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1 Impey DarylMitchelton-Scott 34Mitchelton-Scott100153:54:303:54:30
2 Gibbons RyanTeam Dimension Data 24Team Dimension Data75100:250:25
3 de Bod StefanTeam Dimension Data 22Team Dimension Data6070:310:31
4 Janse van Rensburg ReinardtTeam Dimension Data 30Team Dimension Data5040:470:47
5 Dlamini NicTeam Dimension Data 23Team Dimension Data4020:570:57
6 Janse van Rensburg JacquesTeam Dimension Data 31Team Dimension Data3011:291:29
7 Basson GustavTEG Pro Cycling Team 22TEG Pro Cycling Team201:471:47
8 Julius JaydeProTouch 25ProTouch10,,1:47
9 Meintjes LouisTeam Dimension Data 26Team Dimension Data51:491:49
10 Pritzen Marc Oliver  1932:122:12
11 Girdlestone Dylan 293,,2:12
12 Beneke Calvin 2714:184:18
13 Du Plooy RohanProTouch 24ProTouch16:486:48
14 Main KentTEG Pro Cycling Team 23TEG Pro Cycling Team1,,6:48
15 Munton Byron 2016:496:49
16 Oosthuizen JasonTEG Pro Cycling Team 19TEG Pro Cycling Team10:3710:37
17 Visser LouisTEG Pro Cycling Team 20TEG Pro Cycling Team12:4312:43
18 Jooste Chris 2313:3913:39
19 Fourie JamesProTouch 26ProTouch16:3016:30
20 Van Musschenbroek MylesProTouch 26ProTouch16:3116:31
21 De Vink Gregory 2018:3318:33
22 Barrett Travis  1919:3319:33
23 Worsdale Alexander  19,,19:33
24 Cuthbert Tristan Team VanderGroup 20Team VanderGroup20:0520:05
DNF Crouch Barry  --
DNF Van Eeden Brendan  --
DNF Edwards Andrew 20--
DNF Harris RyanTEG Pro Cycling Team 20TEG Pro Cycling Team--
DNF Neethling HenryTeam VanderGroup 20Team VanderGroup--
DNF Somciza Siyabonga 25--
DNF Swanepoel Wessel  --
DNF Correia Kieran  --
DNF Ormiston Callum 18--
DNF Reddy Bevan  --
DNF Hanekom Du Toit  --
DNF Montshioa Jan Mayise 27--
DNF Van Heerden EddieTEG Pro Cycling Team 24TEG Pro Cycling Team--
DNF Francis Joshua 21--
DNF Zothe Thando 27--
DNF Gouveris Bradley  --
DNF Redelinghuys Wessel  --
DNF Mthembu Siyabonga Given  --
DNF Lloyd Jean-pierre 18--
DNF Terry Ryan 18--
DNF Mahlangu Thokozani  28--
DNF Abrahams Marco --
DNF Pretorius MichaelTEG Pro Cycling Team 20TEG Pro Cycling Team--
DNF Roodt Keanan  20--
DNF Gomez Damion  --
DNF Venter Dian  --
DNF Hoffman NolanTeam VanderGroup 33Team VanderGroup--
DNF Mckenna Kieran  --
DNF Venter Ivan 22--
DNF Venter JacoTeam Dimension Data 31Team Dimension Data--
DNF Jim SongezoProTouch 28ProTouch--
DNF Stroebel Daniel --
DNF Storm JandreTeam VanderGroup 21Team VanderGroup--
DNF Sibanda Rolland  --
DNF Downes BrandonTEG Pro Cycling Team 27TEG Pro Cycling Team--
DNF Davids BrendonOliver's Real Food 26Oliver's Real Food--
DNF Blokland Brendun  --
DNF Parsons Alexander  21--
DNF Burger Barend --
DNF Van Heerden Mornay ProTouch 22ProTouch--
DNF Stedman Alastair  25--
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 10th February 2019
Avg. speed winner: 41.45 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Tshwane › Tshwane
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3
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