2013»96th Giro dell'Emilia (1.HC)

2013  One day race  »  Modena  ›  San Luca   (200k)

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127 Ulissi DiegoLampre - Merida 24Lampre - Merida1001255:00:535:00:53
22 Sørensen Chris AnkerTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 29Team Saxo - Tinkoff70850:010:01
312 Villella DavideCannondale Pro Cycling Team 22Cannondale Pro Cycling Team40600:000:00
461 Pellizotti FrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 35Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela30500:040:04
572 Bongiorno Francesco ManuelBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  23Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox 25450:060:06
677 Zardini EdoardoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  23Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox 20400:080:08
783 Finetto MauroVini Fantini 28Vini Fantini15350:140:14
826 Scarponi MicheleLampre - Merida 34Lampre - Merida10300:270:27
948 Pozzovivo DomenicoAG2R La Mondiale 30AG2R La Mondiale9260:290:29
1062 Sella EmanueleAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 32Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela8220:400:40
1167 Zilioli GianfrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 23Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela7200:460:46
1251 Rebellin DavideCCC Polsat Polkowice 42CCC Polsat Polkowice6180:490:49
1341 Latour PierreAG2R La Mondiale 20AG2R La Mondiale5161:261:26
1463 Chiarini RiccardoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 29Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela4141:371:37
1564 Rosa DiegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 24Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela312,,1:37
1623 Đurasek KristijanLampre - Merida 26Lampre - Merida101:431:43
1785 Proni AlessandroVini Fantini 30Vini Fantini91:531:53
1821 Cunego DamianoLampre - Merida 32Lampre - Merida81:551:55
194 Zaugg OliverTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 32Team Saxo - Tinkoff72:192:19
2091 Atapuma DarwinTeam Colombia 25Team Colombia62:212:21
2168 Rubiano Miguel AngelAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 29Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela53:153:15
2276 De Ieso DonatoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox 43:213:21
2316 Salerno CristianoCannondale Pro Cycling Team 28Cannondale Pro Cycling Team33:413:41
24107 Firsanov SergeyRusVelo 31RusVelo2,,3:41
25135 Santoro AntonioCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 24Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest14:024:02
2646 Dupont HubertAG2R La Mondiale 32AG2R La Mondiale4:104:10
2744 Cherel MickaëlAG2R La Mondiale 27AG2R La Mondiale4:224:22
28115 Pardilla SergioMTN - Qhubeka 29MTN - Qhubeka4:234:23
2984 Mazzanti LucaVini Fantini 39Vini Fantini4:254:25
30 Mori Manuele 33,,4:25
3181 Rabottini MatteoVini Fantini 26Vini Fantini4:394:39
32106 Pomoshnikov SergeyRusVelo 23RusVelo4:494:49
3365 Parrinello AntoninoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 25Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela5:165:16
34132 Mucelli DavideCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 26Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest,,5:16
3545 Domont AxelAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale6:086:08
3653 Taciak MateuszCCC Polsat Polkowice 29CCC Polsat Polkowice7:307:30
37137 Gabburo DavideCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 20Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest7:547:54
3835 Vanotti AlessandroAstana Pro Team 33Astana Pro Team8:548:54
3966 Facchini PatrickAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 25Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela9:219:21
DNF24 Favilli EliaLampre - Merida 24Lampre - Merida--
DNF101 Zakarin IlnurRusVelo 24RusVelo,,-
DNF123 Van Goolen – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF42 Belletti ManuelAG2R La Mondiale 27AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF133 Baggio FilippoCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 25Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest,,-
DNF74 di Corrado AndreaBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  25Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF17 Sarmiento Cayetano JoséCannondale Pro Cycling Team 26Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF94 Chalapud RobinsonTeam Colombia 29Team Colombia,,-
DNF71 Pirazzi StefanoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  26Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF1 Sørensen NickiTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 38Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF127 Cappelle – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF55 Matysiak BartłomiejCCC Polsat Polkowice 29CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF5 Paulinho Sérgio MiguelTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 33Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF87 Failli FrancescoVini Fantini 29Vini Fantini,,-
DNF11 Marangoni AlanCannondale Pro Cycling Team 29Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF98 Ospina DalivierTeam Colombia 28Team Colombia,,-
DNF122 Degand – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF47 Montaguti MatteoAG2R La Mondiale 29AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF134 Dal Santo NicolaCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 24Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest,,-
DNF75 Pagani AngeloBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  25Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF18 Paterski MaciejCannondale Pro Cycling Team 27Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF93 Marentes Wilson AlexanderTeam Colombia 28Team Colombia,,-
DNF73 Locatelli StefanoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF105 Rybakov AlexanderRusVelo 25RusVelo,,-
DNF126 Caethoven – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF56 Stępniak GrzegorzCCC Polsat Polkowice 24CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF3 Pires BrunoTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 32Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF88 Monguzzi CristianoVini Fantini 28Vini Fantini,,-
DNF13 Longo Borghini PaoloCannondale Pro Cycling Team 32Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF97 Quintero DúberTeam Colombia 23Team Colombia,,-
DNF121 Vogondy – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF31 Aru FabioAstana Pro Team 23Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF136 Balloni AlfredoCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 24Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest,,-
DNF78 Barbin EnricoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  23Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF8 Tosatto MatteoTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 39Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF92 Duarte FabioTeam Colombia 27Team Colombia,,-
DNF22 Anacona WinnerLampre - Merida 25Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF102 Kochetkov PavelRusVelo 27RusVelo,,-
DNF125 Gilbert Jérô – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF57 Owsian ŁukaszCCC Polsat Polkowice 23CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF28 Malori AdrianoLampre - Merida 25Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF118 Grmay TsgabuMTN - Qhubeka 22MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF14 Martinello NicoloCannondale Pro Cycling Team 23Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF96 Valencia Juan PabloTeam Colombia 25Team Colombia,,-
DNF112 Janse van Rensburg JacquesMTN - Qhubeka 26MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF33 Guardini AndreaAstana Pro Team 24Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF138 Forconi GiacomoCeramica Flaminia - Fondriest 20Ceramica Flaminia - Fondriest,,-
DNF52 Honkisz AdrianCCC Polsat Polkowice 25CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF7 Poljański PawełTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 23Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF82 Taborre FabioVini Fantini 28Vini Fantini,,-
DNF25 Pietropolli DanieleLampre - Merida 33Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF103 Mironov AlexanderRusVelo 29RusVelo,,-
DNF124 Routley – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF58 Mihaylov NikolayCCC Polsat Polkowice 25CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF34 Kessiakoff FredrikAstana Pro Team 33Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF117 Jim SongezoMTN - Qhubeka 23MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF15 Masuda NariyukiCannondale Pro Cycling Team 29Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF95 Pantano JarlinsonTeam Colombia 24Team Colombia,,-
DNF111 Meintjes LouisMTN - Qhubeka 21MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF32 Fuglsang JakobAstana Pro Team 28Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF128 Scheirlinckx – Wanty – Wanty,,-
DNF54 Rutkiewicz MarekCCC Polsat Polkowice 32CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF6 Hansen JesperTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 22Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF86 Miletta LuigiVini Fantini 25Vini Fantini,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 12th October 2013
Avg. speed winner: 39.882 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Modena › San Luca
Parcours type: 125*
PCS point scale: 1.HC

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