2017»71st Gran Premio Città di Lugano (1.HC)

2017  One day race  »  Lugano  ›  Lugano   (185.6k)

133 Filosi IuriNippo - Vini Fantini  25Nippo - Vini Fantini 2001255:04:135:04:13
223 Frapporti MarcoAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 32Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia15085,,,,
3125 Orrico DavideSangemini - MG.Kvis  27Sangemini - MG.Kvis 125600:170:17
412 Turek DanielIsrael Cycling Academy 24Israel Cycling Academy100500:190:19
528 Vendrame AndreaAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 22Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia85451:171:17
636 Canola MarcoNippo - Vini Fantini  28Nippo - Vini Fantini 70401:221:22
7122 Bongiorno Francesco ManuelSangemini - MG.Kvis  26Sangemini - MG.Kvis 6035,,1:22
86 Laengen Vegard Stake UAE Team Emirates 28UAE Team Emirates5030,,1:22
932 Bisolti AlessandroNippo - Vini Fantini  32Nippo - Vini Fantini 4026,,1:22
1013 Díaz José ManuelIsrael Cycling Academy 22Israel Cycling Academy3522,,1:22
1134 Bagioli NicolaNippo - Vini Fantini  22Nippo - Vini Fantini 3020,,1:22
1284 Schelling PatrickTeam Vorarlberg 27Team Vorarlberg25181:251:25
1345 Nych ArtemGazprom-RusVelo 22Gazprom-RusVelo20161:491:49
143 Consonni SimoneUAE Team Emirates 22UAE Team Emirates1514,,1:49
1571 Celano DaniloAmore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST 27Amore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST1012,,1:49
1621 Taliani AlessioAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 26Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia510,,1:49
1724 Sosa Iván RamiroAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 19Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia59,,1:49
18111 Canuti Federicod'Amico - Utensilnord 31d'Amico - Utensilnord58,,1:49
1996 Cala AristóbuloBicicletas Strongman 26Bicicletas Strongman57,,1:49
2031 Cunego DamianoNippo - Vini Fantini  35Nippo - Vini Fantini 56,,1:49
21128 Totò PaoloSangemini - MG.Kvis  26Sangemini - MG.Kvis 552:072:07
22118 Tommassini Fabiod'Amico - Utensilnord 26d'Amico - Utensilnord54,,2:07
2373 Bernardinetti MarcoAmore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST 25Amore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST53,,2:07
24102 Mucelli DavideMeridiana Kamen Team 30Meridiana Kamen Team522:092:09
25101 Rabottini MatteoMeridiana Kamen Team 29Meridiana Kamen Team512:112:11
26124 Gazzara MicheleSangemini - MG.Kvis  26Sangemini - MG.Kvis 52:202:20
2793 Sastoque Pulido Didier AlexanderBicicletas Strongman 30Bicicletas Strongman5,,2:20
2883 Geismayr DanielTeam Vorarlberg 27Team Vorarlberg54:014:01
2981 Baldauf SebastianTeam Vorarlberg 28Team Vorarlberg5,,4:01
3054 Lozano DavidTeam Novo Nordisk 28Team Novo Nordisk5,,4:01
31138 Paroz JustinSwitzerland 21Switzerland34:374:37
3294 Sánchez Óscar EduardoBicicletas Strongman 31Bicicletas Strongman310:4710:47
3361 Baillifard ValentinRoth-Akros 23Roth-Akros312:5012:50
34134 Hirschi MarcSwitzerland 18Switzerland319:4719:47
35137 Badilatti MatteoSwitzerland 24Switzerland320:3220:32
3627 Spreafico MatteoAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 24Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia3,,20:32
3788 Bosch ManuelTeam Vorarlberg 28Team Vorarlberg324:2224:22
3886 Meiler LukasTeam Vorarlberg 22Team Vorarlberg3,,24:22
DNF17 Williams TylerIsrael Cycling Academy 22Israel Cycling Academy--
DNF85 Friesecke GianTeam Vorarlberg 22Team Vorarlberg,,-
DNF44 Maikin RomanGazprom-RusVelo 26Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF113 Caro Sebastiánd'Amico - Utensilnord 25d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF58 Williams ChristopherTeam Novo Nordisk 35Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF131 Müller PatrickSwitzerland 21Switzerland,,-
DNF8 Zurlo FedericoUAE Team Emirates 23UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF67 Wendelspiess DiegoRoth-Akros 21Roth-Akros,,-
DNF95 Becerra CarlosBicicletas Strongman 34Bicicletas Strongman,,-
DNF26 Masnada FaustoAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 23Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia,,-
DNF52 Peron AndreaTeam Novo Nordisk 28Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF117 Samparisi Nicolasd'Amico - Utensilnord 25d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF37 Berlato GiacomoNippo - Vini Fantini  25Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,-
DNF136 Cairoli LucaSwitzerland 21Switzerland,,-
DNF16 Schreurs HamishIsrael Cycling Academy 23Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF82 Honig ReinierTeam Vorarlberg 33Team Vorarlberg,,-
DNF104 Frankovic MateoMeridiana Kamen Team 22Meridiana Kamen Team,,-
DNF43 Ershov ArturGazprom-RusVelo 27Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF112 Carlini Ettored'Amico - Utensilnord 27d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF57 Cherhal CorentinTeam Novo Nordisk 23Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF127 Scartezzini MicheleSangemini - MG.Kvis  25Sangemini - MG.Kvis ,,-
DNF7 Troia OlivieroUAE Team Emirates 22UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF66 Reutimann MathiasRoth-Akros 22Roth-Akros,,-
DNF92 Calderón StevenBicicletas Strongman 23Bicicletas Strongman,,-
DNF25 Frapporti MattiaAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 22Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia,,-
DNF51 Calabria FabioTeam Novo Nordisk 29Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF116 Vitiello Angelod'Amico - Utensilnord 19d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF38 Koishi YumaNippo - Vini Fantini  23Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,-
DNF135 Knipp NielsSwitzerland 22Switzerland,,-
DNF15 Lemus LuisIsrael Cycling Academy 25Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF77 Martins UriAmore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST 26Amore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST,,-
DNF103 Kišerlovski EmanuelMeridiana Kamen Team 32Meridiana Kamen Team,,-
DNF42 Solomennikov AndreiGazprom-RusVelo 29Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF65 Lüscher DamianRoth-Akros 19Roth-Akros,,-
DNF56 Planet CharlesTeam Novo Nordisk 23Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF126 Salvietti NiccolòSangemini - MG.Kvis  23Sangemini - MG.Kvis ,,-
DNF5 Mirza YousifUAE Team Emirates 28UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF106 Repse UrosMeridiana Kamen Team 23Meridiana Kamen Team,,-
DNF91 González Roberto CarlosBicicletas Strongman 22Bicicletas Strongman,,-
DNF22 Bonusi RaffaelloAndroni - Sidermec - Bottecchia 25Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia,,-
DNF47 Nikolaev SergeyGazprom-RusVelo 29Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF115 Petrini Francescod'Amico - Utensilnord 19d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF63 Jaun LukasRoth-Akros 25Roth-Akros,,-
DNF133 Thièry CyrilleSwitzerland 26Switzerland,,-
DNF14 Goldstein RoyIsrael Cycling Academy 23Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF74 Ficara PierpaoloAmore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST 26Amore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST,,-
DNF98 Tamayo Juan SebastianBicicletas Strongman 28Bicicletas Strongman,,-
DNF41 Trusov NikolayGazprom-RusVelo 31Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF64 Lang PirminRoth-Akros 32Roth-Akros,,-
DNF55 Megías JavierTeam Novo Nordisk 33Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF123 Gaffurini NicolaSangemini - MG.Kvis  27Sangemini - MG.Kvis ,,-
DNF4 Ganna FilippoUAE Team Emirates 20UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF107 Visconti GianfrancoMeridiana Kamen Team 34Meridiana Kamen Team,,-
DNF87 Kucher MichaelTeam Vorarlberg 24Team Vorarlberg,,-
DNF18 Yechezkel AvivIsrael Cycling Academy 23Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF46 Vorobyev AntonGazprom-RusVelo 26Gazprom-RusVelo,,-
DNF114 Genovese Nicolad'Amico - Utensilnord 23d'Amico - Utensilnord,,-
DNF62 Fumeaux JonathanRoth-Akros 29Roth-Akros,,-
DNF132 Mäder GinoSwitzerland 20Switzerland,,-
DNF11 Craven DanIsrael Cycling Academy 34Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF72 Zamparella MarcoAmore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST 29Amore & Vita - Selle SMP presented by FONDRIEST,,-
DNF97 Rozo Velez Daniel AndresBicicletas Strongman 25Bicicletas Strongman,,-
DNF1 Aït El Abdia AnassUAE Team Emirates 24UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF35 Stacchiotti RiccardoNippo - Vini Fantini  25Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,-
DNF53 Henttala JoonasTeam Novo Nordisk 25Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF121 Bernardini SimoneSangemini - MG.Kvis  25Sangemini - MG.Kvis ,,-
DNF2 Bono MatteoUAE Team Emirates 33UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF108 Jabuka DavidMeridiana Kamen Team 20Meridiana Kamen Team,,-
DNS105 Rigo PaoloMeridiana Kamen Team 23Meridiana Kamen Team,,-

Race information

Gran Premio Città di Lugano  logoDate: 7th May 2017
Avg. speed winner: 36.61 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Lugano › Lugano
PCS point scale: 1.HC

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45 pnt
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