2008»US Air Force Cycling Classic (1.2)

2008  One day race  »  Crystal City

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1 Haedo Lucas SebastiánColavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light 25Colavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light153:27:413:27:41
2 Wamsley KyleColavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light 28Colavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light10,,0:00
3 Candelario AlexKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 33Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast7,,0:00
4 Randell AndrewSymmetrics Pro Cycling Team 33Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team40:010:01
5 Parisien FrançoisSymmetrics Pro Cycling Team 26Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team20:020:02
6 Wohlberg EricSymmetrics Pro Cycling Team 43Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team1,,0:02
7 Erker JacobSymmetrics Pro Cycling Team 32Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team,,0:02
8 Parra John FredyToshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife 33Toshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife0:030:03
9 Soladay ThomasTime Pro Cycling 24Time Pro Cycling0:040:04
10 Abraham EmileTeam Type 1  34Team Type 1 0:050:05
11 Barlevav ErikTime Pro Cycling 21Time Pro Cycling0:060:06
12 Ryan Mele ,,0:06
13 Durango JohnToshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife Toshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife0:070:07
14 Alzate Carlos 25,,0:07
15 Meier ChristianSymmetrics Pro Cycling Team 23Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team,,0:07
16 Nankervis TommyToshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife 25Toshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife0:080:08
17 Walters MarkKodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team 32Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team,,0:08
18 Roth RyanTeam RACE Pro 25Team RACE Pro0:100:10
19 Timmerman DanKodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team 27Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team,,0:10
20 Borrajo Anibal AndresColavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light 25Colavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light0:120:12
21 Jukich Esteban 0:130:13
22 Johnson BoydDLP Racing 26DLP Racing,,0:13
23 Macburnie DustinTeam RACE Pro 25Team RACE Pro0:230:23
24 Frey Nick 21,,0:23
25 Miller Kevin BuckTeam RACE Pro 25Team RACE Pro0:260:26
26 Kobzarenko ValeryTeam Type 1  31Team Type 1 0:280:28
27 Hutcheson Chuck 0:290:29
28 Castro Gerardo 0:350:35
29 Chadwick Glen AlanTeam Type 1  31Team Type 1 0:360:36
30 Ramsey DanielTime Pro Cycling 29Time Pro Cycling,,0:36
31 Lea BobbyRite Aid Pro Cycling 24Rite Aid Pro Cycling0:400:40
32 Frattini DavideColavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light 29Colavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light,,0:40
33 Baker AndyTime Pro Cycling 18Time Pro Cycling,,0:40
34 Dulin ThadDLP Racing 26DLP Racing0:430:43
35 Gilbert MartinKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 25Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast0:540:54
36 Vaillancourt DanielToshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife 26Toshiba - Santo Pro Cycling Presented By Herbalife1:051:05
37 Sundt JonathanKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 34Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast1:311:31
38 Wilson MatthewTeam UniSA-Australia 30Team UniSA-Australia1:491:49
39 Jones ChrisTeam Type 1  28Team Type 1 ,,1:49
40 Brooks BenjaminTeam Type 1  29Team Type 1 ,,1:49
41 King BenjaminSouthaustralia.com-AIS 19Southaustralia.com-AIS2:072:07
42 Artacho Gustavo LeonardoColavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light 40Colavita / Sutter Home Presente By Cooking Light2:162:16
43 Mumford Jonathan ReidKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 31Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast2:442:44
44 Lacombe KevenKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 22Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast,,2:44
45 Dion-Poitras JoelTeam RACE Pro 21Team RACE Pro2:522:52
46 Veilleux DavidKelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast 20Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast,,2:52
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 4th May 2008
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Crystal City
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.2
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