2018 Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay
General Classification

 2018   »   75th Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay (2.2)

General Classification

Percentage of maximum team strength

The percentage is computed as follows. All riders of a team are ranked according to the characteristics of the race. The highest ranked rider is assigned 15 points and decreases 1 point per position with a minimum of 1. For a race with 8 riders per team, the maximum number of points a team can bring to the start is 92, or 100%. For example, if a team sends their #1, #3, #7, #9, #10, #16, #18, #20 ranked riders, that totals to (15+13+9+7+6+1+1+1=) 53 points. 53 out of 92 is 58%.

Pos.Team% of maximum team strengthView line-up & stats
1 Agrupacion Virgen De Fatima67view
2 Sindicato Empleados Públicos of San Juan60view
3 Equipo Continental Municipalidad de Pocito39view
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