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115 Mortensen MartinCult Energy Pro Cycling 30Cult Energy Pro Cycling80754:26:254:26:25
263 Konovalovas IgnatasTeam Marseille 13 KTM 29Team Marseille 13 KTM56550:050:05
3164 Habeaux GrégoryWallonie - Bruxelles 32Wallonie - Bruxelles3240,,0:05
411 Downing RussellCult Energy Pro Cycling 36Cult Energy Pro Cycling24321:001:00
5142 Białobłocki MarcinOne Pro Cycling 31One Pro Cycling2028,,1:00
6104 Kneisky MorganTeam Raleigh GAC 27Team Raleigh GAC1624,,1:00
7166 Delfosse SébastienWallonie - Bruxelles 32Wallonie - Bruxelles1220,,1:00
855 Neilands KristsRietumu - Delfin 20Rietumu - Delfin818,,1:00
916 Zangerle JoelCult Energy Pro Cycling 26Cult Energy Pro Cycling716,,1:00
10161 Evrard LaurentWallonie - Bruxelles 24Wallonie - Bruxelles614,,1:00
1194 Doull OwainTeam Wiggins  22Team Wiggins 512,,1:00
12116 Holohan LiamMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis 310,,1:00
13162 Stassen JulienWallonie - Bruxelles 26Wallonie - Bruxelles8,,1:00
1476 Peyskens DimitriTeam3M 23Team3M7,,1:00
1542 Bichlmann DanielBike Aid 26Bike Aid6,,1:00
1612 Hník KarelCult Energy Pro Cycling 23Cult Energy Pro Cycling5,,1:00
17103 Lampier StevenTeam Raleigh GAC 31Team Raleigh GAC4,,1:00
1862 Loubet JulienTeam Marseille 13 KTM 30Team Marseille 13 KTM3,,1:00
1934 Lukševics ViestursAlpha Baltic - 28Alpha Baltic - Maratoni.lv2,,1:00
20121 Bibby IanNFTO  28NFTO 1,,1:00
2165 Saint Martin ClémentTeam Marseille 13 KTM 23Team Marseille 13 KTM,,1:00
22155 Williams StephenGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,1:00
23114 Holmes MatthewMadison Genesis  21Madison Genesis ,,1:00
24126 Dunbar EddieNFTO  18NFTO ,,1:00
2573 Montgomery DavidTeam3M 19Team3M,,1:00
26101 Domagalski KarolTeam Raleigh GAC 25Team Raleigh GAC,,1:00
27151 Pearson DanielGreat Britain 21Great Britain,,1:00
2864 Penven ClémentTeam Marseille 13 KTM 26Team Marseille 13 KTM1:351:35
29105 Pym GeorgeTeam Raleigh GAC 21Team Raleigh GAC3:073:07
3054 Pruus PeeterRietumu - Delfin 25Rietumu - Delfin,,3:07
31146 Hunt JoshuaOne Pro Cycling 24One Pro Cycling,,3:07
3251 Smirnovs AndrisRietumu - Delfin 25Rietumu - Delfin,,3:07
3366 Šiškevičius EvaldasTeam Marseille 13 KTM 26Team Marseille 13 KTM,,3:07
3472 Mcconvey ConnorTeam3M 26Team3M,,3:07
35144 Williams PeterOne Pro Cycling 28One Pro Cycling,,3:07
36163 Warnier AntoineWallonie - Bruxelles 21Wallonie - Bruxelles,,3:07
37165 Ista KevynWallonie - Bruxelles 30Wallonie - Bruxelles,,3:07
38141 Barker YantoOne Pro Cycling 35One Pro Cycling,,3:07
3991 Tennant AndrewTeam Wiggins  28Team Wiggins ,,3:07
4043 de Jonge MaartenBike Aid 30Bike Aid4:124:12
4122 Stöhr PavelAC Sparta Praha 24AC Sparta Praha,,4:12
42106 Lowe SamTeam Raleigh GAC 21Team Raleigh GAC,,4:12
4374 Porter ElliottTeam3M 22Team3M,,4:12
44134 Carpenter DanteJLT Condor 20JLT Condor,,4:12
4514 Lemarchand RomainCult Energy Pro Cycling 27Cult Energy Pro Cycling4:164:16
46122 Partridge RobNFTO  29NFTO 4:184:18
4725 Stöhr JanAC Sparta Praha 24AC Sparta Praha7:487:48
4882 Costa AxelStart - Massi Cycling Team 20Start - Massi Cycling Team13:3613:36
4984 Keuser AndreasStart - Massi Cycling Team 41Start - Massi Cycling Team,,13:36
50154 Latham ChristopherGreat Britain 21Great Britain,,13:36
5186 Caseny RubenStart - Massi Cycling Team 28Start - Massi Cycling Team,,13:36
5261 Blain AlexandreTeam Marseille 13 KTM 34Team Marseille 13 KTM,,13:36
5345 Schnapka MatthiasBike Aid 34Bike Aid,,13:36
54111 Stewart ThomasMadison Genesis  25Madison Genesis ,,13:36
55112 McNally MarkMadison Genesis  25Madison Genesis ,,13:36
56115 Rowsell ErickMadison Genesis  24Madison Genesis ,,13:36
57143 Baylis TomOne Pro Cycling 19One Pro Cycling15:2415:24
DNF93 Dibben JonathanTeam Wiggins  21Team Wiggins ,,15:24
DNF35 Savickis MartinsAlpha Baltic - 22Alpha Baltic -,,15:24
DNF113 Northey Michael JamesMadison Genesis  28Madison Genesis ,,15:24
DNF133 Mccarthy DavidJLT Condor 20JLT Condor,,15:24
DNF81 Quicibal Romeo DanielStart - Massi Cycling Team 21Start - Massi Cycling Team,,15:24
DNF23 Holub TomasAC Sparta Praha 24AC Sparta Praha,,15:24
DNF44 Beck JoschkaBike Aid 22Bike Aid,,15:24
DNF95 Lawless ChrisTeam Wiggins  19Team Wiggins ,,15:24
DNF33 Rācenājs KristofersAlpha Baltic - 29Alpha Baltic -,,15:24
DNF123 McEvoy JonathanNFTO  25NFTO ,,15:24
DNF135 Briggs GrahamJLT Condor 31JLT Condor,,15:24
DNF56 Pria LarsRietumu - Delfin 32Rietumu - Delfin,,15:24
DNF24 Nesveda JiříAC Sparta Praha 30AC Sparta Praha,,15:24
DNF102 Morgan BradleyTeam Raleigh GAC 24Team Raleigh GAC,,15:24
DNF96 Hall LucTeam Wiggins  20Team Wiggins ,,15:24
DNF92 Christian MarkTeam Wiggins  24Team Wiggins ,,15:24
DNF32 Bogdanovics MarisAlpha Baltic - 23Alpha Baltic -,,15:24
DNF125 Appleby DaleNFTO  28NFTO ,,15:24
DNF136 Clancy EdwardJLT Condor 30JLT Condor,,15:24
DNF53 Bēcis ArmandsRietumu - Delfin 24Rietumu - Delfin,,15:24
DNF41 Schäfer TimoBike Aid 32Bike Aid,,15:24
DNF145 Mould JonOne Pro Cycling 24One Pro Cycling,,15:24
DNF131 House KristianJLT Condor 35JLT Condor,,15:24
DNF85 Niemi MarcoStart - Massi Cycling Team 18Start - Massi Cycling Team,,15:24
DNF31 Trautmanis MartinsAlpha Baltic - 26Alpha Baltic -,,15:24
DNF13 Larsson Gustav ErikCult Energy Pro Cycling 34Cult Energy Pro Cycling,,15:24
DNF153 Kerfoot-Robson DylanGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,15:24
DNF52 Liepiņš EmīlsRietumu - Delfin 22Rietumu - Delfin,,15:24
DNF36 Bremanis AnsisAlpha Baltic - 21Alpha Baltic -,,15:24
DNF124 Harrison SamuelNFTO  22NFTO ,,15:24
DNF132 Tanfield HarryJLT Condor 20JLT Condor,,15:24
DNF83 Danner ChristophStart - Massi Cycling Team 21Start - Massi Cycling Team,,15:24
DNF26 Viktorín VáclavAC Sparta Praha 21AC Sparta Praha,,15:24
DNF21 Fiala PetrAC Sparta Praha 19AC Sparta Praha,,15:24
DNF156 Stewart MarkGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,15:24
DNS71 Sleurs ChristopheTeam3M 24Team3M,,15:24
DNS75 Tanner JakeTeam3M 23Team3M,,15:24
DNS152 James OwenGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,15:24
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Velothon Wales logoDate: 14th June 2015
Avg. speed winner: 39.19 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Cardiff › Cardiff
PCS point scale: 1.1

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