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1 Mendes JoséSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 34Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira100154:39:334:39:33
2 Mestre RicardoW52 / FC Porto  35W52 / FC Porto 75100:020:02
3 Carvalho AntonioW52 / FC Porto  29W52 / FC Porto 607,,0:02
4 Figueiredo FredericoSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 28Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira5040:070:07
5 Brandão JoniEfapel 29Efapel4020:100:10
6 Gonçalves JoséTeam Katusha Alpecin 30Team Katusha Alpecin3010:160:16
7 Rodrigues David Miguel CostaRadio Popular Boavista 27Radio Popular Boavista200:180:18
8 Benta JoãoRadio Popular Boavista 32Radio Popular Boavista10,,0:18
9 Pinto EdgarW52 / FC Porto  33W52 / FC Porto 5,,0:18
10 Machado TiagoSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 33Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira30:210:21
11 Vilela RicardoBurgos-BH 31Burgos-BH30:240:24
12 Silva JoaquimW52 / FC Porto  27W52 / FC Porto 10:330:33
13 Casimiro HenriqueEfapel 33Efapel10:400:40
14 Fernandes VenceslauUD Oliveirense/InOutbuild 23UD Oliveirense/InOutbuild10:480:48
15 Silva DanielRadio Popular Boavista 34Radio Popular Boavista10:580:58
16 Fonte CésarW52 / FC Porto  32W52 / FC Porto 1:161:16
17 Oliveira NelsonMovistar Team 30Movistar Team1:201:20
18 Gonçalves DomingosCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 30Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,1:20
19 Silva BrunoEfapel 31Efapel1:371:37
20 Cardoso FilipeVito-Feirense-Pnb 35Vito-Feirense-Pnb1:551:55
21 Freitas DanielMiranda - Mortágua 28Miranda - Mortágua2:012:01
22 Rodrigues JoãoW52 / FC Porto  24W52 / FC Porto 3:343:34
23 Bico NunoBurgos-BH 24Burgos-BH,,3:34
24 Nunes HugoRadio Popular Boavista 22Radio Popular Boavista,,3:34
25 Isidoro MicaelBAI - Sicasal - Petro de Luanda 36BAI - Sicasal - Petro de Luanda,,3:34
26 Vinhas RuiW52 / FC Porto  32W52 / FC Porto ,,3:34
27 Ramalho AndréLA Aluminios 23LA Aluminios,,3:34
28 Ferreira JoséW52 / FC Porto  24W52 / FC Porto ,,3:34
29 Goncalves GasparMiranda - Mortágua 24Miranda - Mortágua,,3:34
30 Mestre DanielW52 / FC Porto  33W52 / FC Porto ,,3:34
31 Fernandes LuisLudofoods Louletano Aviludo 31Ludofoods Louletano Aviludo3:433:43
32 Gomes LuisRadio Popular Boavista 25Radio Popular Boavista3:493:49
33 Paulinho Sérgio MiguelEfapel 39Efapel3:553:55
34 Silva RafaelEfapel 28Efapel3:583:58
35 Ribeiro DavidLA Aluminios 23LA Aluminios,,3:58
36 Reis RafaelW52 / FC Porto  26W52 / FC Porto 7:017:01
37 Barbosa MárcioLudofoods Louletano Aviludo 33Ludofoods Louletano Aviludo12:1712:17
38 Livramento DavidSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 35Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira13:3213:32
DNF Fernandes João 23--
DNF Videira Patrick 24,,-
DNF Martins Dinis ,,-
DNF Barbio AntónioLA Aluminios 25LA Aluminios,,-
DNF Pereira ValterSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 29Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira,,-
DNF Oliveira FabioLA Aluminios 24LA Aluminios,,-
DNF De Almeida GuillaumeBAI - Sicasal - Petro de Luanda 30BAI - Sicasal - Petro de Luanda,,-
DNF Martingil CesarSporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira 24Sporting Clube de Portugal/Tavira,,-
DNF Crispim AndréLA Aluminios 22LA Aluminios,,-
DNF Sancho HugoMiranda - Mortágua 37Miranda - Mortágua,,-
DNF Evangelista AndreLudofoods Louletano Aviludo 23Ludofoods Louletano Aviludo,,-
DNF Meireles NunoLudofoods Louletano Aviludo 27Ludofoods Louletano Aviludo,,-
DNF Gonçalves Júlio 24,,-
DNF Silva Paulo 22,,-
DNF Neves Fernandes José Carlos PratesBurgos-BH 23Burgos-BH,,-
DNF Cruz Sancho 25,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 30th June 2019
Avg. speed winner: 42.282 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Melgaço › Melgaço
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Portugal - Road Race logo

Race ranking position
19 pnt
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