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176 van der Poel MathieuCorendon-Circus 23Corendon-Circus125754:38:184:38:18
241 Bouhanni NacerCofidis, Solutions Crédits 27Cofidis, Solutions Crédits8555,,0:00
35 Merlier TimVérandas Willems-Crelan  25Vérandas Willems-Crelan 7040,,0:00
4143 Donders JelleTeam Differdange - Losch 24Team Differdange - Losch6032,,0:00
532 Dehaes KennyWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  33WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 5028,,0:00
624 Menten MilanSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 21Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise4024,,0:00
762 Blythe AdamAqua Blue Sport 28Aqua Blue Sport3520,,0:00
865 Hansen Lasse NormanAqua Blue Sport 26Aqua Blue Sport3018,,0:00
995 Mannaerts JelleTarteletto - Isorex 26Tarteletto - Isorex2516,,0:00
1056 Vermeltfoort CoenRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 30Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij2014,,0:00
1183 Reynaerts JanCibel - Cebon 20Cibel - Cebon1512,,0:00
1211 Baugnies JérômeWanty - Groupe Gobert 31Wanty - Groupe Gobert1010,,0:00
13117 Stenuit RobinSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever58,,0:00
14121 de Jonge MaartenMonkey Town Continental Team 33Monkey Town Continental Team57,,0:00
1553 Gerts FlorisRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 26Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij56,,0:00
161 De Bondt DriesVérandas Willems-Crelan  26Vérandas Willems-Crelan 35,,0:00
1723 Rickaert JonasSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise34,,0:00
1855 van Empel EtienneRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 24Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij33,,0:00
19147 Vermeer TomTeam Differdange - Losch 32Team Differdange - Losch32,,0:00
20102 Druyts GerryPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 27Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team31,,0:00
21111 Bille GaetanSovac - Natura4Ever 30Sovac - Natura4Ever3,,0:00
22114 Evrard LaurentSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever30:050:05
2327 Van Rooy KennethSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise3,,0:05
2481 Coenen DennisCibel - Cebon 26Cibel - Cebon3,,0:05
2582 Raymackers CedricCibel - Cebon 25Cibel - Cebon3,,0:05
2612 Van Keirsbulck GuillaumeWanty - Groupe Gobert 27Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,0:05
2792 De Groote ArneTarteletto - Isorex 21Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:05
28122 Kleiman WimMonkey Town Continental Team 25Monkey Town Continental Team,,0:05
29123 van Luijk SvenMonkey Town Continental Team 28Monkey Town Continental Team,,0:05
30103 Jacobs JohanPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 21Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team,,0:05
31144 Pardini OlivierTeam Differdange - Losch 32Team Differdange - Losch,,0:05
327 De Witte MathiasVérandas Willems-Crelan  25Vérandas Willems-Crelan 0:100:10
3314 Kreder WesleyWanty - Groupe Gobert 27Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,0:10
34101 Boros MichaelPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 25Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team0:130:13
3596 Sefa YlberTarteletto - Isorex 27Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:13
36135 Lake SeanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 26Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team0:230:23
3743 Soupe GeoffreyCofidis, Solutions Crédits 30Cofidis, Solutions Crédits0:300:30
38106 Soete DaanPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 23Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team0:320:32
3973 Meisen MarcelCorendon-Circus 29Corendon-Circus,,0:32
4074 Ťoupalík AdamCorendon-Circus 22Corendon-Circus0:360:36
4125 Planckaert EmielSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 21Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise0:400:40
4277 Vermeersch GianniCorendon-Circus 25Corendon-Circus,,0:40
4375 van der Poel DavidCorendon-Circus 25Corendon-Circus,,0:40
4431 Ista KevynWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  33WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,0:40
45146 Teasdale JoshTeam Differdange - Losch 24Team Differdange - Losch0:450:45
463 Kruopis AidisVérandas Willems-Crelan  31Vérandas Willems-Crelan ,,0:45
4787 Janssens JimmyCibel - Cebon 29Cibel - Cebon0:480:48
484 Leysen SenneVérandas Willems-Crelan  22Vérandas Willems-Crelan ,,0:48
49112 Deguide LouisSovac - Natura4Ever 24Sovac - Natura4Ever,,0:48
5093 De Rooze NielsTarteletto - Isorex 25Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:48
51124 Buskermolen JordyMonkey Town Continental Team 26Monkey Town Continental Team0:510:51
5217 Van Melsen KévinWanty - Groupe Gobert 31Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,0:51
5371 Kielich TimoCorendon-Circus 18Corendon-Circus,,0:51
5494 Leigh AndyTarteletto - Isorex 23Tarteletto - Isorex0:550:55
5544 Van Lerberghe BertCofidis, Solutions Crédits 25Cofidis, Solutions Crédits1:031:03
5661 Pedersen CasperAqua Blue Sport 22Aqua Blue Sport,,1:03
5785 Ruyters BrechtCibel - Cebon 25Cibel - Cebon1:061:06
58107 Sweeck DietherPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 24Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team1:071:07
59132 Elliott NathanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 27Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team1:171:17
6072 Meeusen TomCorendon-Circus 29Corendon-Circus1:201:20
616 Steels StijnVérandas Willems-Crelan  28Vérandas Willems-Crelan 1:211:21
6267 Kreder MichelAqua Blue Sport 30Aqua Blue Sport1:431:43
6354 Meijers JeroenRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 25Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij1:571:57
6451 Ariesen TimRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 24Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij,,1:57
6566 Gate AaronAqua Blue Sport 27Aqua Blue Sport1:591:59
6646 Vanbilsen KennethCofidis, Solutions Crédits 28Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,1:59
6737 Stassen JulienWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  29WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 3:563:56
6834 Kirsch AlexWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  25WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,3:56
6997 Stockman AbramTarteletto - Isorex 21Tarteletto - Isorex5:015:01
70136 Toovey AydenBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team6:306:30
7152 Budding MartijnRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij 22Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij,,6:30
7247 Chetout LoïcCofidis, Solutions Crédits 25Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,6:30
DNF141 Verwaest KevinTeam Differdange - Losch 29Team Differdange - Losch--
DNF105 Rombouts SeppePauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 20Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team,,-
DNF36 Spengler LukasWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  23WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,-
DNF154 Haag GuillaumeT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 28T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF131 Christie-Johnston AlastairBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 20Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF84 Reynaerts WimCibel - Cebon 23Cibel - Cebon,,-
DNF21 De Pauw MorenoSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 26Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF142 Thill TomTeam Differdange - Losch 28Team Differdange - Losch,,-
DNF113 Deriaux FlorianSovac - Natura4Ever 28Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF42 Hofstetter HugoCofidis, Solutions Crédits 24Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,-
DNF155 Pagnaer ArthurT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 23T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF133 Freiberg MichaelBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 27Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF86 Stevens TimothyCibel - Cebon 29Cibel - Cebon,,-
DNF22 Declercq BenjaminSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF145 Stemper RickTeam Differdange - Losch 18Team Differdange - Losch,,-
DNF115 Geuens AlexanderSovac - Natura4Ever 23Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF45 Van Staeyen MichaelCofidis, Solutions Crédits 29Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,-
DNF156 Slagmulders YorickT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF134 Porter AlexanderBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF91 Boucher DavidTarteletto - Isorex 38Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF33 Duquennoy JimmyWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  23WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,-
DNF152 D' Angelo UgoT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 19T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF116 Legley MatthiasSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF63 Brammeier MattAqua Blue Sport 33Aqua Blue Sport,,-
DNF2 Godrie StanVérandas Willems-Crelan  25Vérandas Willems-Crelan ,,-
DNF137 Ward TristanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF104 Lehaen DriesPauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team 22Pauwels sauzen - Vastgoedservice Continental Team,,-
DNF35 Six FranklinWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  21WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,-
DNF153 Decoster MerlijnT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 23T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF125 Bakker StephanMonkey Town Continental Team 24Monkey Town Continental Team,,-
DNF64 Fenn AndrewAqua Blue Sport 27Aqua Blue Sport,,-
DNF16 Vallée BorisWanty - Groupe Gobert 25Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Ronde van Limburg logoDate: 10th June 2018
Avg. speed winner: 43.12 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1
Start/finish: TongerenTongeren

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86 pnt
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