2014»97th Giro dell'Emilia (1.HC)

2014  One day race  »  Bologna  ›  San Luca   (200k)

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171 Rebellin DavideCCC Polsat Polkowice 43CCC Polsat Polkowice1001254:56:564:56:56
287 Madrazo ÁngelCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 26Caja Rural - Seguros RGA70850:110:11
341 Pellizotti FrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 36Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela40600:150:15
457 Zardini EdoardoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 24Bardiani - CSF Pro Team30500:270:27
555 Bongiorno Francesco ManuelBardiani - CSF Pro Team 24Bardiani - CSF Pro Team25450:320:32
612 Formolo DavideCannondale  21Cannondale 20400:360:36
747 Zilioli GianfrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 24Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela15351:451:45
846 Rosa DiegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 25Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela1030,,1:45
985 García MarcosCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 27Caja Rural - Seguros RGA9261:471:47
10124 Kreder MichelWanty - Groupe Gobert 27Wanty - Groupe Gobert822,,1:47
11116 Meintjes LouisMTN - Qhubeka 22MTN - Qhubeka720,,1:47
1291 Rubiano Miguel AngelTeam Colombia 30Team Colombia6181:541:54
132 Đurasek KristijanLampre - Merida 27Lampre - Merida5161:551:55
143 Niemiec PrzemysławLampre - Merida 34Lampre - Merida4142:082:08
1535 Bidard FrançoisAG2R La Mondiale 22AG2R La Mondiale3122:202:20
1653 Battaglin EnricoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 24Bardiani - CSF Pro Team102:272:27
17115 Van Niekerk DennisMTN - Qhubeka 29MTN - Qhubeka92:322:32
1886 Txurruka AmetsCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 31Caja Rural - Seguros RGA82:492:49
19122 de Greef FrancisWanty - Groupe Gobert 29Wanty - Groupe Gobert74:204:20
20125 Minnaard MarcoWanty - Groupe Gobert 25Wanty - Groupe Gobert6,,4:20
2181 Arroyo DavidCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 34Caja Rural - Seguros RGA54:234:23
2232 Gastauer BenAG2R La Mondiale 26AG2R La Mondiale44:424:42
2384 Parra Heiner RodrigoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 23Caja Rural - Seguros RGA34:434:43
24133 Tedeschi MirkoTeam Idea 26Team Idea25:325:32
2562 Failli FrancescoNeri Sottoli 30Neri Sottoli15:495:49
2664 Finetto MauroNeri Sottoli 29Neri Sottoli5:505:50
27114 Janse van Rensburg JacquesMTN - Qhubeka 27MTN - Qhubeka7:107:10
2831 Dupont HubertAG2R La Mondiale 33AG2R La Mondiale8:318:31
29108 Pomoshnikov SergeyRusVelo 24RusVelo8:438:43
30107 Pozdnyakov KirillRusVelo 25RusVelo,,8:43
31171 Ciavatta PaoloArea Zero Pro Team 29Area Zero Pro Team8:478:47
3265 Monsalve YonathanNeri Sottoli 25Neri Sottoli9:069:06
33163 Di Francesco Gian Marco 259:099:09
34137 Spreafico MatteoTeam Idea 21Team Idea9:119:11
3598 Torres Rodolfo AndrésTeam Colombia 27Team Colombia9:129:12
36188 Rota LorenzoMG Kvis - Wilier 19MG Kvis - Wilier9:519:51
3752 Barbin EnricoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 24Bardiani - CSF Pro Team,,9:51
3854 Pirazzi StefanoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 27Bardiani - CSF Pro Team9:529:52
3944 Taliani AlessioAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 24Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,9:52
DNF176 Pasqualon AndreaArea Zero Pro Team 26Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF143 Dal Santo NicolaNankang - Fondriest 25Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF78 Matysiak BartłomiejCCC Polsat Polkowice 30CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF126 Seeldraeyers KevinWanty - Groupe Gobert 28Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNF94 Duarte FabioTeam Colombia 28Team Colombia,,-
DNF147 Merolese AntonioNankang - Fondriest 22Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF17 Moser MorenoCannondale  23Cannondale ,,-
DNF7 Favilli EliaLampre - Merida 25Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF104 Balykin IvanRusVelo 23RusVelo,,-
DNF93 Quintero CarlosTeam Colombia 28Team Colombia,,-
DNF187 Creel Ricardo TomasMG Kvis - Wilier 22MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF153 Cecchin AlbertoMarchiol Emisfero 25Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF172 Chinello FabioArea Zero Pro Team 25Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF135 Pettiti AlessandroTeam Idea 24Team Idea,,-
DNF73 Taciak MateuszCCC Polsat Polkowice 30CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF43 Sella EmanueleAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 33Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF164 d\' Intino Gianni Franco 21,,-
DNF113 Niyonshuti AdrienMTN - Qhubeka 27MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF11 Basso IvanCannondale  36Cannondale ,,-
DNF1 Cunego DamianoLampre - Merida 33Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF97 Valencia Juan PabloTeam Colombia 26Team Colombia,,-
DNF177 Petilli SimoneArea Zero Pro Team 21Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF144 Fiorenza AlfonsoNankang - Fondriest 23Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF82 Domagalski KarolCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 25Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,-
DNF156 Vaccher AndreaMarchiol Emisfero 25Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF95 Pantano JarlinsonTeam Colombia 25Team Colombia,,-
DNF66 Fonzi GiuseppeNeri Sottoli 23Neri Sottoli,,-
DNF18 Villella DavideCannondale  23Cannondale ,,-
DNF Paoli Loris 23,,-
DNF105 Firsanov SergeyRusVelo 32RusVelo,,-
DNF63 Fedi AndreaNeri Sottoli 23Neri Sottoli,,-
DNF152 Zanardini AndreaMarchiol Emisfero 20Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF154 Lunardon PaoloMarchiol Emisfero 22Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF173 Giorni SilvioArea Zero Pro Team 22Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF136 Gadda FabioTeam Idea 21Team Idea,,-
DNF75 Honkisz AdrianCCC Polsat Polkowice 26CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF45 Parrinello AntoninoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 26Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF166 Giampaolo Moreno 23,,-
DNF117 Grmay TsgabuMTN - Qhubeka 23MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF13 Koren KristijanCannondale  27Cannondale ,,-
DNF4 Conti ValerioLampre - Merida 21Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF101 Lagutin SergeyRusVelo 33RusVelo,,-
DNF178 Tecchio MarcoArea Zero Pro Team 20Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF182 Busato MatteoMG Kvis - Wilier 26MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF83 Piedra AntonioCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 29Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,-
DNF96 Quintero DuberTeam Colombia 24Team Colombia,,-
DNF67 Taborre FabioNeri Sottoli 29Neri Sottoli,,-
DNF33 Montaguti MatteoAG2R La Mondiale 30AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF145 Taschin LucaNankang - Fondriest 20Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF106 Kritskiy TimofeyRusVelo 27RusVelo,,-
DNF61 Conti SamueleNeri Sottoli 23Neri Sottoli,,-
DNF151 Antonini SimoneMarchiol Emisfero 23Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF155 Bonusi RaffaelloMarchiol Emisfero 22Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF174 Leonardi GianlucaArea Zero Pro Team 24Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF141 Baggio FilippoNankang - Fondriest 26Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF76 Owsian ŁukaszCCC Polsat Polkowice 24CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF121 Backaert FrederikWanty - Groupe Gobert 24Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNF48 Dall'Antonia TizianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 31Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF167 Gaffurini Nicola 24,,-
DNF14 Longo Borghini PaoloCannondale  33Cannondale ,,-
DNF5 Mori ManueleLampre - Merida 34Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF102 Klimov SergeyRusVelo 34RusVelo,,-
DNF185 Chirico LucaMG Kvis - Wilier 22MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF183 Delle Stelle ChristianMG Kvis - Wilier 25MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF88 Viganò DavideCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 30Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,-
DNF132 Pichetta RicardoTeam Idea 27Team Idea,,-
DNF68 Cecchinel GiorgioNeri Sottoli 25Neri Sottoli,,-
DNF34 Vuillermoz AlexisAG2R La Mondiale 26AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF161 Ciommi Cesare 27,,-
DNF111 Debesay FrekalsiMTN - Qhubeka 28MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF56 Pagani AngeloBardiani - CSF Pro Team 26Bardiani - CSF Pro Team,,-
DNF168 Riccardi Alessandro 22,,-
DNF128 Napolitano DaniloWanty - Groupe Gobert 33Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNF175 Mengardo GianlucaArea Zero Pro Team 23Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNF142 Balloni AlfredoNankang - Fondriest 25Nankang - Fondriest,,-
DNF77 Kurek AdrianCCC Polsat Polkowice 26CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF123 Baugnies JérômeWanty - Groupe Gobert 27Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNF51 Locatelli StefanoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 25Bardiani - CSF Pro Team,,-
DNF58 Sterbini SimoneBardiani - CSF Pro Team 20Bardiani - CSF Pro Team,,-
DNF16 Mohorič MatejCannondale  19Cannondale ,,-
DNF6 Dodi LucaLampre - Merida 27Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF103 Zakarin IlnurRusVelo 25RusVelo,,-
DNF92 Chalapud RobinsonTeam Colombia 30Team Colombia,,-
DNF186 Nechita AndreiMG Kvis - Wilier 26MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF184 Frapporti MattiaMG Kvis - Wilier 20MG Kvis - Wilier,,-
DNF157 Nibali AntonioMarchiol Emisfero 22Marchiol Emisfero,,-
DNF134 Collodel MatteoTeam Idea 26Team Idea,,-
DNF72 Mihaylov NikolayCCC Polsat Polkowice 26CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF42 Mrozek MarcinAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 24Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF162 Lanzano Alessio 18,,-
DNF112 Hník KarelMTN - Qhubeka 23MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF8 Bono MatteoLampre - Merida 30Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF165 Faieta Emiliano 21,,-
DNF127 Selvaggi MirkoWanty - Groupe Gobert 29Wanty - Groupe Gobert,,-
DNS74 Paterski MaciejCCC Polsat Polkowice 28CCC Polsat Polkowice,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 11th October 2014
Avg. speed winner: 40.413 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Bologna › San Luca
Parcours type: 125*
PCS point scale: 1.HC

Race profile

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