2018»8th Primus Classic (1.HC)

2018  One day race  »  Brakel  ›  Haacht   (193k)

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Date: 2018-09-15
Race class: 1.HC
Race category: Men Elite
UCI-Tour: Europe Tour
Startlist quality:274Position: 74View ranking


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Previous winners

2017 | TRENTIN Matteo
2016 | GAVIRIA Fernando
2015 | DE BIE Sean
2014 | VAN AVERMAET Greg
2013 | VANMARCKE Sep
2012 | GREIPEL André
2011 | CORDEEL Sander
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Top-10 previous edition

1.TRENTIN Matteo4:36:03
2.DRUCKER Jempy0:08
3.GREIPEL André0:18
4.GAVIRIA Fernando,,
5.PASQUALON Andrea,,
6.CARDIS Romain,,
8.JANSEN Amund Grøndahl,,
9.RICKAERT Jonas,,
10.GIRAUD Benjamin,,
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