12020-02-111 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 5SALEH Mohd Harrif30
22020-02-131 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 7SALEH Mohd Harrif30
32019-09-221 Tour de SiakMAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin25
42019-10-196 Tour of PeninsularMOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman24
52019-10-171 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 3MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin20
62020-01-062 Cambodia Bay Cycling TourMOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman18
72019-06-291 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceMAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin15
82019-06-301 National Championships Malaysia - ITTMISBAH Muhsin Al Redha15
92019-09-083 Tour de HokkaidoMAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin14
102019-12-224 Tour de SelangorOTHMAN Afiq Huznie11
112019-06-292 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceZAKARIA Akmal Hakim10
122019-07-143 Tour of Qinghai Lake - Stage 1 (TTT)ZAKARIA Akmal Hakim9
132019-07-143 Tour of Qinghai Lake - Stage 1 (TTT)AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi9
142019-06-302 National Championships Malaysia - ITTAZMAN Muhamad Zawawi7
152019-09-073 Tour of China I - Stage 1SALEH Mohd Harrif7
162020-02-144 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 8EDDY SUHAIDEE Muhammad Danieal Haikal7
172019-10-173 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 3SALEH Mohd Harrif7
182019-06-293 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceMOHD BAKRI Sofian Nabil7
192019-10-163 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 2SALEH Mohd Harrif7
202019-10-193 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 5MOHD BAKRI Sofian Nabil7
212019-10-153 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 1EDDY SUHAIDEE Muhammad Danieal Haikal7
222019-12-226 Tour de SelangorMOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman6
232020-01-066 Cambodia Bay Cycling TourZULKIFLI Nik Mohamad Azman6
242020-02-1515 Malaysian International Classic RaceAZMAN Muhamad Zawawi6
252019-11-101 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 9AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi5
262019-12-221 Tour de Selangor - Stage 5SALEH Mohd Harrif5
272019-09-144 Tour of China I - Stage 6MOHD SHUKRI Muhammad Shaiful Adlan5
282019-09-191 Tour de Siak - Stage 1MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin5
292020-02-1516 Malaysian International Classic RaceMOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman5
302019-06-294 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceMAT AMIN Mohd Shahrul4
312020-02-085 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 2SALEH Mohd Harrif4
322019-10-156 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 1MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin3
332019-06-295 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceJUMARI Mohd Elmi2
342019-11-082 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 7ZAKARIA Akmal Hakim2
352019-06-189 Le Tour de FilipinasMISBAH Muhsin Al Redha2
362019-11-102 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 9MOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman2
372019-12-222 Tour de Selangor - Stage 5SALEH Mohd Zamri2
382019-06-303 National Championships Malaysia - ITTROSDI Mohd Nor Umardi2
392019-06-172 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 4MOHD SHUKRI Muhammad Shaiful Adlan2
402020-01-042 Cambodia Bay Cycling Tour - Stage 1MOHD ZARIFF Muhammad Nur Aiman2
412020-02-137 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 7ABDUL HALIL Mohamad Izzat Hilmi2
422019-09-222 Tour de Siak - Stage 4SALEH Mohd Harrif2
432019-06-183 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 5SALEH Mohd Zamri1
442020-01-053 Cambodia Bay Cycling Tour - Stage 2ZULKIFLI Nik Mohamad Azman1
452019-12-2210 Tour de SelangorWAN BADRULFADLI SHAM Wan Muhammad Jamizan Ifwat1
462019-06-296 National Championships Malaysia - Road RaceLAKASEK Irwandie1
472020-01-063 Cambodia Bay Cycling Tour - Stage 3ZAKARIA Akmal Hakim1
482020-01-0610 Cambodia Bay Cycling TourROSLI Muhammad Nurfitri Ammar1
492019-09-043 Tour of Xingtai - Stage 3SALEH Mohd Zamri1
502019-10-1520 Tour of Taihu LakeZAKARIA Akmal Hakim1
512019-11-093 Tour of Quanzhou Bay - Stage 2MAT AMIN Mohd Shahrul1
522019-12-203 Tour de Selangor - Stage 3AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi1
532019-09-063 Tour de Hokkaido - Stage 1MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin1
542019-09-108 Tour of China I - Stage 3SALEH Mohd Harrif1
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