2019»10th Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal (1.UWT)

2019  One day race  »  Montréal  ›  Montréal   (219.6k)

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131 Van Avermaet GregCCC Team 34CCC Team5002256:09:386:09:38
271 Ulissi DiegoUAE-Team Emirates 30UAE-Team Emirates400150,,0:00
356 García Cortina IvánBahrain Merida 23Bahrain Merida325110,,0:00
491 Wellens TimLotto Soudal 28Lotto Soudal27590,,0:00
5173 Valgren MichaelTeam Dimension Data 27Team Dimension Data22580,,0:00
6187 Sbaragli KristianIsrael Cycling Academy 29Israel Cycling Academy17570,,0:00
773 Costa RuiUAE-Team Emirates 32UAE-Team Emirates15060,,0:00
8111 Woods MichaelEF Education First 32EF Education First12550,,0:00
947 Peters NansAG2R La Mondiale 25AG2R La Mondiale10046,,0:00
10135 Mollema BaukeTrek - Segafredo 32Trek - Segafredo8542,,0:00
11153 Haig JackMitchelton-Scott 26Mitchelton-Scott7038,,0:00
1244 Frank MathiasAG2R La Mondiale 32AG2R La Mondiale6034,,0:00
1311 Alaphilippe JulianDeceuninck - Quick Step 27Deceuninck - Quick Step5030,,0:00
14151 Yates AdamMitchelton-Scott 27Mitchelton-Scott4026,,0:00
15141 Betancur CarlosMovistar Team 29Movistar Team35220:050:05
1616 Mas EnricDeceuninck - Quick Step 24Deceuninck - Quick Step3020,,0:05
1742 Cosnefroy BenoîtAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale30180:120:12
1821 Sagan PeterBORA - hansgrohe 29BORA - hansgrohe3017,,0:12
191 Matthews MichaelTeam Sunweb 28Team Sunweb30160:500:50
2012 Asgreen KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step 24Deceuninck - Quick Step3015,,0:50
21126 Roosen TimoTeam Jumbo-Visma 26Team Jumbo-Visma2014,,0:50
22161 Haas NathanTeam Katusha Alpecin 30Team Katusha Alpecin2013,,0:50
23136 Skujiņš TomsTrek - Segafredo 28Trek - Segafredo2012,,0:50
24105 Molard RudyGroupama - FDJ 29Groupama - FDJ2011,,0:50
25115 Howes AlexEF Education First 31EF Education First2010,,0:50
2657 Mohorič MatejBahrain Merida 24Bahrain Merida209,,0:50
27174 Janse van Rensburg ReinardtTeam Dimension Data 30Team Dimension Data208,,0:50
2881 Houle HugoAstana Pro Team 28Astana Pro Team207,,0:50
29137 Stuyven JasperTrek - Segafredo 27Trek - Segafredo206,,0:50
30102 Geniets KevinGroupama - FDJ 22Groupama - FDJ205,,0:50
31107 Roux AnthonyGroupama - FDJ 32Groupama - FDJ105,,0:50
3286 Villella DavideAstana Pro Team 28Astana Pro Team105,,0:50
33145 Prades EduardMovistar Team 32Movistar Team105,,0:50
34155 Impey DarylMitchelton-Scott 34Mitchelton-Scott105,,0:50
3567 Castroviejo JonathanTeam INEOS 32Team INEOS105,,0:50
3641 Naesen OliverAG2R La Mondiale 28AG2R La Mondiale105,,0:50
37182 Cataford AlexanderIsrael Cycling Academy 26Israel Cycling Academy105,,0:50
3887 Gregaard JonasAstana Pro Team 23Astana Pro Team105,,0:50
39196 de Vos AdamRally UHC Cycling 25Rally UHC Cycling105,,0:50
4084 Zeits AndreyAstana Pro Team 32Astana Pro Team105,,0:50
4177 Polanc JanUAE-Team Emirates 27UAE-Team Emirates105,,0:50
42185 Neilands KristsIsrael Cycling Academy 25Israel Cycling Academy105,,0:50
43143 Fernández RubénMovistar Team 28Movistar Team105,,0:50
44194 Mannion GavinRally UHC Cycling 28Rally UHC Cycling105,,0:50
4596 Vanendert JelleLotto Soudal 34Lotto Soudal105,,0:50
463 Bakelants JanTeam Sunweb 33Team Sunweb105,,0:50
4735 Rosskopf JoeyCCC Team 30CCC Team105,,0:50
48104 Madouas ValentinGroupama - FDJ 23Groupama - FDJ105,,0:50
4922 Benedetti CesareBORA - hansgrohe 32BORA - hansgrohe105,,0:50
50177 Slagter Tom-JelteTeam Dimension Data 30Team Dimension Data105,,0:50
51113 Bettiol AlbertoEF Education First 25EF Education First55,,0:50
5254 Caruso DamianoBahrain Merida 31Bahrain Merida55,,0:50
5314 Evenepoel RemcoDeceuninck - Quick Step 19Deceuninck - Quick Step55,,0:50
5451 Nibali VincenzoBahrain Merida 34Bahrain Merida55,,0:50
55154 Hamilton LucasMitchelton-Scott 23Mitchelton-Scott55,,0:50
5625 McCarthy JayBORA - hansgrohe 27BORA - hansgrohe35,,0:50
5785 Cort MagnusAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team35,,0:50
585 Hirschi MarcTeam Sunweb 21Team Sunweb35,,0:50
5974 Martin DanUAE-Team Emirates 33UAE-Team Emirates351:101:10
60147 Sütterlin JashaMovistar Team 26Movistar Team351:261:26
61116 Vanmarcke SepEF Education First 31EF Education First5,,1:26
6224 Konrad PatrickBORA - hansgrohe 27BORA - hansgrohe5,,1:26
63156 Juul-Jensen ChristopherMitchelton-Scott 30Mitchelton-Scott5,,1:26
6413 Devenyns DriesDeceuninck - Quick Step 36Deceuninck - Quick Step51:381:38
652 Vervaeke LouisTeam Sunweb 25Team Sunweb51:401:40
66152 Bookwalter BrentMitchelton-Scott 35Mitchelton-Scott52:382:38
6772 Bystrøm Sven ErikUAE-Team Emirates 27UAE-Team Emirates52:552:55
68122 De Plus LaurensTeam Jumbo-Visma 24Team Jumbo-Visma53:093:09
6995 Monfort MaximeLotto Soudal 36Lotto Soudal53:353:35
704 Hindley JaiTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb5,,3:35
71124 Martens PaulTeam Jumbo-Visma 35Team Jumbo-Visma54:574:57
7233 Geschke SimonCCC Team 33CCC Team5,,4:57
7343 Duval JulienAG2R La Mondiale 29AG2R La Mondiale55:075:07
7446 Paret-Peintre AurélienAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale5,,5:07
75183 Earle NathanIsrael Cycling Academy 31Israel Cycling Academy55:255:25
7663 Knees ChristianTeam INEOS 38Team INEOS55:495:49
77142 Castrillo JaimeMovistar Team 23Movistar Team5,,5:49
7836 Schär MichaelCCC Team 32CCC Team5,,5:49
7975 Oliveira RuiUAE-Team Emirates 23UAE-Team Emirates5,,5:49
8053 Bole GregaBahrain Merida 34Bahrain Merida5,,5:49
81127 Tolhoek AntwanTeam Jumbo-Visma 25Team Jumbo-Visma58:388:38
82207 Zukowsky NicolasCanada 21Canada5,,8:38
83114 Brown NathanEF Education First 28EF Education First5,,8:38
84125 Vingegaard JonasTeam Jumbo-Visma 22Team Jumbo-Visma5,,8:38
85103 Le Gac OlivierGroupama - FDJ 26Groupama - FDJ59:389:38
86201 Piccoli JamesCanada 28Canada510:2610:26
8792 Dewulf StanLotto Soudal 21Lotto Soudal5,,10:26
88117 Whelan JamesEF Education First 23EF Education First5,,10:26
8915 Honoré Mikkel FrølichDeceuninck - Quick Step 22Deceuninck - Quick Step5,,10:26
90101 Duchesne AntoineGroupama - FDJ 28Groupama - FDJ5,,10:26
91172 Gibbons RyanTeam Dimension Data 25Team Dimension Data5,,10:26
92165 Hollenstein RetoTeam Katusha Alpecin 34Team Katusha Alpecin5,,10:26
9394 Maes NikolasLotto Soudal 33Lotto Soudal5,,10:26
9476 Philipsen JasperUAE-Team Emirates 21UAE-Team Emirates5,,10:26
95192 Anderson RyanRally UHC Cycling 32Rally UHC Cycling5,,10:26
96186 Sagiv GuyIsrael Cycling Academy 24Israel Cycling Academy512:3312:33
97205 Gervais LaurentCanada 21Canada515:3715:37
DNF93 Naesen LawrenceLotto Soudal 27Lotto Soudal--
DNF133 Bernard JulienTrek - Segafredo 27Trek - Segafredo,,-
DNF26 Oss DanielBORA - hansgrohe 32BORA - hansgrohe--
DNF163 Gonçalves JoséTeam Katusha Alpecin 30Team Katusha Alpecin--
DNF206 Plamondon RobinCanada 19Canada--
DNF64 Kwiatkowski MichałTeam INEOS 29Team INEOS--
DNF203 Cheyne JordanCanada 27Canada--
DNF61 Thomas GeraintTeam INEOS 33Team INEOS--
DNF157 Stannard RobertMitchelton-Scott 20Mitchelton-Scott--
DNF37 Wiśniowski ŁukaszCCC Team 27CCC Team--
DNF191 Tuft SveinRally UHC Cycling 42Rally UHC Cycling--
DNF83 Ballerini DavideAstana Pro Team 24Astana Pro Team--
DNF132 Conci NicolaTrek - Segafredo 22Trek - Segafredo--
DNF23 Burghardt MarcusBORA - hansgrohe 36BORA - hansgrohe--
DNF164 Haller MarcoTeam Katusha Alpecin 28Team Katusha Alpecin--
DNF131 Porte RichieTrek - Segafredo 34Trek - Segafredo--
DNF62 Basso LeonardoTeam INEOS 25Team INEOS--
DNF202 Burtnik EvanCanada 22Canada--
DNF121 van Poppel DannyTeam Jumbo-Visma 26Team Jumbo-Visma--
DNF146 Roelandts JürgenMovistar Team 34Movistar Team--
DNF34 Pauwels SergeCCC Team 35CCC Team--
DNF184 Jensen AugustIsrael Cycling Academy 28Israel Cycling Academy--
DNF82 Bilbao PelloAstana Pro Team 29Astana Pro Team--
DNF171 Gasparotto EnricoTeam Dimension Data 37Team Dimension Data--
DNF17 Serry PieterDeceuninck - Quick Step 30Deceuninck - Quick Step--
DNF166 Zabel RickTeam Katusha Alpecin 25Team Katusha Alpecin--
DNF123 Leezer TomTeam Jumbo-Visma 33Team Jumbo-Visma--
DNF6 Kämna LennardTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb--
DNF197 Ellsay NigelRally UHC Cycling 25Rally UHC Cycling--
DNF112 van den Berg JuliusEF Education First 22EF Education First--
DNF144 Mas LluísMovistar Team 29Movistar Team--
DNF32 Černý JosefCCC Team 26CCC Team--
DNF181 Boivin GuillaumeIsrael Cycling Academy 30Israel Cycling Academy--
DNF66 Halvorsen KristofferTeam INEOS 23Team INEOS--
DNF175 Kreuziger RomanTeam Dimension Data 33Team Dimension Data--
DNF7 Fröhlinger JohannesTeam Sunweb 34Team Sunweb--
DNF167 Špilak SimonTeam Katusha Alpecin 33Team Katusha Alpecin--
DNF52 Agnoli ValerioBahrain Merida 34Bahrain Merida--
DNF195 Dal-Cin MatteoRally UHC Cycling 28Rally UHC Cycling--
DNF106 Bonnet WilliamGroupama - FDJ 37Groupama - FDJ--
DNF134 Gogl MichaelTrek - Segafredo 25Trek - Segafredo--
DNF27 Pfingsten ChristophBORA - hansgrohe 31BORA - hansgrohe--
DNF176 Mäder GinoTeam Dimension Data 22Team Dimension Data--
DNF65 Lawless ChrisTeam INEOS 23Team INEOS--
DNF204 Chrétien Charles-ÉtienneCanada 20Canada--
DNF55 Colbrelli SonnyBahrain Merida 29Bahrain Merida--
DNF162 Biermans JentheTeam Katusha Alpecin 23Team Katusha Alpecin--
DNF45 Gougeard AlexisAG2R La Mondiale 26AG2R La Mondiale--
DNF193 Britton RobRally UHC Cycling 34Rally UHC Cycling--
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 15th September 2019
Avg. speed winner: 35.646 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Montréal › Montréal
Parcours type: 126
PCS point scale: 1.WT.BGrand Prix Cycliste de Montréal logo

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814 pnt
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