Overview of all public leagues. (On April 20th the leagues were upgraded. Only active leagues with an active administrator were migrated.)
#League#PlayersJoin by inviteStarted
1 $$$2Only by invite26/04/2021
2 1292Only by invite06/09/2021
3 2a Parte2Only by invite06/08/2021
4 Anonymus Cyclist2Only by invite16/05/2018
5 ATA2Only by invite29/01/2018
6 AUSRASTERRRRRRRRR (Henri ist scheiße)3Only by invite03/05/2021
7 Baard2Only by invite22/05/2021
8 battle of djursland2Only by invite27/06/2021
9 Beauraing&Cie2Only by invite10/04/2019
10 Beirleir4Only by invite06/05/2021
11 Bianchi - Campagnolo3Only by invite22/01/2016
12 bike forums2Anyone can join22/06/2021
13 Bikes & Beer's5Anyone can join07/05/2021
14 Bissegger2Only by invite25/06/2021
15 Bleu Blanc Punk3Only by invite09/05/2021
16 Bonjour Cenad7Only by invite06/01/2019
17 bowl.hu5Only by invite26/06/2021
18 Broertjes 2Only by invite04/05/2021
19 Bros2Only by invite27/05/2021
20 Brønderslev2Only by invite15/02/2019
21 Buchholzliga2Only by invite04/05/2021
22 Camisola Amarela17Only by invite22/01/2016
23 Carro Vassoura5Only by invite16/05/2018
24 CAT'S PAWS2Only by invite08/05/2021
25 cempions lig4Only by invite28/04/2016
26 Championnat de Sassac2Only by invite06/08/2018
27 Ciclistas de sofá4Only by invite26/04/2021
28 CiclistasdeTasco4Only by invite08/05/2021
29 Cicloweb league9Anyone can join27/04/2021
30 Corgi's League5Only by invite04/05/2021
31 Coupe de Japon2Only by invite20/01/2019
32 CTT4Only by invite25/06/2021
33 Cycling BG3Anyone can join21/08/2021
34 Cycling Noobies2Only by invite27/04/2021
35 Cycling Twittos2Only by invite10/01/2017
36 Cycling Weekly > Cycling News2Only by invite01/05/2021
37 Cycling4Fans2Only by invite28/04/2021
38 Danmark5Anyone can join21/10/2017
39 DATTHA5Only by invite27/04/2021
40 De badeendjes2Only by invite26/04/2021
41 De dappere Belgen13Anyone can join29/04/2021
42 De Kassei3Only by invite07/05/2021
43 De Kenners2Only by invite22/05/2021
44 De Veilers3Only by invite27/04/2021
45 Did This League Work??2Only by invite27/06/2021
46 Direzione League3Anyone can join19/08/2018
47 Disputa 2Only by invite02/07/2017
48 Domestici5Only by invite03/05/2021
49 Dresden Cycling GP3Only by invite13/08/2021
50 Dynamicweb4Only by invite26/02/2016
51 Essexgetit3Only by invite05/05/2021
52 F*ck Tinkoff2Only by invite14/02/2017
53 Fam Chat7Only by invite30/04/2021
54 Fantasy Cycling Club3Only by invite03/05/2021
55 Farell4Only by invite05/09/2021
56 FC München Bayern2Only by invite08/05/2021
57 Ferio-Gabri2Only by invite25/02/2017
58 ForumsRowery3Only by invite26/06/2018
59 Friends7Only by invite26/04/2021
60 Geovelo3Only by invite10/06/2021
61 GHOST BIKE RIDERS2Only by invite08/05/2021
62 Giro 20212Only by invite07/05/2021
63 GIRO Henares3Only by invite07/05/2021
64 Giro_Velohome2Anyone can join05/05/2021
65 goettingergrinder2Only by invite21/05/2021
66 Grandíssimo Jogo das Apostas4Only by invite03/05/2021
67 GTG test2Only by invite30/04/2021
68 Hardhill League2Only by invite26/04/2021
69 Heavy Metal Maniacs3Only by invite09/08/2021
70 Henkie in de haus5Only by invite07/05/2021
71 horscategories2Anyone can join03/05/2021
72 Hungarian League2Only by invite01/01/2018
73 I love Prono2Only by invite04/05/2021
74 Iepi2Only by invite04/05/2021
75 India Groep2Only by invite27/04/2021
76 Indonesian ProCycling League6Anyone can join26/04/2021
77 IneosVisma2Only by invite02/05/2021
78 Jarani2Only by invite03/06/2021
79 Jarjar2Only by invite08/05/2021
80 Jeux Géo9Only by invite20/04/2021
81 Jogo das apostas de ciclismo16Only by invite10/01/2017
82 Kenyan Allstars2Only by invite04/05/2021
83 King Küng Freunde2Only by invite29/04/2021
84 kippies2Only by invite27/04/2021
85 komin2Only by invite15/05/2021
86 KS3Only by invite22/06/2021
87 Kuzeyli 201915Only by invite01/03/2019
88 Kwak op zoek naar het kroontje6Only by invite26/04/2021
89 L'échappée belle2Only by invite26/04/2021
90 LatAm league4Only by invite27/04/2021
91 Le tour 2021 au Creusot !!6Only by invite28/04/2021
92 League of Golds2Only by invite23/01/2016
93 Lega Di Brio3Only by invite02/05/2021
94 les amis2Only by invite26/04/2021
95 Les BGs du 442Only by invite23/06/2021
96 Les Cyclix2Only by invite05/05/2021
97 Les liégeois du plateau 4Only by invite05/05/2021
98 les potes2Only by invite26/04/2021
99 Les QuinquaBreizh2Only by invite28/06/2021
100 LigaMigó2Only by invite17/09/2021
101 LiguaLux du Parapet 4Only by invite22/04/2021
102 LMAbike2Only by invite06/05/2021
103 LMBP3Only by invite29/04/2021
104 Loocks2Only by invite07/05/2021
105 Los Colombianos4Only by invite05/05/2021
106 Luigi2Only by invite07/05/2021
107 Magic Michael and his two consultants3Only by invite27/04/2021
108 Manos Lopes2Only by invite03/03/2019
109 MBAX2Only by invite21/07/2016
110 Me2Only by invite22/06/2021
111 MirkoTypuje2Only by invite27/01/2016
112 mods unban me from forsencord6Only by invite03/05/2021
113 Moi toi2Only by invite28/06/2021
114 NagsHead2Only by invite24/01/2016
115 NairoWillNeverWinTheTourDeFrance2Only by invite04/05/2021
116 nederland2Only by invite24/02/2016
117 Nelissen Bricks 13Anyone can join30/04/2021
118 newXPNDBLS4Only by invite28/04/2021
119 Norge4Only by invite23/08/2016
120 Octopus Cycling2Only by invite25/01/2022
121 Oggeligan2Only by invite08/05/2021
122 PARLAMENTO CICLISTA16Only by invite03/10/2018
123 Pazoo3Only by invite22/06/2021
124 PCMWorld12Only by invite26/04/2021
125 PCS2Only by invite30/04/2021
126 PCS Crew2Only by invite20/04/2021
127 PedalStrike6Only by invite11/05/2021
128 Peixoto2Only by invite03/05/2021
129 Penya Solerista de Granollers2Only by invite26/04/2021
130 Pick5 20222Only by invite11/10/2021
131 Pikol league4Only by invite26/04/2021
132 Piranello5Only by invite26/06/2021
133 Polska-Squalo2Only by invite17/05/2021
134 Ragondin4Only by invite29/04/2021
135 RaMa Cycling Academy4Only by invite26/04/2021
136 RGV2Only by invite03/05/2021
137 România5Anyone can join29/04/2021
138 Ronde Von Charcuten3Only by invite28/04/2021
139 RSCA Forum5Only by invite29/04/2021
140 Rýzler Unzeitig Tour2Only by invite25/01/2022
141 S.C. H.O.C.K.E.Y.2Only by invite02/05/2021
142 Santoparranto al tour6Only by invite22/06/2021
143 Schmeckt6Only by invite26/04/2021
144 Serlampião5Anyone can join20/04/2021
145 Slovak League5Only by invite04/03/2018
146 SMES United Cycling Kingdom2Anyone can join06/05/2021
147 Sporting CP3Only by invite08/08/2021
148 sta3Only by invite18/01/2017
149 Stand van zaken ten huize tivoli2Only by invite29/04/2021
150 Stockholm runt3Only by invite26/04/2021
151 Studio5 Cycling Team2Only by invite12/05/2021
152 Superliga del tito Floren4Only by invite07/05/2021
153 Swiss League 3Anyone can join05/05/2021
154 TCK vs EB Showdown Extravaganza Supreme 20212Only by invite26/06/2021
155 TCT (Tielt Cycling Team)2Only by invite10/05/2021
156 team italy4Only by invite27/04/2021
157 Team ManniBookman2Only by invite27/04/2021
158 Team Vodafone3Only by invite03/06/2021
159 Test Pick5 20212Only by invite03/09/2021
160 The Ex CC2Only by invite28/01/2018
161 The League2Only by invite06/05/2021
162 The T Set All Season League2Only by invite27/04/2021
163 The T Set Giro2Only by invite03/05/2021
164 Tinkle socks off3Only by invite28/04/2021
165 Tinkle socks off giro3Only by invite03/05/2021
166 Tom Bohli for life3Only by invite07/05/2021
167 TONTON2Only by invite30/05/2021
168 Tour de Leipzig-Oslo-Paris3Only by invite24/06/2021
169 Tour de North Kildare2Only by invite30/06/2021
170 Towpaths Are Not Roads! 9Only by invite07/05/2021
171 Twiteros Colombia Oficial2Anyone can join21/06/2021
172 UCL LEAGUE6Only by invite08/05/2021
173 UK League8Only by invite24/05/2017
174 Valouro/Frismag3Only by invite19/02/2016
175 varwest2Only by invite08/05/2021
176 VCON2Only by invite08/05/2021
177 veloglüschtler2Only by invite27/04/2021
178 Velohome.de3Anyone can join07/05/2021
179 velölis3Only by invite08/05/2021
180 Virgo Cycling Fans3Only by invite18/06/2021
181 VisaLeague2Only by invite30/04/2021
182 VLCC2Only by invite01/05/2021
183 Wamsi's Quebecer Radsportexperten17Only by invite24/05/2021
184 WetterZentrale2Only by invite01/07/2021
185 wielermanager3Only by invite07/05/2021
186 Wind op de kop!2Only by invite29/04/2021
187 Windbreakers2Only by invite08/05/2021
188 Wolf MST3Only by invite26/04/2021
189 Wolfpack2Only by invite29/04/2021
190 Wooooooout2Only by invite21/06/2021
191 WTC CZ / Dojeto.cz7Only by invite28/04/2021
192 Wue_Liga2Anyone can join07/05/2021
193 YELLOWSPOKE CHAMPIONSHIP4Only by invite06/05/2021
194 ZONA_OESTE3Only by invite05/05/2021