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111 Boudat ThomasTeam Total Direct Energie 25Team Total Direct Energie125754:20:184:20:18
264 Planckaert BaptisteWallonie-Bruxelles 30Wallonie-Bruxelles8555,,0:00
316 Terpstra NikiTeam Total Direct Energie 35Team Total Direct Energie7040,,0:00
435 Riesebeek OscarRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles60320:010:01
517 Turgis AnthonyTeam Total Direct Energie 25Team Total Direct Energie50280:060:06
6132 Oreel LarsDauner D&DQ-Akkon 19Dauner D&DQ-Akkon40240:400:40
792 Budding MartijnBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 3520,,0:40
8103 Stewart ThomasCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  29Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes 3018,,0:40
936 Livyns ArjenRoompot - Charles 24Roompot - Charles2516,,0:40
1062 Liepiņš EmīlsWallonie-Bruxelles 26Wallonie-Bruxelles2014,,0:40
1127 Vergaerde OttoCorendon - Circus 24Corendon - Circus1512,,0:40
122 Baugnies JérômeWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 32Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team1010,,0:40
1346 Reza KévinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 31Vital Concept - B&B Hotels58,,0:40
1494 Coolen YvesBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 57,,0:40
1551 Velasco SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 23Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM56,,0:40
1686 Vantomme MaximeTarteletto - Isorex 33Tarteletto - Isorex35,,0:40
1731 van Ginneken SjoerdRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles34,,0:40
1845 Mottier JustinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 25Vital Concept - B&B Hotels33,,0:40
1967 Taminiaux LionelWallonie-Bruxelles 23Wallonie-Bruxelles32,,0:40
20121 Gate AaronEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing31,,0:40
2132 De Witte MathiasRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles3,,0:40
227 Vliegen LoïcWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 25Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team3,,0:40
2374 Petelin JanTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa3,,0:40
2493 Bugter LuucBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club 3,,0:40
2534 Duijn HuubRoompot - Charles 34Roompot - Charles3,,0:40
266 Van Melsen KévinWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 32Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,0:40
2737 Steels StijnRoompot - Charles 29Roompot - Charles,,0:40
2815 Petit AdrienTeam Total Direct Energie 28Team Total Direct Energie,,0:40
2961 Ista KevynWallonie-Bruxelles 34Wallonie-Bruxelles,,0:40
3014 Ligthart PimTeam Total Direct Energie 30Team Total Direct Energie,,0:40
3122 Janssens JimmyCorendon - Circus 30Corendon - Circus0:530:53
3242 Garel AdrienVital Concept - B&B Hotels 23Vital Concept - B&B Hotels1:201:20
3321 Hansen Lasse NormanCorendon - Circus 27Corendon - Circus2:432:43
3473 Thill TomTeam Differdange - GeBa 29Team Differdange - GeBa2:552:55
DNF55 Fortunato LorenzoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 23Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM--
DNF123 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF77 Da Silva TiagoTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF91 Abraham DanielBEAT Cycling Club  34BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF83 Sefa YlberTarteletto - Isorex 28Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF76 Deguide LouisTeam Differdange - GeBa 25Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF33 Timmermans JustinRoompot - Charles 22Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF26 Devolder StijnCorendon - Circus 39Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF136 Clauss MarcDauner D&DQ-Akkon 20Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF52 González Roberto CarlosNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 25Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM,,-
DNF102 Rose-Davies LouisCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  20Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF134 Bauer DominikDauner D&DQ-Akkon 21Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF111 Bazán Oscar NehuánStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF82 Gerts FlorisTarteletto - Isorex 27Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF65 Robeet LudovicWallonie-Bruxelles 25Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF127 Kearney AaronEvoPro Racing 20EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF53 Bevilacqua SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 22Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM,,-
DNF122 Zhupa EugertEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF97 Seye GuillaumeBEAT Cycling Club  22BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF87 Joseph ThomasTarteletto - Isorex 22Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF56 van Empel EtienneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 25Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM,,-
DNF75 Winter LaurinTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF13 Gène YohannTeam Total Direct Energie 37Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF41 De Backer BertVital Concept - B&B Hotels 35Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF12 Gaudin DamienTeam Total Direct Energie 32Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF24 Rickaert JonasCorendon - Circus 25Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF114 Autran José EduardoStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF66 Spengler LukasWallonie-Bruxelles 24Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF107 Bostock MatthewCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  21Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF115 Godoy Marcelo GabrielStart Cycling Team 26Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF117 Sierra RobertStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF126 Sweeny HarryEvoPro Racing 20EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF125 Feeley DaireEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF71 Kockelmann RaphaelTeam Differdange - GeBa 20Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF96 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  21BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF85 Van Dingenen JordiTarteletto - Isorex 22Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF81 Van Den Brande JulienTarteletto - Isorex 24Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF101 Paton AlexCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  29Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF23 Meeusen TomCorendon - Circus 30Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF3 De Winter LudwigWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 26Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF44 Manzin LorrenzoVital Concept - B&B Hotels 24Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF4 Dupont TimothyWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 31Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF113 Corella ReneStart Cycling Team 27Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF135 Laib SimonDauner D&DQ-Akkon 23Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF106 Tanfield CharlieCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  22Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF133 Thurau SvenDauner D&DQ-Akkon 22Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF43 Lammertink StevenVital Concept - B&B Hotels 25Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF5 Vallée BorisWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 25Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF124 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF72 Deruette ThomasTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF95 Lewis AdamBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF84 Goeman JonasTarteletto - Isorex 26Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF104 Townsend RoryCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  23Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF116 Villanueva IgnacioStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF1 Backaert FrederikWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 29Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF137 Flautt OliverDauner D&DQ-Akkon 26Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF54 Marchetti MorenoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM 21Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM,,-
DNF25 van der Poel DavidCorendon - Circus 26Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF112 Javelly LuisStart Cycling Team 21Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF63 Nõmmela AkselWallonie-Bruxelles 24Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF105 Wood OliverCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  23Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,-
DNF131 Donders JelleDauner D&DQ-Akkon 25Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 30th May 2019
Avg. speed winner: 44.303 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 26
PCS point scale: 1.1
Start/finish: Mont-sur-Marchienne Mont-sur-Marchienne

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91 pnt
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