2000»First Union Invitational (1.3)

2000  One day race

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1 Klasna TrentSaturn 30Saturn753:21:043:21:04
2 Sandstød MichaelMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 31MemoryCard - Jack & Jones55,,,,
3 Rodriguez FredMapei - Quickstep 26Mapei - Quickstep40,,,,
4 Bratkowski JanManheim-Mercury 24Manheim-Mercury32,,,,
5 Commesso SalvatoreSaeco 25Saeco28,,,,
6 Piziks ArvisMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 30MemoryCard - Jack & Jones24,,,,
7 Hincapie GeorgeUS Postal Service 26US Postal Service20,,,,
8 Freire ÓscarMapei - Quickstep 24Mapei - Quickstep18,,,,
9 Jones Timothy DavidMobilvetta Design - Rossin 24Mobilvetta Design - Rossin16,,,,
10 Gragus EddyJelly Belly Cycling Team 32Jelly Belly Cycling Team14,,,,
11 Larsen Nicolaj BoMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 28MemoryCard - Jack & Jones12,,,,
12 Jansen HarmSaturn 32Saturn10,,,,
13 Zamana CezaryMAT - Ceresit - CCC 32MAT - Ceresit - CCC8,,,,
14 Andriotto DarioAlexia Allumino 27Alexia Allumino7,,,,
15 Davidenko VassiliNavigators Cycling Team 30Navigators Cycling Team6,,,,
16 Lieswyn JohnShaklee 31Shaklee5,,,,
17 Mccormack FrankSaturn 31Saturn4,,,,
18 Walters MarkNavigators Cycling Team 24Navigators Cycling Team3,,,,
19 Guay Ryan 222,,,,
20 Randell Andrew 251,,,,
21 McCormack MarkSaturn 29Saturn,,,,
22 Pineda Oscar 23,,,,
23 Ziewacz Doug 25,,,,
24 Weiss Scottie 28,,,,
25 Hulsmans KevinMapei - Quickstep 22Mapei - Quickstep,,,,
26 Beauchamp SylvainShaklee 27Shaklee,,,,
27 Brandt ChristopheSaeco 23Saeco,,,,
28 Hoste LeifMapei - Quickstep 22Mapei - Quickstep,,,,
29 Creed Michael 19,,,,
30 Schmeer Ronnie Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 31Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,,,
31 Dean JulianUS Postal Service 25US Postal Service,,,,
32 Wherry ChrisSaturn 26Saturn,,,,
33 Frischkorn WilliamManheim-Mercury 18Manheim-Mercury,,,,
34 Cruz AntonioSaturn 28Saturn,,,,
35 Drew Jamie PeterManheim-Mercury 26Manheim-Mercury,,,,
36 Moninger ScottManheim-Mercury 30Manheim-Mercury0:330:33
37 Zampieri SteveManheim-Mercury 22Manheim-Mercury0:380:38
38 Hamblen JohnNavigators Cycling Team 24Navigators Cycling Team2:182:18
39 Friel Dirk 302:292:29
40 Jemison MartyUS Postal Service 35US Postal Service3:123:12
41 Andreu FrankieUS Postal Service 33US Postal Service,,3:12
42 Wedge PeterShaklee 27Shaklee,,3:12
43 Horner ChrisManheim-Mercury 28Manheim-Mercury,,3:12
DNF Martin PaulNavigators Cycling Team 27Navigators Cycling Team--
DNF Chesini NicolaMapei - Quickstep 26Mapei - Quickstep,,-
DNF Cavagnis OscarAlexia Allumino 25Alexia Allumino,,-
DNF Collins Paul  30,,-
DNF Cochran ScottJelly Belly Cycling Team 30Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Gorman Charles  ,,-
DNF Laporte Jim  ,,-
DNF Nielsen BjarkeMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 24MemoryCard - Jack & Jones,,-
DNF Nitsche TorstenSaeco 23Saeco,,-
DNF McCartney JasonNutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 26Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Landis FloydManheim-Mercury 24Manheim-Mercury,,-
DNF Pineda Juan  ,,-
DNF Minard MattJelly Belly Cycling Team 23Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Szafranski KrzysztofMAT - Ceresit - CCC 27MAT - Ceresit - CCC,,-
DNF Bickmore John  ,,-
DNF Pearce ColbyShaklee 27Shaklee,,-
DNF Pelusi SethSaturn 23Saturn,,-
DNF Zaradny PiotrMAT - Ceresit - CCC 28MAT - Ceresit - CCC,,-
DNF Kjaergaard SteffenUS Postal Service 27US Postal Service,,-
DNF Hubbard ElliotNavigators Cycling Team 26Navigators Cycling Team,,-
DNF Bowen BartSaturn 33Saturn,,-
DNF Serri EddyAlexia Allumino 25Alexia Allumino,,-
DNF Speaks Steve 37,,-
DNF Carter NormJelly Belly Cycling Team 23Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Giuliano Joe 26,,-
DNF Siciliano Joby ,,-
DNF Piil Jakob StormMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 27MemoryCard - Jack & Jones,,-
DNF China ValentinoSaeco 23Saeco,,-
DNF Reeb Donald Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 25Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Knickman RoyManheim-Mercury 34Manheim-Mercury,,-
DNF Foster JohnNutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 26Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Collingwood Joshua KaneJelly Belly Cycling Team 22Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Valenzuela ChristianShaklee 21Shaklee,,-
DNF Sbeih AdhamNavigators Cycling Team 26Navigators Cycling Team,,-
DNF Erwin Tim ,,-
DNF Crookham Jason 27,,-
DNF Gębka MarcinMAT - Ceresit - CCC 26MAT - Ceresit - CCC,,-
DNF Casey DylanUS Postal Service 30US Postal Service,,-
DNF Swindlehurst BurkeNavigators Cycling Team 26Navigators Cycling Team,,-
DNF Barry MichaelSaturn 24Saturn,,-
DNF Villa MarcoAlexia Allumino 31Alexia Allumino,,-
DNF Corbett John  29,,-
DNF Livingston Adam Jelly Belly Cycling Team 25Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Hall JonathanFestina - Lotus 27Festina - Lotus,,-
DNF Nunez Alex  ,,-
DNF Faresin GianniMapei - Quickstep 34Mapei - Quickstep,,-
DNF Pate DannySaeco 21Saeco,,-
DNF Joachim BenoîtUS Postal Service 24US Postal Service,,-
DNF Hahn JamulNutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 29Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Barnett Ryan  ,,-
DNF Wojtas ArkadiuszMróz - Supradyn Witaminy 22Mróz - Supradyn Witaminy,,-
DNF Gardner AlexNutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 30Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Chrzanowski SlawomirMAT - Ceresit - CCC 31MAT - Ceresit - CCC,,-
DNF Cockburn Heath  ,,-
DNF Miller Russel  ,,-
DNF Gilmore MatthewMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 27MemoryCard - Jack & Jones,,-
DNF Semprini Maurizio ,,-
DNF Van Haesebroucke FrankyNavigators Cycling Team 29Navigators Cycling Team,,-
DNF Willett KirkManheim-Mercury 30Manheim-Mercury,,-
DNF Villatoro Anton 29,,-
DNF Albers KirkJelly Belly Cycling Team 31Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Kelly Sean  ,,-
DNF Hutchinson Travis  ,,-
DNF Koehler PhilippeMapei - Quickstep 22Mapei - Quickstep,,-
DNF Guerra AlessandroSaeco 25Saeco,,-
DNF O'Bee KirkUS Postal Service 23US Postal Service,,-
DNF Vesty BrendanNavigators Cycling Team 27Navigators Cycling Team,,-
DNF Reynolds Troy  ,,-
DNF Wojciechowski DariuszMróz - Supradyn Witaminy 31Mróz - Supradyn Witaminy,,-
DNF Allison RyanNutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 20Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Hegg SteveJelly Belly Cycling Team 36Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Field Kevin  ,,-
DNF Bodwin Antoine  ,,-
DNF Moe Rasmussen JacobMemoryCard - Jack & Jones 25MemoryCard - Jack & Jones,,-
DNF Zanetti AldoAlexia Allumino 24Alexia Allumino,,-
DNF Keefer Jesse Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team 25Nutra Fig - Noni Cycling Team,,-
DNF Pic ChristopherManheim-Mercury 30Manheim-Mercury,,-
DNF Ley Michael 26,,-
DNF Friedick MarianoJelly Belly Cycling Team 25Jelly Belly Cycling Team,,-
DNF Przydział PiotrMAT - Ceresit - CCC 26MAT - Ceresit - CCC,,-
DNF Ayala Navaro  ,,-
DNF Ventura RobbieSaturn 29Saturn,,-
DNF Chmielewski PiotrMróz - Supradyn Witaminy 29Mróz - Supradyn Witaminy,,-
DNF Leipheimer LeviUS Postal Service 26US Postal Service,,-
DNS Rice Micah  ,,-
DNS Carney JamesShaklee 31Shaklee,,-
DNS Miller GraemeShaklee 39Shaklee,,-
DNS Sevener Steve 30,,-
DNS Wohlberg EricShaklee 35Shaklee,,-
DNS Kalstrup Thomas  ,,-
DNS Mitchell GlenShaklee 27Shaklee,,-
DNS Atkins Jonathan  ,,-
DNS McCook DavidShaklee 30Shaklee,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 30th May 2000
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: 1.1

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