2019»1st Danilith Nokere Koerse voor Dames (1.1)

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156 Wiebes LorenaParkhotel Valkenburg  20Parkhotel Valkenburg 125803:13:053:13:05
234 Klein LisaCanyon SRAM Racing 22Canyon SRAM Racing8556,,0:00
34 Kopecky LotteLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies7032,,0:00
411 Pieters AmyBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 27Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team6024,,0:00
5161 Campbell TenielWCC Team 21WCC Team5020,,0:00
66 Van Den Steen KellyLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies4016,,0:00
761 Andersen SusanneTeam Sunweb 20Team Sunweb3512,,0:00
825 Van 't Geloof MarjoleinAlé Cipollini  22Alé Cipollini 308,,0:00
91 Dom AnneliesLotto Soudal Ladies 32Lotto Soudal Ladies257,,0:00
1041 Fournier RoxaneMovistar Team 27Movistar Team206,,0:00
11134 Schweinberger KathrinHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 22Health Mate - Cyclelive Team155,,0:00
1296 van Gogh NatalieBiehler Pro Cycling Team 44Biehler Pro Cycling Team103,,0:00
1314 Majerus ChristineBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 32Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team5,,0:00
14135 van Haaften KirstieHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 20Health Mate - Cyclelive Team5,,0:00
15145 Stougje ChanellaHitec Products 22Hitec Products5,,0:00
16213 Hannes KaatJos Feron Lady Force 27Jos Feron Lady Force3,,0:00
17155 Roberts JessicaGreat Britain 19Great Britain3,,0:00
1882 Guderzo TatianaBepink  34Bepink 3,,0:00
19146 Uneken LonnekeHitec Products 19Hitec Products3,,0:00
203 Christmas DaniLotto Soudal Ladies 31Lotto Soudal Ladies3,,0:00
21124 Vandenbulcke JesseDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 23Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport3,,0:00
22172 Bex NathalieRogelli-Gyproc U-23 20Rogelli-Gyproc U-233,,0:00
232 Castrique AlanaLotto Soudal Ladies 19Lotto Soudal Ladies3,,0:00
24106 van de Ree MoniqueBTC City Ljubljana 31BTC City Ljubljana3,,0:00
2593 Colborne HenriettaBiehler Pro Cycling Team 20Biehler Pro Cycling Team3,,0:00
26173 Bossuyt ShariRogelli-Gyproc U-23 18Rogelli-Gyproc U-23,,0:00
2751 De Gast BelleParkhotel Valkenburg  28Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,0:00
2885 Ragusa KatiaBepink  21Bepink ,,0:00
29103 Chursina AnastasiiaBTC City Ljubljana 23BTC City Ljubljana,,0:00
3021 Erić JelenaAlé Cipollini  23Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
3124 Swinkels KarlijnAlé Cipollini  20Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
3226 Yonamine EriAlé Cipollini  27Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
33132 Delbaere FienHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 22Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:00
34104 Radotić MiaBTC City Ljubljana 34BTC City Ljubljana,,0:00
3576 Shekel OlgaAstana Womens Team 24Astana Womens Team0:100:10
36151 Callander RhonaGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,0:10
37165 Reusser MarlenWCC Team 27WCC Team,,0:10
3892 Ton QuintyBiehler Pro Cycling Team 20Biehler Pro Cycling Team,,0:10
39116 Verhulst GladysCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 22Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:10
40215 van Witzenburg MariekeJos Feron Lady Force 33Jos Feron Lady Force0:150:15
4136 Harris EllaCanyon SRAM Racing 20Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:15
4223 Peñuela DianaAlé Cipollini  32Alé Cipollini ,,0:15
43153 Holl JennyGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,0:15
4471 Iskakova AmiliyaAstana Womens Team 23Astana Womens Team,,0:15
45192 Croket GilkeIlli Bikes CT 26Illi Bikes CT,,0:15
4654 Raaijmakers MaritParkhotel Valkenburg  19Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,0:15
47212 Van Houtum CélineJos Feron Lady Force 22Jos Feron Lady Force,,0:15
4812 Buurman EvaBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 24Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team,,0:15
49163 Kolesava AnastasiyaWCC Team 18WCC Team,,0:15
50121 Docx MiekeDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 22Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,0:15
5131 Cromwell TiffanyCanyon SRAM Racing 30Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:15
5273 Pirrone ElenaAstana Womens Team 20Astana Womens Team,,0:15
5345 Jasinska MałgorzataMovistar Team 35Movistar Team,,0:15
5413 Dideriksen AmalieBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 22Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team,,0:15
55183 Gröndahl AntoniaIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 23Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team,,0:15
5674 Saifutdinova NatalyaAstana Womens Team 30Astana Womens Team,,0:15
5733 Gafinovitz RotemCanyon SRAM Racing 26Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:15
5842 González AliciaMovistar Team 23Movistar Team,,0:15
59216 Ehrberg LiisaJos Feron Lady Force 30Jos Feron Lady Force,,0:15
60156 Knight JosieGreat Britain 21Great Britain,,0:15
61133 Mustonen SaraHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 38Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:15
6246 Teruel AlbaMovistar Team 22Movistar Team,,0:15
6362 Kirchmann LeahTeam Sunweb 28Team Sunweb0:260:26
64197 Bohata AnnaIlli Bikes CT 19Illi Bikes CT,,0:26
65154 Raybould RebeccaGreat Britain 20Great Britain,,0:26
66113 Lahaye LucieCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 21Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:26
6763 Mackaij FloortjeTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb,,0:26
6883 Perini ChiaraBepink  21Bepink ,,0:26
6943 Biannic AudeMovistar Team 27Movistar Team0:300:30
7066 Soek JuliaTeam Sunweb 28Team Sunweb,,0:30
715 Moonen PuckLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:30
7265 Rivera CorynTeam Sunweb 26Team Sunweb0:360:36
7364 Mathiesen PernilleTeam Sunweb 21Team Sunweb,,0:36
7415 Schneider SkylarBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 20Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team0:510:51
75185 Verstichelen FemkeIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 34Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team1:061:06
7644 Oyarbide LourdesMovistar Team 24Movistar Team,,1:06
77162 Espínola Agua MarinaWCC Team 22WCC Team,,1:06
78203 Huitfeldt JosefineMultum Accountants Ladies Team 23Multum Accountants Ladies Team1:111:11
7952 Duyck Ann-SophieParkhotel Valkenburg  31Parkhotel Valkenburg 1:141:14
8072 Potapova FainaAstana Womens Team 22Astana Womens Team1:191:19
81164 Yapura FernandaWCC Team 20WCC Team1:231:23
82175 Jonkers EvaRogelli-Gyproc U-23 18Rogelli-Gyproc U-231:281:28
83136 Lozano Laura CamilaHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 32Health Mate - Cyclelive Team1:331:33
8484 Steigenga NicoleBepink  21Bepink 1:411:41
8595 Klement MelanieBiehler Pro Cycling Team 24Biehler Pro Cycling Team2:172:17
8691 Wasmus NienkeBiehler Pro Cycling Team 19Biehler Pro Cycling Team,,2:17
8786 Canvelli VaniaBepink  21Bepink 2:382:38
8881 Barbieri RacheleBepink  22Bepink ,,2:38
8922 Raimondi JessicaAlé Cipollini  20Alé Cipollini ,,2:38
90214 Feron SennaJos Feron Lady Force 23Jos Feron Lady Force3:423:42
9194 Hofman MerelBiehler Pro Cycling Team 21Biehler Pro Cycling Team,,3:42
92193 Lenseclaes DitteIlli Bikes CT 19Illi Bikes CT4:074:07
93101 Boogaard MaaikeBTC City Ljubljana 20BTC City Ljubljana4:184:18
94191 Armee NeleIlli Bikes CT 30Illi Bikes CT,,4:18
95102 Longyka AnjaBTC City Ljubljana 25BTC City Ljubljana,,4:18
96131 Defour LaraHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 21Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,4:18
97141 Garner GraceHitec Products 21Hitec Products,,4:18
9855 Swinkels SylvieParkhotel Valkenburg  18Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,4:18
99205 Van Den Steen KimMultum Accountants Ladies Team 24Multum Accountants Ladies Team4:224:22
100152 Docherty AnnaGreat Britain 18Great Britain,,4:22
101171 Verhoeff IngritRogelli-Gyproc U-23 18Rogelli-Gyproc U-23,,4:22
102125 Markus KellyDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 26Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,4:22
103126 Van Velzen BryonyDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 22Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport4:304:30
104201 Johansson HannaMultum Accountants Ladies Team 34Multum Accountants Ladies Team4:424:42
105186 Meakin EmilyIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 30Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team4:464:46
106111 Abgrall NoémieCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 19Charente-Maritime Women Cycling4:534:53
107143 Lutro AmalieHitec Products 19Hitec Products6:236:23
DNF123 de Baat KimDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 27Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport--
DNF176 Knaven BrittRogelli-Gyproc U-23 18Rogelli-Gyproc U-23,,-
DNF105 Simmonds HayleyBTC City Ljubljana 30BTC City Ljubljana,,-
DNF194 Louchaert JustineIlli Bikes CT 19Illi Bikes CT,,-
DNF142 van der Haar LucyHitec Products 24Hitec Products,,-
DNF174 Hoolwerf CathalijneRogelli-Gyproc U-23 19Rogelli-Gyproc U-23,,-
DNF112 Quiniou MarineCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 25Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,-
DNF184 Jonker KerryIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 22Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team,,-
DNF211 Stockman JulieJos Feron Lady Force 19Jos Feron Lady Force,,-
DNF144 Tagliaferro MartaHitec Products 29Hitec Products,,-
DNF206 Turblin ChloëMultum Accountants Ladies Team 23Multum Accountants Ladies Team,,-
DNF114 Minaud ManonCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 20Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,-
DNF182 de Wulf YasmineIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 27Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team,,-
DNF32 Erath TanjaCanyon SRAM Racing 29Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
DNF202 Shepherd JosieMultum Accountants Ladies Team 18Multum Accountants Ladies Team,,-
DNF115 Morichon AnaisCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 19Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,-
DNF181 Bourguignon MargotIsorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team 25Isorex No-Aqua Ladies Cycling Team,,-
DNF75 Umutzhanova MakhabbatAstana Womens Team 24Astana Womens Team,,-
DNF196 Troch TianaIlli Bikes CT 21Illi Bikes CT,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 20th March 2019
Avg. speed winner: 37.787 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Deinze › Nokere
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.1

Race profile

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