Gran Premio Citta di Lugano

2018»One day race»LuganoLugano(185.6k)

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The time won/lost column displays the gains in time in the GC. Click on the time of any rider to view the relative gains on this rider.
15 PERNSTEINER HermannBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team27Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team125754:53:05
252 SBARAGLI KristianIsrael Cycling Academy28Israel Cycling Academy85550:32
32 GASPAROTTO EnricoBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team36Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team70401:33
415 ULISSI DiegoUAE-Team Emirates28UAE-Team Emirates60321:40
56 VISCONTI GiovanniBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team35Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team5028,,
67 POZZOVIVO DomenicoBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team35Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team4024,,
734 CICCONE GiulioBardiani - CSF23Bardiani - CSF35201:57
83 NIBALI AntonioBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team25Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team30182:43
927 VENDRAME AndreaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec23Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec2516,,
10101 GAZZARA MicheleSangemini - MG.Kvis 27Sangemini - MG.Kvis 20143:11
1123 TORRES Rodolfo AndrésAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec31Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec15123:50
1262 CANOLA MarcoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini29Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini10104:02
13105 TOTÒ PaoloSangemini - MG.Kvis 27Sangemini - MG.Kvis 58,,
1473 KOSHEVOY IliaWilier Triestina - Selle Italia27Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia574:04
15102 GAFFURINI NicolaSangemini - MG.Kvis 28Sangemini - MG.Kvis 564:06
1645 NYCH ArtemGazprom-RusVelo23Gazprom-RusVelo354:49
1733 ORSINI UmbertoBardiani - CSF23Bardiani - CSF344:51
1857 TUREK DanielIsrael Cycling Academy25Israel Cycling Academy335:11
19103 PUCCIONI DarioSangemini - MG.Kvis 21Sangemini - MG.Kvis 3210:44
2075 VELASCO SimoneWilier Triestina - Selle Italia22Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia31,,
2192 DELCÒ LorenzoBiesse Carrera Gavardo23Biesse Carrera Gavardo3,,
2226 SPREAFICO MatteoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec25Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec3,,
23113 GAROSIO Andread'Amico - Utensilnord24d'Amico - Utensilnord3,,
24165 FRANKOVIC MateoMeridiana Kamen Team23Meridiana Kamen Team3,,
2547 VLASOV AleksandrGazprom-RusVelo22Gazprom-RusVelo3,,
2691 AMICI AlbertoBiesse Carrera Gavardo25Biesse Carrera Gavardo,,
2721 BONUSI RaffaelloAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec26Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec10:47
2813 GANNA FilippoUAE-Team Emirates21UAE-Team Emirates,,
2946 ROVNY IvanGazprom-RusVelo30Gazprom-RusVelo,,
DNF35 SAVINI DanielBardiani - CSF20Bardiani - CSF-
DNF71 SCHÖNBERGER SebastianWilier Triestina - Selle Italia24Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia-
DNF97 ZANARDINI AndreaBiesse Carrera Gavardo24Biesse Carrera Gavardo-
DNF135 MÜLLER ViktorTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY21Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF162 RUMAC JosipMeridiana Kamen Team23Meridiana Kamen Team-
DNF17 RIABUSHENKO AlexandrUAE-Team Emirates22UAE-Team Emirates-
DNF56 NIV GuyIsrael Cycling Academy24Israel Cycling Academy-
DNF87 BERNARDINETTI MarcoAmore & Vita - Prodir26Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF127 BRAUN JulianDauner D&DQ-Akkon22Dauner D&DQ-Akkon-
DNF144 GAMPER PatrickPolartec-Kometa21Polartec-Kometa-
DNF1 BOARO ManueleBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team31Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team-
DNF44 KURIANOV StepanGazprom-RusVelo21Gazprom-RusVelo-
DNF82 STÜSSI ColinAmore & Vita - Prodir24Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF117 VITIELLO Angelod'Amico - Utensilnord20d'Amico - Utensilnord-
DNF136 GIESSELMANN MichelTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY19Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF36 TONELLI AlessandroBardiani - CSF26Bardiani - CSF-
DNF72 FONZI GiuseppeWilier Triestina - Selle Italia26Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia-
DNF106 SALVIETTI NiccolòSangemini - MG.Kvis 24Sangemini - MG.Kvis -
DNF163 KIŠERLOVSKI EmanuelMeridiana Kamen Team33Meridiana Kamen Team-
DNF22 BALLERINI DavideAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec23Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec-
DNF64 PONZI SimoneNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini31Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini-
DNF93 LOGICA EnricoBiesse Carrera Gavardo22Biesse Carrera Gavardo-
DNF131 LEINAU LouisTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY23Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF145 SEVILLA Diego PabloPolartec-Kometa22Polartec-Kometa-
DNF4 NOVAK DomenBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team22Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team-
DNF51 GEBREMEDHIN AwetIsrael Cycling Academy26Israel Cycling Academy-
DNF83 FREULER Jan-AndréAmore & Vita - Prodir26Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF121 HEIDER ChristopherDauner D&DQ-Akkon21Dauner D&DQ-Akkon-
DNF137 HODAPP JohannesTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY18Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF37 CARBONI GiovanniBardiani - CSF22Bardiani - CSF-
DNF74 TURRIN AlexWilier Triestina - Selle Italia26Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia-
DNF107 COLNAGHI LucaSangemini - MG.Kvis 19Sangemini - MG.Kvis -
DNF164 SOTOLA IvanMeridiana Kamen Team19Meridiana Kamen Team-
DNF24 GAVAZZI FrancescoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec33Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec-
DNF65 SANTAROMITA IvanNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini34Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini-
DNF94 PEDRETTI GiovanniBiesse Carrera Gavardo22Biesse Carrera Gavardo-
DNF132 LEINAU JoannTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY23Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF146 PEÑA Wilson EstibenPolartec-Kometa20Polartec-Kometa-
DNF11 AÏT EL ABDIA AnassUAE-Team Emirates25UAE-Team Emirates-
DNF53 EARLE NathanIsrael Cycling Academy29Israel Cycling Academy-
DNF84 GABBURO DavideAmore & Vita - Prodir25Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF123 BAUER DominikDauner D&DQ-Akkon20Dauner D&DQ-Akkon-
DNF141 GAZZOLI MichelePolartec-Kometa19Polartec-Kometa-
DNF41 CHERKASOV NikolayGazprom-RusVelo21Gazprom-RusVelo-
DNF76 RAGGIO LucaWilier Triestina - Selle Italia23Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia-
DNF111 DI GIOVANNI Emanueled'Amico - Utensilnord20d'Amico - Utensilnord-
DNF166 JABUKA DavidMeridiana Kamen Team21Meridiana Kamen Team-
DNF31 ALBANESE VincenzoBardiani - CSF21Bardiani - CSF-
DNF66 HATSUYAMA ShoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini29Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini-
DNF95 RAVANELLI SimoneBiesse Carrera Gavardo22Biesse Carrera Gavardo-
DNF133 INTRA FelixTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY23Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF147 RIES MichelPolartec-Kometa20Polartec-Kometa-
DNF12 CONSONNI SimoneUAE-Team Emirates23UAE-Team Emirates-
DNF54 GOLDSTEIN OmerIsrael Cycling Academy21Israel Cycling Academy-
DNF85 TROSINO MirkoAmore & Vita - Prodir25Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF124 DOMBROWSKI FrederikDauner D&DQ-Akkon26Dauner D&DQ-Akkon-
DNF142 MOSCHETTI MatteoPolartec-Kometa21Polartec-Kometa-
DNF42 FOLIFOROV AlexanderGazprom-RusVelo26Gazprom-RusVelo-
DNF77 ZHUPA EugertWilier Triestina - Selle Italia28Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia-
DNF114 OROCITO Francod'Amico - Utensilnord19d'Amico - Utensilnord-
DNF32 BARBIN EnricoBardiani - CSF28Bardiani - CSF-
DNF67 ITO MasakazuNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini29Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini-
DNF96 SALVADOR EnricoBiesse Carrera Gavardo23Biesse Carrera Gavardo-
DNF134 HÁRTIG JonasTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY20Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY-
DNF161 RABOTTINI MatteoMeridiana Kamen Team30Meridiana Kamen Team-
DNF14 SWIFT BenUAE-Team Emirates30UAE-Team Emirates-
DNF55 LEMUS LuisIsrael Cycling Academy26Israel Cycling Academy-
DNF86 LUKŠEVICS ViestursAmore & Vita - Prodir31Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF125 CLAUSS MarcDauner D&DQ-Akkon19Dauner D&DQ-Akkon-
DNF143 CAMACHO JuanPolartec-Kometa22Polartec-Kometa-
DNF43 LAGUTIN SergeyGazprom-RusVelo37Gazprom-RusVelo-
DNF81 FICARA PierpaoloAmore & Vita - Prodir27Amore & Vita - Prodir-
DNF116 SAMPARISI Nicolasd'Amico - Utensilnord26d'Amico - Utensilnord-
DNS152 CASTIBLANCO Jorge CamiloTeam Illuminate30Team Illuminate-
DNS153 BROWN ConnorTeam Illuminate21Team Illuminate-
DNS154 LAAS MartinTeam Illuminate24Team Illuminate-
DNS155 PELLAUD SimonTeam Illuminate25Team Illuminate-
DNS151 BARÓN Félix AlejandroTeam Illuminate26Team Illuminate-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

  • Date:
    03 June 2018
  • Avg. speed winner:
    38 km/h
  • Race category:
    ME - Men Elite
  • Parcours type:
  • ProfileScore:
  • Departure:
  • Arrival:
  • Distance:
    185.6 km
  • Race ranking:

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