The goal of the PCS game is simple; show off your cycling knowledge by predicting which riders will finish in the top-10. You are not limited by a money budget or a preselected team; for each race and stage you can select the riders you want. Simply select between 2 and 5 riders and allocate 9 stars for each stage and the final GC.


You can score points if a rider from your team finishes within the top-10. If your rider wins, you earn 10 points. The points for the top-10 is as follows:
Winner: 10 points
2nd: 9 points
3rd: 8 points
4th: 7 points
5th: 6 points
6th: 5 points
7th: 4 points
8th: 3 points
9th: 2 points
10th: 1 points
The points scored by the rider are multiplied by the amount of stars you allocated to that rider in your team. For example, you have selected the winner and the 4th placed rider and assigned both 2 stars. For the winner you receive => points for result (10) x number of stars (2) = 20 points. For the 4th placed rider you receive => points for result (7) x number of stars (2) = 14 points. Your total is 34 points.


Predicting multiple riders is extra rewarded by a bonus. For each extra rider on your team finishing in the top-10 you earn 5 bonuspoints. So you can earn up to 20 points extra.
1 rider: 0 bonuspoints
2 riders: 5 bonuspoints
3 riders: 10 bonuspoints
4 riders: 15 bonuspoints
5 riders: 20 bonuspoints

Other rules

The game is active for pro races (Pro level and up). Other races, if active, are outside competition. You can allocate 9 stars*
You receive a bonus of 5 points* for each extra rider on your team finishing top-10.
The maximum score is 100. If there are riders finishing in same ranking, the maximum score is also 100.
You have untill the start of the race/stage to complete your team.
The closing time for the GC is together with the closing time of the first stage
* From November 2017 the number of available stars was increased from 7 to 9. The bonus was decreased from 10 to 5 points for extra riders.


For each game there is a dayranking independ of the selected game.
In the dayranking, ties are broken first by the position of the best rider on the team. After that, the sum of results of the riders in the team is tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after this, the time of the last picked rider on the team is taken.
For each game of which the race is part, a general classification is computed.This is the sum of the individual day scores.