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116 Samoilau BranislauMinsk Cycling Club 34Minsk Cycling Club40152:43:392:43:39
242 Budyak AnatoliyUkraine 24Ukraine30100:030:03
3101 Balkan OnurSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 23Salcano Sakarya Continental Team2570:510:51
414 Strokau VasiliMinsk Cycling Club 24Minsk Cycling Club204,,0:51
51 Şamlı FeritSpor Toto Cycling Team 26Spor Toto Cycling Team1520:550:55
643 Buts VitaliyUkraine 33Ukraine1011:021:02
762 Luchshenko SergeyKazakhstan 25Kazakhstan5,,1:02
8105 Yavuz EmreSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 24Salcano Sakarya Continental Team3,,1:02
982 Vassilenkov RomanKazakhstan Track 23Kazakhstan Track3,,1:02
1012 Karaliok YauheniMinsk Cycling Club 23Minsk Cycling Club3,,1:02
114 Tiryaki OguzhanSpor Toto Cycling Team 21Spor Toto Cycling Team,,1:02
12103 Doğan Halil İbrahimSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 19Salcano Sakarya Continental Team,,1:02
1317 Sobal YauhenMinsk Cycling Club 38Minsk Cycling Club,,1:02
1474 Grigoryan StepanRussia 25Russia,,1:02
1547 Polivoda OleksandrUkraine 32Ukraine,,1:02
1651 Danilović MarkoSerbia 26Serbia,,1:02
1772 Manakov VictorRussia 27Russia,,1:02
185 Yilmaz Yunus EmreSpor Toto Cycling Team 23Spor Toto Cycling Team,,1:02
1913 Bialiauski VasiliMinsk Cycling Club 24Minsk Cycling Club1:071:07
2035 Mazur DzianisBelarus 19Belarus3:183:18
2152 Stefanović StefanSerbia 25Serbia3:403:40
22104 Turgut OnurSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 21Salcano Sakarya Continental Team3:453:45
2311 Papok SiarheiMinsk Cycling Club 32Minsk Cycling Club4:114:11
243 Seker CebrailSpor Toto Cycling Team 25Spor Toto Cycling Team,,4:11
25156 Malnev SergeyAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 21Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,4:11
2664 Bekenov AlexandrKazakhstan 18Kazakhstan,,4:11
2763 Dinmukhametov RamisKazakhstan 19Kazakhstan,,4:11
2861 Gridchin MaximKazakhstan 19Kazakhstan,,4:11
29112 Piskunov MaximMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 22Marathon-Tula Cycling Team,,4:11
30134 Kocan EminAntalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü 28Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü,,4:11
3141 Bilyi MaksimUkraine 19Ukraine,,4:11
32113 Komin AleksandrMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 24Marathon-Tula Cycling Team,,4:11
3392 Jolidon CédricMontenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team 21Montenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team,,4:11
3483 Turar AssylkhanKazakhstan Track 22Kazakhstan Track,,4:11
35143 Durgun EyupTrek Trakya Cycling Team 26Trek Trakya Cycling Team,,4:11
36165 Tsarenko KyryloISD Cycling Team 19ISD Cycling Team,,4:11
37125 Arikan DogukanISS Bisiklet Takımı 18ISS Bisiklet Takımı,,4:11
38114 Gerasimov IvanMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 20Marathon-Tula Cycling Team,,4:11
397 Örencik AhmetSpor Toto Cycling Team 20Spor Toto Cycling Team4:174:17
40154 Shchypak OleksandrAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 19Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,4:17
41164 Dzhus VolodymyrISD Cycling Team 26ISD Cycling Team,,4:17
4281 Yussifov IgorKazakhstan Track 19Kazakhstan Track,,4:17
43102 Sayar MustafaSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 30Salcano Sakarya Continental Team4:194:19
44124 Kelleci AbdulkadirISS Bisiklet Takımı 33ISS Bisiklet Takımı,,4:19
45106 Kaygisiz ZekiSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 21Salcano Sakarya Continental Team4:204:20
4644 Smetaniuk OleksanderUkraine 18Ukraine8:218:21
476 Yigit TahirSpor Toto Cycling Team 18Spor Toto Cycling Team,,8:21
4831 Androsau MikhailBelarus Belarus,,8:21
49153 Musiienko BohdanAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 22Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü8:238:23
50166 Vasylyuk AndriyISD Cycling Team 32ISD Cycling Team,,8:23
5145 Hnidashev Dymtro Ukraine Ukraine,,8:23
5255 Veselinović DušanSerbia 20Serbia,,8:23
5336 Bialiauski KanstantsinBelarus 22Belarus,,8:23
5456 Đurić ĐorđeSerbia 19Serbia,,8:23
5584 Azen GabidenKazakhstan Track 20Kazakhstan Track,,8:23
5646 Kononenko MykhayloUkraine 32Ukraine,,8:23
5723 Dzolba MaximApple Team 32Apple Team,,8:23
58111 Sazanov AndreyMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 26Marathon-Tula Cycling Team8:268:26
5966 Zaitsev IvanKazakhstan 20Kazakhstan,,8:26
60161 Gryniv VitaliyISD Cycling Team 24ISD Cycling Team8:288:28
6115 Ramanau RamanMinsk Cycling Club 25Minsk Cycling Club10:5010:50
62146 Kanat Mehmet Trek Trakya Cycling Team Trek Trakya Cycling Team11:0111:01
63107 Balkan SerkanSalcano Sakarya Continental Team 25Salcano Sakarya Continental Team,,11:01
6434 Kiryevich ArturBelarus 19Belarus11:3311:33
652 Özgür BatuhanSpor Toto Cycling Team 22Spor Toto Cycling Team11:3811:38
6667 Zinkovskiy YaroslavKazakhstan Kazakhstan,,11:38
67157 Golovash OleksandrAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 28Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,11:38
68152 Dakhnovskyi KonstiantynAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 20Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,11:38
6973 Stash MamyrRussia 26Russia,,11:38
7071 Evtushenko AlexanderRussia 26Russia,,11:38
71162 Gladysh RomanISD Cycling Team 24ISD Cycling Team11:4211:42
7224 Azen MadiApple Team 25Apple Team,,11:42
7393 Jolidon NicolaMontenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team 19Montenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team,,11:42
7432 Shauchenka SiarheiBelarus 21Belarus,,11:42
75115 Shakotko AleksandrMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 20Marathon-Tula Cycling Team,,11:42
76163 Vasilyev MaksymISD Cycling Team 29ISD Cycling Team,,11:42
7785 Potapenko DmitriyKazakhstan Track 18Kazakhstan Track,,11:42
7853 Galović AndrejSerbia 22Serbia,,11:42
79135 Urcu SuleymanAntalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü 19Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü11:4611:46
8025 Silchenko ArtyomApple Team 19Apple Team13:1113:11
8121 Turebekov HurgaliApple Team 23Apple Team14:0014:00
82133 Kartal SinanAntalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü 28Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü,,14:00
83122 Koroglu AlperISS Bisiklet Takımı 20ISS Bisiklet Takımı16:3716:37
84145 Yildirim MuhammedTrek Trakya Cycling Team 20Trek Trakya Cycling Team18:2718:27
8554 Ilić OgnjenSerbia 21Serbia18:3018:30
8691 Hasler PavelMontenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team 21Montenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team,,18:30
87126 Ercevik MutluISS Bisiklet Takımı ISS Bisiklet Takımı18:3118:31
88123 Ozlem OzanISS Bisiklet Takımı ISS Bisiklet Takımı,,18:31
89121 Demir IsmailISS Bisiklet Takımı 23ISS Bisiklet Takımı,,18:31
9094 Mohd Zaini Muhammad Akmal ZaidiMontenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team 19Montenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team20:0720:07
DNF141 Nizam TimurTrek Trakya Cycling Team 42Trek Trakya Cycling Team--
DNF95 Ngai Chun WengMontenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team Montenegro - ProApparel - NiCe Cycling Team,,-
DNF155 Nuha BlertonAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 19Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,-
DNF33 Bazhkou StanislauBelarus 28Belarus,,-
DNF136 Kurcak OmerAntalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü,,-
DNF86 Gaineyev RobertKazakhstan Track 25Kazakhstan Track,,-
DNF147 Yıldız MustafaTrek Trakya Cycling Team Trek Trakya Cycling Team,,-
DNF22 Miraliyev SultanmuratApple Team 29Apple Team,,-
DNF132 Bagci SabihAntalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü,,-
DNF75 Ilchenko VladimirRussia 23Russia,,-
DNF144 Taskan OguzhanTrek Trakya Cycling Team 23Trek Trakya Cycling Team,,-
DNF131 Yildiz Muhammed Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü Antalya Gençlik Merkezleri Spor Kulübü,,-
DNF65 Slamzhanov OrkenKazakhstan Kazakhstan,,-
DNF142 Aslan Ahmet CanTrek Trakya Cycling Team Trek Trakya Cycling Team,,-
DNF116 Rostovtsev SergeyMarathon-Tula Cycling Team 22Marathon-Tula Cycling Team,,-
DNF57 Kolašinac AdmirSerbia 18Serbia,,-
DNS151 Kulyk AndriyAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü 30Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 9th February 2020
Avg. speed winner: 40.44 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Manavgat › Manavgat
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.2

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16 pnt
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