2015»14th Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria (1.2)

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1 Johansson EmmaOrica - AIS 31Orica - AIS403:00:183:00:18
2 Niewiadoma KatarzynaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 20Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team30,,0:00
3 Cecchini ElenaLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies160:040:04
4 Stevens EvelynBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 32Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team12,,0:04
5 Garfoot KatrinOrica - AIS 33Orica - AIS100:390:39
6 Daams JessieLotto Soudal Ladies 25Lotto Soudal Ladies80:400:40
7 van der Breggen AnnaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 25Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team6,,0:40
8 van Dijk EllenBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 28Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team3,,0:40
9 Pierobon ChiaraTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 22Top Girls Fassa Bortolo,,0:40
10 Riabchenko TetyanaTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 25Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi0:490:49
11 Guarnier MeganBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 30Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team1:081:08
12 Williams LizzieOrica - AIS 31Orica - AIS,,1:08
13 Marche SharaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 27Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team,,1:08
14 Rivat-Mas AmeliePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 25Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.861:121:12
15 Spratt AmandaOrica - AIS 27Orica - AIS,,1:12
16 Brand LucindaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 25Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team1:241:24
17 Ratto RossellaTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 21Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi1:251:25
18 Vieceli LaraS.C. Michela Fanini Rox 21S.C. Michela Fanini Rox1:261:26
19 Scandolara ValentinaOrica - AIS 25Orica - AIS,,1:26
20 Zorzi SusannaLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies,,1:26
21 Blaak ChantalBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 25Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team2:222:22
22 Taylor CarleeLotto Soudal Ladies 26Lotto Soudal Ladies3:553:55
23 de Jong DemiBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 20Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team4:134:13
24 Ragazinskiene DaivaTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 28Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi,,4:13
25 Eraud SéverinePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 20Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.864:154:15
26 Lozano Laura CamilaS.C. Michela Fanini Rox 28S.C. Michela Fanini Rox,,4:15
27 Merino EiderLointek  20Lointek ,,4:15
28 Bitto IreneTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 21Top Girls Fassa Bortolo,,4:15
29 Garcia MaviBizkaia-Durango 31Bizkaia-Durango,,4:15
30 Arzuffi Alice MariaTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 20Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi,,4:15
31 Neylan RachelOrica - AIS 33Orica - AIS,,4:15
32 Ramírez AnnaBizkaia-Durango 34Bizkaia-Durango,,4:15
33 Zavershinskaya AnnaBizkaia-Durango 21Bizkaia-Durango,,4:15
34 Bravard CharlottePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 23Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86,,4:15
35 Paladin AsjaTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 20Top Girls Fassa Bortolo,,4:15
36 Lekuona LierniBizkaia-Durango 20Bizkaia-Durango7:107:10
37 Korevaar JeanneRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 18Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team,,7:10
38 Utrobina ElenaBizkaia-Durango 30Bizkaia-Durango,,7:10
39 Elbusto Ainara 22,,7:10
40 Bonnin Maria Del MarBZK Pro Basic 25BZK Pro Basic,,7:10
41 Nuño AidaLointek  31Lointek ,,7:10
42 González AliciaLointek  20Lointek ,,7:10
43 Llamas Lorena 27,,7:10
44 González LucíaLointek  24Lointek ,,7:10
45 Vekemans AnishaLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies,,7:10
46 Eskamendi Gil DorletaBizkaia-Durango 23Bizkaia-Durango,,7:10
47 Intino AzzurraS.C. Michela Fanini Rox 23S.C. Michela Fanini Rox,,7:10
48 Santesteban AneTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 24Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi,,7:10
49 Gutiérrez SheylaLointek  21Lointek 7:167:16
50 López BelénLointek  31Lointek ,,7:16
51 Paladin SorayaTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 22Top Girls Fassa Bortolo7:177:17
52 Gomez Beatriu 289:579:57
53 Santanyes Murillo Sandra ,,9:57
54 Sheppard SamaraBizkaia-Durango 24Bizkaia-Durango10:4410:44
55 Meyvisch MollyLotto Soudal Ladies 19Lotto Soudal Ladies,,10:44
56 Rist LiisiTeam Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi 23Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi,,10:44
57 Kelil EyerusalemS.C. Michela Fanini Rox 23S.C. Michela Fanini Rox,,10:44
58 Gulino NinaS.C. Michela Fanini Rox 27S.C. Michela Fanini Rox,,10:44
59 Isasi ZiortzaBZK Pro Basic 19BZK Pro Basic11:2111:21
60 Rodríguez GloriaBZK Pro Basic 23BZK Pro Basic,,11:21
61 Solera Maria ,,11:21
62 Leonardi ElenaTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 19Top Girls Fassa Bortolo,,11:21
63 Jeuland-Tranchant PascalePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 28Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86,,11:21
64 Espuna Anna 12:2712:27
65 Navarro Cristina 13:1513:15
66 Casanova María 14:0314:03
67 Grifi SaraTop Girls Fassa Bortolo 26Top Girls Fassa Bortolo,,14:03
68 Sanz AinaraBizkaia-Durango 20Bizkaia-Durango,,14:03
69 MartÍn Lorena 14:2214:22
70 Candil Ainhoa ,,14:22
DNF DomÍnguez NahiaBZK Pro Basic 18BZK Pro Basic,,-
DNF Aurel Victoria ,,-
DNF Amesti AialaBZK Pro Basic 20BZK Pro Basic,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 9th June 2015
Avg. speed winner: 36.61 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Durango › Durango
Parcours type: 100*
PCS point scale: F-1.2Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria logo

Race profile

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