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 2017   »   African Continental Championships WJ - Road Race  (CC)

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1 Zayd Haftu Hailu1:40:41 1:40:41
2 Tsadkan Gebremedhn Kasahun3:07 3:07
3 Mariam Yasser Mohammed ,, 3:07
4 Jacinta Okorie,, 3:07
5 Mohamed Heidi6:27 6:27
DNF Ali Jessenia -1:40:41 -1:40:41
HD Shaaban Alaa,, -1:40:41
NQ Nimfasha Adelphine,, -1:40:41
NQ Nininahazwe Evangeline,, -1:40:41
NQ Habonimana Charlene,, -1:40:41

Race information

Date: 17th February 2017
Race category:


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