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121 Masuda NariyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 36Utsunomiya Blitzen40155:17:585:17:58
232 Uchima KoheiTeam UKYO 31Team UKYO30100:180:18
335 Prades BenjamínTeam UKYO 36Team UKYO257,,0:18
493 Ishibashi ManabuTeam Bridgestone Cycling 26Team Bridgestone Cycling204,,0:18
575 Christie JasonAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team1520:490:49
672 Okamoto HayatoAisan Racing Team 24Aisan Racing Team1010:540:54
7133 Tobaru HayatoTeam Okinawa 22Team Okinawa5,,0:54
81 Feng Chun KaiTaiwan 31Taiwan3,,0:54
931 Hatanaka YusukeTeam UKYO 34Team UKYO3,,0:54
1044 Yokoyama KotaShimano Racing Team 24Shimano Racing Team3,,0:54
1143 Minato RyoShimano Racing Team 27Shimano Racing Team,,0:54
1242 Kimura KeisukeShimano Racing Team 27Shimano Racing Team,,0:54
1322 Suzuki YuzuruUtsunomiya Blitzen 34Utsunomiya Blitzen,,0:54
1465 Yamamoto MasakiKinan Cycling Team 23Kinan Cycling Team,,0:54
1583 Nakamura KaitoNasu Blasen 22Nasu Blasen,,0:54
1623 Suzuki RyuUtsunomiya Blitzen 27Utsunomiya Blitzen,,0:54
1771 Sumiyoshi KotaAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team,,0:54
1815 Kers Koos JeroenWTC de Amstel 33WTC de Amstel,,0:54
1964 Tsubaki HiroshiKinan Cycling Team 28Kinan Cycling Team,,0:54
20124 Narumi TaiseiNifs in Kanoya  20Nifs in Kanoya ,,0:54
2112 Beckeringh Derk AbelWTC de Amstel 27WTC de Amstel,,0:54
2251 Giesselmann MichelTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 20Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,0:54
232 Wu Chih HaoTaiwan 29Taiwan,,0:54
2425 Onodera ReiUtsunomiya Blitzen 24Utsunomiya Blitzen,,0:54
2585 Shibata MasayukiNasu Blasen 25Nasu Blasen,,0:54
2692 Magosaki DaikiTeam Bridgestone Cycling 23Team Bridgestone Cycling4:034:03
273 Chen Chien-liangTaiwan 26Taiwan4:454:45
28123 Nakamura KeisukeNifs in Kanoya  21Nifs in Kanoya 5:075:07
2984 Nishio KeitoNasu Blasen 24Nasu Blasen5:125:12
304 Peng Yuan TangTaiwan 26Taiwan5:385:38
3134 Yokotsuka KoheiTeam UKYO 25Team UKYO7:037:03
3255 Intra FelixTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 24Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,7:03
33101 Ho BurrHKSI Pro Cycling Team 27HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,7:03
3411 van Breda RickWTC de Amstel 29WTC de Amstel,,7:03
3541 Iribe ShotaroShimano Racing Team 30Shimano Racing Team7:217:21
3661 Nakajima YasuharuKinan Cycling Team 34Kinan Cycling Team11:3211:32
3763 Yamamoto GenkiKinan Cycling Team 27Kinan Cycling Team17:1017:10
3814 Broex VictorWTC de Amstel 19WTC de Amstel23:1123:11
39131 Fukuhara MasaruTeam Okinawa 38Team Okinawa23:3623:36
4073 Hayakawa TomohiroAisan Racing Team 29Aisan Racing Team,,23:36
4124 Hori TakaakiUtsunomiya Blitzen 27Utsunomiya Blitzen,,23:36
42125 Koyata TakatoNifs in Kanoya  18Nifs in Kanoya ,,23:36
43122 Baba ShinyaNifs in Kanoya  19Nifs in Kanoya ,,23:36
44103 Lai Chun KinHKSI Pro Cycling Team 21HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,23:36
455 Wang Jing HueiTaiwan 23Taiwan,,23:36
46113 Lin Xiao LongKaohsiung City 19Kaohsiung City,,23:36
OTL102 Ng Pak HangHKSI Pro Cycling Team 20HKSI Pro Cycling Team--
OTL121 Domi YutaNifs in Kanoya  18Nifs in Kanoya ,,-
DNF111 Li Chi ChinKaohsiung City 20Kaohsiung City,,-
DNF105 Choi Kwan LokHKSI Pro Cycling Team 20HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF95 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuTeam Bridgestone Cycling 30Team Bridgestone Cycling,,-
DNF91 Kuroeda ShikiTeam Bridgestone Cycling 27Team Bridgestone Cycling,,-
DNF104 Ho Kwun HeiHKSI Pro Cycling Team 19HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF135 Henzan RyokiTeam Okinawa 20Team Okinawa,,-
DNF82 Nishio HayatoNasu Blasen 25Nasu Blasen,,-
DNF13 Mouris TeunWTC de Amstel 21WTC de Amstel,,-
DNF62 Okubo JinKinan Cycling Team 31Kinan Cycling Team,,-
DNF132 Funakoshi AkinoriTeam Okinawa 38Team Okinawa,,-
DNF54 Kulbe LarsTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 19Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF134 Kubota KaneiTeam Okinawa 21Team Okinawa,,-
DNF112 Hsu Tzu EnKaohsiung City 20Kaohsiung City,,-
DNF45 Nakai TadaakiShimano Racing Team 22Shimano Racing Team,,-
DNF115 Chen Xuan YeKaohsiung City 20Kaohsiung City,,-
DNF52 Knolle JonTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 20Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF114 Tang Han HuangKaohsiung City 20Kaohsiung City,,-
DNF94 Tokuda SuguruTeam Bridgestone Cycling 25Team Bridgestone Cycling,,-
DNF74 Omae KakeruAisan Racing Team 22Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 10th November 2019
Avg. speed winner: 39.63 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 74
PCS point scale: 1.2
Start/finish: NagoNago

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6 pnt
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