2019»4th Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (1.1)

2019  One day race  »  Geelong  ›  Geelong   (113.3k)

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136 Sierra ArlenisAstana Womens Team 26Astana Womens Team125803:07:103:07:10
215 Kennedy LucyMitchelton-Scott 30Mitchelton-Scott85560:190:19
311 Spratt AmandaMitchelton-Scott 31Mitchelton-Scott7032,,0:19
424 Moolman AshleighCCC - Liv 33CCC - Liv60240:340:34
5123 Longo Borghini ElisaTrek-Segafredo Women  27Trek-Segafredo Women 5020,,0:34
642 Chapman BrodieTeam TIBCO - SVB 27Team TIBCO - SVB4016,,0:34
7101 Neylan RachelKorda Mentha Real Estate Australia 36Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia35120:390:39
8106 Herfoss Emily Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia 24Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia3080:550:55
9126 Winder RuthTrek-Segafredo Women  25Trek-Segafredo Women 257,,0:55
1016 Brown GraceMitchelton-Scott 26Mitchelton-Scott206,,0:55
1123 Markus RiejanneCCC - Liv 24CCC - Liv155,,0:55
1221 Korevaar JeanneCCC - Liv 22CCC - Liv103,,0:55
1341 Jackson AlisonTeam TIBCO - SVB 30Team TIBCO - SVB5,,0:55
1431 Pirrone ElenaAstana Womens Team 19Astana Womens Team5,,0:55
15141 Raynolds MatildaSpecialized Women's Racing 31Specialized Women's Racing5,,0:55
16104 Wiasak RebeccaKorda Mentha Real Estate Australia 34Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia3,,0:55
1781 Bergen SaraRally UHC Cycling Women 30Rally UHC Cycling Women3,,0:55
18111 Paine DeborahNew Zealand 21New Zealand3,,0:55
196 Kasper RomyAlé Cipollini  30Alé Cipollini 3,,0:55
2082 Doebel-Hickok KristabelRally UHC Cycling Women 29Rally UHC Cycling Women3,,0:55
21143 Gunning JaimeSpecialized Women's Racing 20Specialized Women's Racing3,,0:55
2254 Salcedo Jannie MilenaSwapit Agolico 30Swapit Agolico3,,0:55
2353 Ramirez AndreaSwapit Agolico 19Swapit Agolico3,,0:55
2492 Pattaro FrancescaBepink  23Bepink 3,,0:55
25144 Heather TarynSpecialized Women's Racing 36Specialized Women's Racing3,,0:55
2663 Riabchenko TetyanaDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 29Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,0:55
272 Yonamine EriAlé Cipollini  27Alé Cipollini ,,0:55
28133 Stannard ElizabethGusto StepFWD KOM 21Gusto StepFWD KOM,,0:55
2943 Lucas SharlotteTeam TIBCO - SVB 27Team TIBCO - SVB,,0:55
3045 Stephens LaurenTeam TIBCO - SVB 32Team TIBCO - SVB1:041:04
3174 Pratt JessicaSydney University 21Sydney University1:191:19
321 Hosking ChloeAlé Cipollini  28Alé Cipollini ,,1:19
3385 Beveridge AllisonRally UHC Cycling Women 25Rally UHC Cycling Women2:032:03
34105 Roseman-Gannon RubyKorda Mentha Real Estate Australia 20Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia,,2:03
3534 Salazar Lizbeth YareliAstana Womens Team 22Astana Womens Team,,2:03
3676 Watts EmilySydney University 18Sydney University,,2:03
3761 Van Velzen BryonyDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 22Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,2:03
3825 Demey ValerieCCC - Liv 25CCC - Liv,,2:03
3913 Williams GeorgiaMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott,,2:03
4026 Skalniak AgnieszkaCCC - Liv 21CCC - Liv,,2:03
4193 Ragusa KatiaBepink  21Bepink ,,2:03
42112 Fraser ElyseNew Zealand 30New Zealand,,2:03
43113 Mccallum KirstyNew Zealand 26New Zealand,,2:03
44142 Bloor EllaSpecialized Women's Racing 23Specialized Women's Racing,,2:03
4562 Reis DanielaDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 25Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport2:072:07
46146 Harris HollySpecialized Women's Racing 23Specialized Women's Racing,,2:07
4775 Whitelaw VickiSydney University 42Sydney University,,2:07
4844 Malseed ShannonTeam TIBCO - SVB 24Team TIBCO - SVB3:153:15
4956 Vargas Maria JoseSwapit Agolico 22Swapit Agolico,,3:15
50125 Wiles TaylerTrek-Segafredo Women  29Trek-Segafredo Women 3:233:23
5133 Rodriguez CarolinaAstana Womens Team 25Astana Womens Team,,3:23
52116 Morton AbigailNew Zealand New Zealand3:593:59
5384 Franz HeidiRally UHC Cycling Women 24Rally UHC Cycling Women4:034:03
5464 Vandenbulcke JesseDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 23Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport4:124:12
5546 Cobb AliceTeam TIBCO - SVB 23Team TIBCO - SVB,,4:12
5635 Blais Marie-SoleilAstana Womens Team 30Astana Womens Team,,4:12
5722 Kuijpers EvyCCC - Liv 23CCC - Liv,,4:12
58115 Lipp AnnamarieNew Zealand 18New Zealand5:075:07
5932 Pradera JeidiAstana Womens Team 20Astana Womens Team,,5:07
6086 Moak SummerRally UHC Cycling Women 19Rally UHC Cycling Women,,5:07
61102 Whitehouse GeorgiaKorda Mentha Real Estate Australia 27Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia,,5:07
6252 Muñoz Paola AndreaSwapit Agolico 32Swapit Agolico5:455:45
63114 Johnson IoneNew Zealand 21New Zealand,,5:45
6455 Santoyo Brenda AndreaSwapit Agolico 22Swapit Agolico,,5:45
65121 Hanson LaurettaTrek-Segafredo Women  24Trek-Segafredo Women 7:047:04
66122 Henttala LottaTrek-Segafredo Women  29Trek-Segafredo Women ,,7:04
6795 Valsecchi SilviaBepink  36Bepink ,,7:04
6883 Ellsay GillianRally UHC Cycling Women 21Rally UHC Cycling Women,,7:04
693 Quagliotto NadiaAlé Cipollini  21Alé Cipollini 7:187:18
7051 Barrera AnetSwapit Agolico 20Swapit Agolico,,7:18
7194 Steigenga NicoleBepink  20Bepink 7:597:59
72135 Pettenon JenniferGusto StepFWD KOM Gusto StepFWD KOM8:278:27
73103 Gigante SarahKorda Mentha Real Estate Australia 18Korda Mentha Real Estate Australia9:119:11
7414 Allen JessicaMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott,,9:11
7512 Roy SarahMitchelton-Scott 32Mitchelton-Scott,,9:11
7673 Booth AnnaSydney University 29Sydney University,,9:11
77145 Maddox BrionySpecialized Women's Racing 33Specialized Women's Racing,,9:11
785 Van 't Geloof MarjoleinAlé Cipollini  22Alé Cipollini ,,9:11
7996 Medveďová TerezaBepink  22Bepink ,,9:11
8065 Vekemans AnishaDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 27Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,9:11
8166 Berteau VictoireDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 18Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport9:379:37
82131 Mundy JessicaGusto StepFWD KOM 24Gusto StepFWD KOM,,9:37
834 Raimondi JessicaAlé Cipollini  19Alé Cipollini 13:0013:00
DNF72 Darmody JenniferSydney University 27Sydney University--
DNF134 Hodges KendelleGusto StepFWD KOM 27Gusto StepFWD KOM,,-
DNF71 Vesty AmySydney University Sydney University,,-
DNF132 Kinnealy ErinGusto StepFWD KOM 34Gusto StepFWD KOM,,-
DNF136 Eastwood JemmaGusto StepFWD KOM Gusto StepFWD KOM,,-
DNF124 Van Twisk AbigailTrek-Segafredo Women  21Trek-Segafredo Women ,,-
DNF91 Barbieri RacheleBepink  21Bepink ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 26th January 2019
Avg. speed winner: 36.32 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Geelong › Geelong
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.1

Race profile

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