Ranking of the best active riders for this country.

1+27.25 FUGLSANG Jakob264.87492063492
2+2 BRESCHEL Matti205.45619047619
3+60.56468253968699 VALGREN Michael122.74801587302
4+0.5699999999999932 BAK Lars Ytting104.35888888889
5+28.77499999999999 CORT Magnus93.930555555556
6+37.80238095238101 PEDERSEN Mads75.092380952381
7 SØRENSEN Chris Anker61.397380952381
8+27.253571428572002 KRAGH ANDERSEN Søren57.621904761905
9+6.864285714285998 MØRKØV Michael40.986666666667
10+6.210714285713998 JUUL-JENSEN Christopher40.27626984127
11+0.8888888888889994 HANSEN Jesper38.652380952381
12+17.4 MADSEN Martin Toft34.877777777778
13+1.3333333333329982 MORTENSEN Martin22.848333333333
14 AAEN JØRGENSEN Jonas 22.298650793651
15 GULDHAMMER Rasmus19.941587301587
16+0.8000000000000007 WÜRTZ SCHMIDT Mads16.971825396825
17 VINTHER Troels Rønning9.7590476190476
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