2005»2nd Doha International GP (1.1)

2005  One day race (93.5k)

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1 Hunter RobertPhonak Hearing Systems 27Phonak Hearing Systems752:12:172:12:17
2 Boonen TomQuickstep - Innergetic 24Quickstep - Innergetic55,,0:00
3 Michaelsen LarsCSC ProTeam 35CSC ProTeam40,,0:00
4 Hammond RogerDiscovery Channel  30Discovery Channel 32,,0:00
5 Cipollini MarioLiquigas 37Liquigas28,,0:00
6 Rodriguez FredDavitamon - Lotto 31Davitamon - Lotto24,,0:00
7 Cadamuro SimoneDomina Vacanze 28Domina Vacanze20,,0:00
8 Korff AndréT-Mobile Team 31T-Mobile Team18,,0:00
9 Charteau AnthonyBouygues Telecom 25Bouygues Telecom16,,0:00
10 Vierhouten AartDavitamon - Lotto 34Davitamon - Lotto14,,0:00
11 Lombardi GiovanniCSC ProTeam 35CSC ProTeam120:040:04
12 Burghardt MarcusT-Mobile Team 21T-Mobile Team100:070:07
13 Kemna RudiShimano - Memory Corp 37Shimano - Memory Corp80:090:09
14 Pütsep ErkiAG2R Prévoyance 28AG2R Prévoyance7,,0:09
15 Wynants MaartenChocolade Jacques - T Interim 22Chocolade Jacques - T Interim60:120:12
16 Chavanel SébastienBouygues Telecom 21Bouygues Telecom5,,0:12
17 van Speybroeck WesleyChocolade Jacques - T Interim 26Chocolade Jacques - T Interim4,,0:12
18 van Mechelen WouterChocolade Jacques - T Interim 23Chocolade Jacques - T Interim30:140:14
19 Roesems BertDavitamon - Lotto 32Davitamon - Lotto2,,0:14
20 Siedler SebastianTeam Wiesenhof 27Team Wiesenhof1,,0:14
21 Caethoven StevenChocolade Jacques - T Interim 23Chocolade Jacques - T Interim,,0:14
22 van Katwijk AlainShimano - Memory Corp 25Shimano - Memory Corp,,0:14
23 Mangel LaurentAG2R Prévoyance 23AG2R Prévoyance,,0:14
24 Ventoso Francisco JoséSaunier Duval - Prodir 22Saunier Duval - Prodir,,0:14
25 Hoste LeifDiscovery Channel  27Discovery Channel ,,0:14
26 Baumann EricT-Mobile Team 24T-Mobile Team,,0:14
27 Usov AlexandreAG2R Prévoyance 27AG2R Prévoyance,,0:14
28 Cretskens WilfriedQuickstep - Innergetic 28Quickstep - Innergetic,,0:14
29 Flickinger AndyAG2R Prévoyance 26AG2R Prévoyance,,0:14
30 Greipel AndréTeam Wiesenhof 22Team Wiesenhof,,0:14
31 Bäckstedt MagnusLiquigas 29Liquigas,,0:14
32 Clerc AurélienPhonak Hearing Systems 25Phonak Hearing Systems,,0:14
33 Guidi FabrizioCSC ProTeam 32CSC ProTeam0:240:24
34 van Bon LéonDavitamon - Lotto 33Davitamon - Lotto0:270:27
35 Zanini StefanoQuickstep - Innergetic 36Quickstep - Innergetic0:320:32
36 Krivtsov YuriyAG2R Prévoyance 25AG2R Prévoyance0:350:35
37 Mondory LloydAG2R Prévoyance 22AG2R Prévoyance,,0:35
38 De Schrooder BennyChocolade Jacques - T Interim 24Chocolade Jacques - T Interim,,0:35
39 Bak Lars YttingCSC ProTeam 25CSC ProTeam,,0:35
40 Hesjedal RyderDiscovery Channel  24Discovery Channel ,,0:35
41 Devolder StijnDiscovery Channel  25Discovery Channel ,,0:35
42 Bruun Eriksen ThomasCSC ProTeam 25CSC ProTeam,,0:35
43 Voeckler ThomasBouygues Telecom 25Bouygues Telecom,,0:35
44 Vaitkus TomasAG2R Prévoyance 22AG2R Prévoyance,,0:35
45 Loda NicolaLiquigas 33Liquigas,,0:35
46 Ravaioli IvanSaunier Duval - Prodir 24Saunier Duval - Prodir0:530:53
47 Tjallingii MaartenMarco Polo Cycling Team 27Marco Polo Cycling Team0:560:56
48 Pollock RhysMarco Polo Cycling Team 24Marco Polo Cycling Team1:021:02
49 Mattan NicoDavitamon - Lotto 33Davitamon - Lotto,,1:02
50 Kern ChristopheBouygues Telecom 24Bouygues Telecom,,1:02
51 Rapinski ViktorPhonak Hearing Systems 23Phonak Hearing Systems,,1:02
52 Hervé CédricCrédit Agricole 25Crédit Agricole,,1:02
53 Visconti GiovanniDomina Vacanze 22Domina Vacanze,,1:02
54 Giling BasT-Mobile Team 22T-Mobile Team,,1:02
55 Knees ChristianTeam Wiesenhof 23Team Wiesenhof,,1:02
56 Mori ManueleSaunier Duval - Prodir 24Saunier Duval - Prodir,,1:02
57 Rast GrégoryPhonak Hearing Systems 25Phonak Hearing Systems,,1:02
58 Bertogliati RubensSaunier Duval - Prodir 25Saunier Duval - Prodir,,1:02
59 Breschel MattiCSC ProTeam 20CSC ProTeam1:091:09
60 van der Wal EelkeShimano - Memory Corp 24Shimano - Memory Corp,,1:09
61 Roberts LukeCSC ProTeam 28CSC ProTeam,,1:09
62 Furlan AngeloDomina Vacanze 27Domina Vacanze,,1:09
63 Gène YohannBouygues Telecom 23Bouygues Telecom,,1:09
64 Andriotto DarioLiquigas 32Liquigas,,1:09
65 Zanotti MarcoLiquigas 31Liquigas,,1:09
66 Portal SébastienCrédit Agricole 22Crédit Agricole,,1:09
67 Musiol DanielTeam Wiesenhof 21Team Wiesenhof,,1:09
68 Knaven ServaisQuickstep - Innergetic 33Quickstep - Innergetic,,1:09
69 Kaggestad MadsCrédit Agricole 27Crédit Agricole,,1:09
70 Quinziato ManuelSaunier Duval - Prodir 25Saunier Duval - Prodir,,1:09
71 Tafi AndreaSaunier Duval - Prodir 38Saunier Duval - Prodir,,1:09
72 Hulsmans KevinQuickstep - Innergetic 26Quickstep - Innergetic,,1:09
73 Bos MarcoShimano - Memory Corp 25Shimano - Memory Corp,,1:09
74 van Heeswijk MaxDiscovery Channel  31Discovery Channel ,,1:09
75 Joachim BenoîtDiscovery Channel  29Discovery Channel ,,1:09
76 Schumacher StefanShimano - Memory Corp 23Shimano - Memory Corp,,1:09
77 Nazon DamienCrédit Agricole 30Crédit Agricole,,1:09
78 Li FuyuMarco Polo Cycling Team 26Marco Polo Cycling Team,,1:09
79 Mikhaylov GennadyDiscovery Channel  30Discovery Channel ,,1:09
80 Botcharov AlexandreCrédit Agricole 29Crédit Agricole,,1:09
81 Merckx AxelDavitamon - Lotto 32Davitamon - Lotto,,1:09
82 De Vocht WimDavitamon - Lotto 22Davitamon - Lotto,,1:09
83 Ivanov SergueiT-Mobile Team 29T-Mobile Team,,1:09
84 Kashechkin AndreyCrédit Agricole 24Crédit Agricole,,1:09
85 Nardello DanieleT-Mobile Team 32T-Mobile Team,,1:09
86 Martias RonyBouygues Telecom 24Bouygues Telecom1:241:24
87 Zampieri StevePhonak Hearing Systems 27Phonak Hearing Systems,,1:24
88 Ravard AnthonyBouygues Telecom 21Bouygues Telecom,,1:24
89 Patour KilianCrédit Agricole 22Crédit Agricole,,1:24
90 Stubbe TomChocolade Jacques - T Interim 23Chocolade Jacques - T Interim,,1:24
91 Riblon ChristopheAG2R Prévoyance 24AG2R Prévoyance,,1:24
92 Sironi GianlucaLiquigas 30Liquigas,,1:24
93 Schmitz BramT-Mobile Team 27T-Mobile Team1:281:28
94 Muravyev DmitriyCrédit Agricole 25Crédit Agricole,,1:28
95 Bramati DavideQuickstep - Innergetic 36Quickstep - Innergetic,,1:28
96 Obst RenéTeam Wiesenhof 27Team Wiesenhof,,1:28
97 Schröder BjörnTeam Wiesenhof 24Team Wiesenhof,,1:28
98 Pinotti MarcoSaunier Duval - Prodir 28Saunier Duval - Prodir1:461:46
99 Mainguenaud FrédéricBouygues Telecom 30Bouygues Telecom1:501:50
100 Murn UrošPhonak Hearing Systems 29Phonak Hearing Systems,,1:50
101 McCartney JasonDiscovery Channel  31Discovery Channel 1:531:53
102 Grivko AndreyDomina Vacanze 21Domina Vacanze,,1:53
103 Urweider SaschaPhonak Hearing Systems 24Phonak Hearing Systems2:052:05
104 Milesi MarcoLiquigas 34Liquigas2:152:15
105 Ljungqvist MarcusLiquigas 30Liquigas,,2:15
106 Kohl BernhardT-Mobile Team 23T-Mobile Team,,2:15
107 Nuyens NickQuickstep - Innergetic 24Quickstep - Innergetic2:182:18
108 ten Dam LaurensShimano - Memory Corp 24Shimano - Memory Corp3:263:26
109 Ludewig JörgDomina Vacanze 29Domina Vacanze,,3:26
OTL Rhaili MouhcineAljazeera Sport Channel 23Aljazeera Sport Channel--
OTL Abduljaleel AhmedAljazeera Sport Channel 25Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
OTL Ferked Gussem MohamedAljazeera Sport Channel 25Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
DNF Hollands EdmundMarco Polo Cycling Team 33Marco Polo Cycling Team,,-
DNF Nuritdinov RafaelDomina Vacanze 27Domina Vacanze,,-
DNF Abduljanan KhalilAljazeera Sport Channel 21Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
DNF Carter MichaelMarco Polo Cycling Team 41Marco Polo Cycling Team,,-
DNF Gobbi MicheleDomina Vacanze 27Domina Vacanze,,-
DNF Van Oord ReneMarco Polo Cycling Team 22Marco Polo Cycling Team,,-
DNF Kano TomoyaShimano - Memory Corp 31Shimano - Memory Corp,,-
DNF Cobo Juan JoséSaunier Duval - Prodir 23Saunier Duval - Prodir,,-
DNF Ulzii-Orshikh JamsranMarco Polo Cycling Team 37Marco Polo Cycling Team,,-
DNF Ghyllebert PieterChocolade Jacques - T Interim 22Chocolade Jacques - T Interim,,-
DNF Esmaeili TareqAljazeera Sport Channel 27Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
DNF Leung Chi YinMarco Polo Cycling Team 23Marco Polo Cycling Team,,-
DNF Jalabert NicolasPhonak Hearing Systems 31Phonak Hearing Systems,,-
DNF Al Moraqab RadhwanAljazeera Sport Channel 28Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
DNS Reinerink RikShimano - Memory Corp 31Shimano - Memory Corp,,-
DNS Hovelijnck KurtChocolade Jacques - T Interim 23Chocolade Jacques - T Interim,,-
DNS Reauf MihsienAljazeera Sport Channel 23Aljazeera Sport Channel,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 29th January 2005
Avg. speed winner: 42.41 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1
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