PCS game

The ProCyclingStats game (PCS game) is a very simple prediction game. You can allocate 9 stars over a maximum of 5 riders with a maximum of 5 stars per rider. A rider finishing first scores 10 points, multiplied with the amount of stars you assigned. The second rider scores 9 points, then 8 and so on. Furthermore, for every extra rider on your prediction that finishes in the top-10, you receive 5 bonus points.

The maximum score achievable is 100 points. To accomplish this you need to allocate 5 riders to the winner and 1 star to the riders on position 2 to 5. This way you score 5*10 (winner) + 9*1 (2nd) + 8*1 (3rd) + 7*1 (4th) + 6*1 (5th) + 4x5 (bonuspoints) = 100 points.

There is no restriction on what riders you can choose, just choose the riders you expect to finish in the top-10.

In 2020 we have launched a cycling manager game, called ProCyclingGame. This will exists as a separate game besides the PCS game, which will continue to run.
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