About us

We started development on ProCyclingStats in February 2012. After a short beta test in October of that year, we launched on January 1st 2013. As the site has grown, so has our team.
  • Bert Lip
    Co-founder of ProCyclingStats, responsible for website development.
    CEO / Developer
  • Stephan van der Zwan
    Co-founder of ProCyclingStats, responsible for marketing and content.
    CEO / Marketing
  • Yannick Arts
    Joined PCS in 2018, responsible for the livestats feed and development.
    Developer / Content
  • Stein Bouma
    Joined PCS in 2018, handles LiveStats feeds and historical content.
  • Marijn Coolen
    Joined PCS in 2021, handles LiveStats feeds and content.