2016»Winston Salem Cycling Classic (WE) (1.2)

2016  One day race

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1 Ratto RossellaCylance Pro Cycling 22Cylance Pro Cycling40402:38:492:38:49
2 Scandolara ValentinaCylance Pro Cycling 26Cylance Pro Cycling30300:110:11
3 Rivera CorynUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 23UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team1616,,0:11
4 Fischer HeatherRally Cycling Women 27Rally Cycling Women1212,,0:11
5 Walle BriannaTeam TIBCO -SVB 32Team TIBCO -SVB1010,,0:11
6 Jackson AlisonTWENTY16 - Ridebiker 27TWENTY16 - Ridebiker88,,0:11
7 Wiles TaylerOrica - AIS 26Orica - AIS66,,0:11
8 Kiesanowski JoanneTeam TIBCO -SVB 37Team TIBCO -SVB33,,0:11
9 Lechuga ScottiHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 33Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team2,,0:11
10 Albrecht LexBepink  29Bepink 1,,0:11
11 Thomas LeahTWENTY16 - Ridebiker 27TWENTY16 - Ridebiker0:120:12
12 Doebel-Hickok KristabelCylance Pro Cycling 27Cylance Pro Cycling,,0:12
13 Stephens LaurenTeam TIBCO -SVB 29Team TIBCO -SVB0:200:20
14 Heintz MandyVisit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling 34Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling,,0:20
15 Prinner JessicaRally Cycling Women 23Rally Cycling Women,,0:20
16 Cole JanelleTWENTY16 - Ridebiker 19TWENTY16 - Ridebiker,,0:20
17 Stumhofer GretchenColavita/Bianchi 27Colavita/Bianchi,,0:20
18 Schneider Samantha 250:210:21
19 Laughlin NinaVisit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling 24Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling,,0:21
20 Ossola Irena 280:260:26
21 Rooijakkers PaulienaParkhotel Valkenburg  23Parkhotel Valkenburg 0:270:27
22 Drexel IngridAstana Women's Team 22Astana Women's Team,,0:27
23 Neben AmberBepink  41Bepink 0:290:29
24 Legg AllieTWENTY16 - Ridebiker 26TWENTY16 - Ridebiker0:320:32
25 Allar EricaRally Cycling Women 30Rally Cycling Women0:390:39
26 Rodriguez CarolinaAstana Women's Team 22Astana Women's Team0:420:42
27 Meneses JesseniaWeber Shimano Ladies Power 20Weber Shimano Ladies Power,,0:42
28 Alderete MeganHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 32Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:470:47
29 Goldman LindsayHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 31Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team,,0:47
30 Sanguineti IlariaBepink  22Bepink 1:041:04
31 Slappendel IrisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 31UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team1:151:15
32 Hall KatieUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 29UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team1:171:17
33 Hall LaurenTeam TIBCO -SVB 37Team TIBCO -SVB1:261:26
34 Mayolo-Pic Tina 504:564:56
35 Pattaro FrancescaBepink  21Bepink ,,4:56
36 Peñuela DianaUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 29UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team,,4:56
37 Fidanza AriannaAstana Women's Team 21Astana Women's Team,,4:56
38 Wells KimberleyColavita/Bianchi 30Colavita/Bianchi4:574:57
39 Buss Kathryn 22,,4:57
40 Tetrick AlisonCylance Pro Cycling 31Cylance Pro Cycling5:105:10
41 Mundy Jessica 218:288:28
42 Milne Debbie 46,,8:28
43 Muegge Hanna 2711:1111:11
44 Tovar Luz Adriana 11:1211:12
45 Post JermaineParkhotel Valkenburg  23Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,11:12
46 Stougje ChanellaParkhotel Valkenburg  19Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,11:12
47 Previley CaterinWeber Shimano Ladies Power 24Weber Shimano Ladies Power,,11:12
48 White EmmaRally Cycling Women 18Rally Cycling Women,,11:12
49 Maximenko Cassandra 3311:4511:45
50 Valsecchi SilviaBepink  33Bepink 11:4611:46
51 Vargas Lorena Maria 29,,11:46
52 Nalder BreanneVisit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling 31Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling11:5611:56
53 Rachetto LizaHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 42Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team11:5711:57
54 Mendivil Yusseli 24,,11:57
55 Hanson LaurettaColavita/Bianchi 21Colavita/Bianchi,,11:57
56 Lasasso Kristen 4012:0012:00
57 Breck Holly 2412:0612:06
58 Uebelhart JessicaHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 25Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team,,12:06
59 Burton Alexandra 34,,12:06
60 Fadiga Maria MercedesWeber Shimano Ladies Power 28Weber Shimano Ladies Power,,12:06
61 Saifutdinova NatalyaAstana Women's Team 27Astana Women's Team12:1112:11
62 Arensman AllisonTWENTY16 - Ridebiker 22TWENTY16 - Ridebiker12:2312:23
OTL Escobar Manuela 19--
OTL Arensman Hannah 18,,-
OTL Zaveta EricaCylance Pro Cycling 26Cylance Pro Cycling,,-
OTL Dinan Clio 18,,-
OTL Shields Katherine 22,,-
OTL Franco Natalia 20,,-
OTL Madison Kelly 23,,-
OTL Clift Justine 28,,-
DNF Donovan KathrynColavita/Bianchi 34Colavita/Bianchi,,-
DNF Devlin Tate 23,,-
DNF de Boer SophieParkhotel Valkenburg  25Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,-
DNF Tamayo LaurenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 32UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team,,-
DNF van Gogh NatalieParkhotel Valkenburg  41Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,-
DNF Frazier Cynthia 23,,-
DNF Orton Beth AnnVisit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling 34Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Parrado RocioWeber Shimano Ladies Power 33Weber Shimano Ladies Power,,-
DNF Arnold Kristen 26,,-
DNF Kuliecza JulieHagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team 35Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF Grant EmmaColavita/Bianchi 24Colavita/Bianchi,,-
DNF Ferreyra LucieneWeber Shimano Ladies Power 31Weber Shimano Ladies Power,,-
DNF Allison-Schultz WhitneyColavita/Bianchi 28Colavita/Bianchi,,-
DNF Pipes LenoreBepink  30Bepink ,,-
DNF Miller AmandaVisit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling 29Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Hodges Kendelle 24,,-
DNF Gokey-smith Christina 42,,-
DNF Maness Payten 17,,-
DNF Hammes KathrinTeam TIBCO -SVB 27Team TIBCO -SVB,,-
DNF Sanabria Ana 26,,-
DNF Ross HannahRally Cycling Women 26Rally Cycling Women,,-
DNF Bechtel Lucy 28,,-
DNF Ryan KendallTeam TIBCO -SVB 23Team TIBCO -SVB,,-
DNF Anderson ElleRally Cycling Women 28Rally Cycling Women,,-
DNF Knauer AnnaParkhotel Valkenburg  21Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,-
DNF Sherwin Kate 36,,-
DNF Mickey AbigailUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team 25UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Women’s Team,,-
DNF Stelly Arden 40,,-
DNF Talbot Josie 19,,-
DNF Schneider Skylar 17,,-
DNF Parra JessicaAromitalia - Vaiano 20Aromitalia - Vaiano,,-
DNF Millard Lexie 23,,-
DNF Jorgensen Laura 29,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Winston Salem Cycling Classic (WE) logoDate: 30th May 2016
Race category: Woman Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.2

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