DISC - Directors Information System Cycling


Our mission is to bring quick and rich information to all those involved in the world of cycling. With DISC (Directors Information System Cycling), we have developed a tool that is tailored to the information needs of team directors during the race, even without internet availability.

1. Introduction

Information is a key element when making decisions in the heat of the moment. An online database is a usefull tool for searching and filtering, however, when your internet connection fails, you are left with nothing. Printing it on paper solves this, but now you are left hussling a bunch of paper. Our DISC tool aims to bring the best of both worlds together. It makes essential information available offline, while maintaining the options to browse and filter the information the way you need.

2. Startlist

Having a digital startlist available, you can quickly browse all riders in the race and have directly access to background information, such as latest results, recent injuries and standings.

3. Breakchecker

When a group escapes from the peloton, you want to decide as quickly as possible what to do. With the DISC breakchecker, you can make a quick assessment on the riders in the break. You can directly view the time and point gaps in the classifications. Furthermore you can check their position in the climber or sprinter ranking or best season result. The list refreshes realtime, so when a rider is added or deleted from the break, it shows directly.

4. Situation

Within the situation manager you can keep track of group compositions and timegaps. If available, you can choose to let the PCS LiveStats feed into the situation. Keeping track of the situation gives a few neat options. First, you have a visual view of the situation. But when tracking the timegaps over time, you get a visual representation how your riders efforts decrease the timegap.

5. Virtual classifications

It can be hard to track how the race situation affects the different classifications. With DISC, you get realtime virtual classifications. Not only for the general classification, but also for the points, king of mountain, youth and team classifications. The following example shows how Valverde opens up a gap of 30 seconds and moves up 3 positions in the virtual GC.

6. Time Trials

With the time trial module in DISC, you get times and preliminary standings on the fly. Whenever a new time is available, it is streamed directly to the overview which is updated accordingly. Watch the following example.

7. Profile and keypoints


8. Results


9. Timeline


10. Rider


11. Team