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1 Hansen Lasse Norman Blue Water Cycling 21Blue Water Cycling40155:02:235:02:23
2 Mortensen MartinConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 28Concordia Forsikring - Riwal3010,,,,
3 Broge Rolf NyborgTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 24Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard1670:110:11
4 Guldhammer RasmusBlue Water Cycling 24Blue Water Cycling124,,0:11
5 Vinther Troels RønningTeam Cult Energy 26Team Cult Energy102,,0:11
6 Schjønnemann KasparTeam Trefor 26Team Trefor81,,0:11
7 Nielsen Mathias MøllerBlue Water Cycling 19Blue Water Cycling60:160:16
8 Foder Daniel HolmBlue Water Cycling 30Blue Water Cycling30:180:18
9 Reihs MichaelTeam Cult Energy 33Team Cult Energy,,0:18
10 Valgren MichaelTeam Cult Energy 21Team Cult Energy0:230:23
11 Hansen JesperTeam Cult Energy 22Team Cult Energy0:320:32
12 Clausen PatrickTeam Cult Energy 22Team Cult Energy0:340:34
13 Klostergaard KasperConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 29Concordia Forsikring - Riwal0:370:37
14 Furlan AngeloChristina Watches-Onfone 35Christina Watches-Onfone0:560:56
15 Pedersen Nicklas Amdi 19,,0:56
16 Stevens – Wanty – Wanty,,0:56
17 Pieters SibrechtTeam3M 24Team3M,,0:56
18 Plesner FrederikTeam Trefor 19Team Trefor,,0:56
19 Pedersen Mark SehestedBlue Water Cycling 21Blue Water Cycling,,0:56
20 Jørgensen Kasper LindeTeam Cult Energy 28Team Cult Energy,,0:56
21 Hunal MartinAC Sparta Praha 23AC Sparta Praha,,0:56
22 Mørk AlexanderTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 21Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,0:56
23 Sørensen JimmiChristina Watches-Onfone 22Christina Watches-Onfone,,0:56
24 Kilsgaard Markus 21,,0:56
25 Corneliussen Kalle 25,,0:56
26 Vanhaecke ThomasTeam3M 23Team3M,,0:56
27 Stevenson ChristoferConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 30Concordia Forsikring - Riwal,,0:56
28 Aistrup NikolaConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 25Concordia Forsikring - Riwal,,0:56
29 Zaballa ConstantinoChristina Watches-Onfone 34Christina Watches-Onfone,,0:56
30 Bøchmann LasseJ.Jensen - Ramirent 29J.Jensen - Ramirent,,0:56
31 Kragh Andersen Asbjørn Team Trefor 21Team Trefor,,0:56
32 Moberg ChristianTeam Cult Energy 25Team Cult Energy,,0:56
33 Vorre Aske LouringBlue Water Cycling 19Blue Water Cycling2:342:34
34 Jacobsen Simon 3:593:59
35 Aldegheri DanieleChristina Watches-Onfone 23Christina Watches-Onfone,,3:59
36 Madsen Jacob GyeTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 23Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,3:59
37 Gadgaard Morten 21,,3:59
38 Goovaerts TomTeam3M 24Team3M,,3:59
39 Sobota KristianJ.Jensen - Ramirent 24J.Jensen - Ramirent4:094:09
40 Wårsøe EmilTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 23Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard4:114:11
41 Svensson JohanJ.Jensen - Ramirent 33J.Jensen - Ramirent,,4:11
42 Bøje NicklasTeam Trefor 18Team Trefor,,4:11
43 Strating Gijs 22,,4:11
44 Meyer MadsTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 23Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,4:11
45 Haxsen Christoph 35,,4:11
46 Lisson MathiasJ.Jensen - Ramirent 23J.Jensen - Ramirent,,4:11
47 Madsen ThomasJ.Jensen - Ramirent 24J.Jensen - Ramirent,,4:11
48 Van Der Werf Teake Piet 25,,4:11
49 Thalund Jensen FrederikBlue Water Cycling 20Blue Water Cycling,,4:11
50 Vinjebo EmilTeam Trefor 19Team Trefor,,4:11
51 Vangheel TimothyTeam3M 26Team3M4:254:25
52 Lund Magnus 10:3210:32
DNF Larsen Morten 28--
DNF Mørkøv JesperTeam Trefor 25Team Trefor,,-
DNF Van Der Kant Jorrit ,,-
DNF Lauge MikeJ.Jensen - Ramirent 25J.Jensen - Ramirent,,-
DNF Nielsen PhilipTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 25Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,-
DNF Roesgarth Rasmus ,,-
DNF Würtz Schmidt MadsTeam Cult Energy 19Team Cult Energy,,-
DNF Okrouhlicky TomasAC Sparta Praha 27AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Kerby JordanChristina Watches-Onfone 20Christina Watches-Onfone,,-
DNF PurkÆr Jimmi ,,-
DNF Berling MichaelConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 30Concordia Forsikring - Riwal,,-
DNF Dall-jepsen Andreas ,,-
DNF Holub TomasAC Sparta Praha 22AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Rasmussen NickiTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 23Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,-
DNF Ingerslev Jonas ,,-
DNF Nielsen JacobBlue Water Cycling 35Blue Water Cycling,,-
DNF Verkinderen FrederikTeam3M 25Team3M,,-
DNF Pedersen MartinChristina Watches-Onfone 30Christina Watches-Onfone,,-
DNF Hardahl Mads 20,,-
DNF Hebík Martin 30,,-
DNF Rasmussen Frederik 18,,-
DNF Klabouch JanAC Sparta Praha 23AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Westergaard MathiasTeam Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard 19Team Designa Køkken - Knudsgaard,,-
DNF Jensen Kasper Svingel ,,-
DNF Guldhammer ThomasTeam Trefor 25Team Trefor,,-
DNF Nystrand Johan 23,,-
DNF Hemmingsen StigJ.Jensen - Ramirent 29J.Jensen - Ramirent,,-
DNF Gade Jacobsen MathiasConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 23Concordia Forsikring - Riwal,,-
DNF Kolding Asger ,,-
DNF Olsen Stefan 20,,-
DNF Medek TomášAC Sparta Praha 20AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Hester MarcChristina Watches-Onfone 27Christina Watches-Onfone,,-
DNF Olesen Nicolaj Foulum 24,,-
DNF Kragh Andersen SørenTeam Trefor 18Team Trefor,,-
DNF Tiainen Sami 24,,-
DNF Degn Larsen CasperJ.Jensen - Ramirent 21J.Jensen - Ramirent,,-
DNF Persson LucasConcordia Forsikring - Riwal 29Concordia Forsikring - Riwal,,-
DNF Andersen Torben ,,-
DNF Petersen Mark 30,,-
DNF Nesveda JiříAC Sparta Praha 27AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Høberg MortenChristina Watches-Onfone 25Christina Watches-Onfone,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 20th April 2013
Avg. speed winner: 39.49 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Herning › Herning
PCS point scale: 1.2

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