12019-09-227 Tour of China IISAINBAYAR Jambaljamts20
22019-11-221 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 6SAINBAYAR Jambaljamts20
32019-04-041 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup - Stage 4BATMUNKH Maral-Erdene20
42019-11-238 Tour of FuzhouSAINBAYAR Jambaljamts18
52019-06-211 National Championships Mongolia - ITTBOLOR-ERDENE Enkhtaivan15
62019-06-231 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceBATERDENE Narankhuu15
72019-05-264 PRUride PHBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene11
82019-08-112 Oita Urban ClassicBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene10
92019-04-2812 Asian Cycling Championships - Road RaceBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene10
102019-06-232 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceSAINBAYAR Jambaljamts10
112019-11-105 Tour of Quanzhou BayBATSAIKHAN Tegsh-bayar8
122019-06-212 National Championships Mongolia - ITTSAINBAYAR Jambaljamts7
132019-06-233 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene7
142019-09-251 International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen - Stage 1BATMUNKH Maral-Erdene5
152019-04-256 Asian Cycling Championships - ITTBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene5
162019-06-234 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceTUGULDUR Tuulkhangai4
172019-12-228 Tour de SelangorBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene3
182019-06-235 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceBOLOR-ERDENE Enkhtaivan2
192019-06-213 National Championships Mongolia - ITTTUGULDUR Tuulkhangai2
202019-09-032 Tour of Xingtai - Stage 2SAINBAYAR Jambaljamts2
212019-09-218 Tour of China II - Stage 3SAINBAYAR Jambaljamts1
222019-12-193 Tour de Selangor - Stage 2BATMUNKH Maral-Erdene1
232019-08-3120 Tour of AlmatyBATMUNKH Maral-Erdene1
242019-06-236 National Championships Mongolia - Road RaceULZIIBAATAR Jamsran1
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