climber is 64.2 kg versus 71.7 kg for sprinters.

Are time trial specialist taller than the average professional rider?

To compute this statistic, we looked at the top-25 of the time trial ranking. Running the query on this, we find the average length to be 181.4 cm against 180.9 cm for the average World Tour rider. Therefore we can indeed conclude that the average time trial specialist is taller than the average pro, and certainly taller than the average climber.

Which country has the shortest riders?

Interesting is to see which country has the shortest riders. Again, we took only the WT riders.
Nr.NationAvg. height (cm)#Riders
1 Colombia172.626
2 Ireland176.76
3 Slovenia177.99
4 Italy178.863
5 Spain179.240
6 France179.561
7 South Africa179.87
8 Poland180.013
9 Australia181.037
10 Portugal181.36
11 Kazakhstan181.710
12 Switzerland181.718
13 Canada181.86
14 Great Britain181.934
15 Austria182.110
16 United States182.822
17 Belgium183.355
18 New Zealand183.37
19 Denmark183.623
20 Netherlands184.535
21 Norway185.19
22 Germany185.334
23 Luxembourg188.76