2019»Chrono Champenois Masculin International (1.2)

2019  Time trial  »  Bétheny  ›  Bétheny   (33.4k)

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1 Bjerg MikkelHagens Berman Axeon 20Hagens Berman Axeon401549.44140:3240:32
2 Wolf JustinBike Aid 26Bike Aid301048.9580:240:24
3 Madsen Martin ToftBHS - Almeborg-Bornholm 34BHS - Almeborg-Bornholm25748.3670:540:54
4 Braun JulianDauner D&DQ-Akkon 23Dauner D&DQ-Akkon20448.2501:001:00
5 Lisson ChristofferBHS - Almeborg-Bornholm 23BHS - Almeborg-Bornholm15247.9431:161:16
6 Davy ClémentEquipe continentale Groupama-FDJ 21Equipe continentale Groupama-FDJ10147.7141:281:28
7 Magennis LiamDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 22Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team546.8222:162:16
8 Mcdunphy Conn 22346.1222:552:55
9 Leplingard AntoineDCBank Pro Cycling Team 24DCBank Pro Cycling Team345.9463:053:05
10 Bezza Quentin 21345.3393:403:40
11 Chatila Brunotte Antonin 1945.2883:433:43
12 Maidana David AlexanderMassi Vivo - Grupo Oresy 19Massi Vivo - Grupo Oresy41.9397:157:15
13 Kervadec StevanLviv Cycling Team 25Lviv Cycling Team41.4917:467:46
14 Miño Gustavo AdolfoMassi Vivo - Grupo Oresy 35Massi Vivo - Grupo Oresy41.2498:038:03
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 8th September 2019
Avg. speed winner: 49.441 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Bétheny › Bétheny
PCS point scale: 1.2

Race profile

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