2020»Gran Premio de la Patagonia (1.2)

2020  One day race  »  Puerto Montt  ›  Puerto Montt   (138.6k)

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15 Hernandez Jose TitoTeam Medellin 25Team Medellin40153:18:033:18:03
21 Sevilla ÓscarTeam Medellin 43Team Medellin30100:280:28
315 Alarcón PabloCanel's Pro Cycling 31Canel's Pro Cycling2571:031:03
412 Ordoñez SantiagoCanel's Pro Cycling 22Canel's Pro Cycling2041:201:20
532 Navarrete SegundoMovistar Team Ecuador 34Movistar Team Ecuador152,,1:20
633 Cuasquer Cléber AlirioMovistar Team Ecuador 29Movistar Team Ecuador1011:321:32
722 Ajpacajá Alfredo EstebanGuatemala 30Guatemala51:341:34
841 Lachance Jean Michel4 MIND Project 334 MIND Project32:112:11
936 Toro Cristian AlexanderMovistar Team Ecuador 22Movistar Team Ecuador32:352:35
1013 Prado Ignacio de JesúsCanel's Pro Cycling 26Canel's Pro Cycling32:412:41
113 Roldán Weimar AlfonsoTeam Medellin 34Team Medellin,,2:41
1271 Vergara Nicolas IgnacioSembrasol Pichidegua 21Sembrasol Pichidegua,,2:41
134 Sánchez BrayanTeam Medellin 25Team Medellin,,2:41
1425 Canastuj José DavidGuatemala 23Guatemala,,2:41
1581 Alvarado AdrianMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 28Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,2:41
16104 Gomez Pablo GuillermoTur Bus Starken 22Tur Bus Starken3:233:23
1754 Morales AlejandroSAFUT Peteroa 26SAFUT Peteroa,,3:23
1893 Decar Jacob ThomasPapa John's Cycling Team 18Papa John's Cycling Team,,3:23
19113 Ferreyra Diego AgustinMinisterio del Deporte 22Ministerio del Deporte3:563:56
2051 Cabrera Nicolas AlejandroSAFUT Peteroa 22SAFUT Peteroa,,3:56
216 Oyola Róbigzon LeandroTeam Medellin 31Team Medellin4:354:35
2296 Beltran Guillermo AndresPapa John's Cycling Team 20Papa John's Cycling Team,,4:35
2392 Eguiguren GonzaloPapa John's Cycling Team 27Papa John's Cycling Team,,4:35
2483 Bustamante GermánMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 26Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,4:35
2526 Monterroso DorianGuatemala 27Guatemala,,4:35
2656 Lugo FranklinSAFUT Peteroa 33SAFUT Peteroa,,4:35
2735 Yaguaro IsaacMovistar Team Ecuador 26Movistar Team Ecuador,,4:35
2823 Vásquez Juan MardoqueoGuatemala 24Guatemala,,4:35
2931 Montenegro JorgeMovistar Team Ecuador 31Movistar Team Ecuador,,4:35
3053 Lopez Rafael AlejandroSAFUT Peteroa 24SAFUT Peteroa,,4:35
3143 Jean Michel4 MIND Project 464 MIND Project,,4:35
32105 Arriagada Matias FernandoTur Bus Starken 24Tur Bus Starken,,4:35
332 Duarte FabioTeam Medellin 33Team Medellin,,4:35
3424 Padilla JulioGuatemala 27Guatemala,,4:35
3511 Santos EfrénCanel's Pro Cycling 28Canel's Pro Cycling,,4:35
3646 Goodfellow William4 MIND Project 324 MIND Project,,4:35
3734 Caicedo DavidMovistar Team Ecuador 18Movistar Team Ecuador,,4:35
3821 Rodas ManuelGuatemala 35Guatemala4:584:58
39115 Álvarez PabloMinisterio del Deporte 19Ministerio del Deporte5:085:08
4075 García Claudio AntonioSembrasol Pichidegua 22Sembrasol Pichidegua5:175:17
4185 Gutierrez BenjaminMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 19Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,5:17
42102 Gonzalez SimonTur Bus Starken 21Tur Bus Starken,,5:17
43111 Peñalosa Felipe AndresMinisterio del Deporte 26Ministerio del Deporte,,5:17
4491 Ponce Christopher EdgardPapa John's Cycling Team 20Papa John's Cycling Team,,5:17
4544 Sylvestre-Williams David4 MIND Project 254 MIND Project6:276:27
4676 Vergara CarlosSembrasol Pichidegua 43Sembrasol Pichidegua7:457:45
DNF52 Downing Francisco SegundoSAFUT Peteroa 37SAFUT Peteroa--
DNF103 Zuñiga PaulTur Bus Starken 31Tur Bus Starken,,-
DNF65 Autran José EduardoBYB HB Medios 20BYB HB Medios,,-
DNF73 Zuñiga Gerson ArielSembrasol Pichidegua 40Sembrasol Pichidegua,,-
DNF86 Ojeda Patricio AlejandroMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 18Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,-
DNF55 Salinas NestorSAFUT Peteroa 32SAFUT Peteroa,,-
DNF106 Paredes AbrahamTur Bus Starken 30Tur Bus Starken,,-
DNF72 GÁlvez PabloSembrasol Pichidegua 22Sembrasol Pichidegua,,-
DNF14 Rosales Juan FranciscoCanel's Pro Cycling 19Canel's Pro Cycling,,-
DNF94 Alessandrini Luis FelipePapa John's Cycling Team 34Papa John's Cycling Team,,-
DNF61 Reyes FelipeBYB HB Medios 23BYB HB Medios,,-
DNF116 León NicolásMinisterio del Deporte 19Ministerio del Deporte,,-
DNF114 Walker Nicanor PatricioMinisterio del Deporte 21Ministerio del Deporte,,-
DNF16 Morales JesusCanel's Pro Cycling 26Canel's Pro Cycling,,-
DNF95 Lira LuisPapa John's Cycling Team 34Papa John's Cycling Team,,-
DNF63 Sepulveda Fernando AntonioBYB HB Medios 21BYB HB Medios,,-
DNF66 Olivos Esteban GabrielBYB HB Medios 24BYB HB Medios,,-
DNF82 Scheihing Hardy HelmuttMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 18Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,-
DNF45 Leithner Daniel4 MIND Project 294 MIND Project,,-
DNF101 Tapia AlexisTur Bus Starken 31Tur Bus Starken,,-
DNF64 Vejar Juan ManuelBYB HB Medios 41BYB HB Medios,,-
DNF74 Flores JuanSembrasol Pichidegua 28Sembrasol Pichidegua,,-
DNF84 Hrdina VictorMelipulli Resiter Puerto Montt 25Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 15th March 2020
Avg. speed winner: 41.99 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Puerto Montt › Puerto Montt
Parcours type: 51
PCS point scale: 1.2

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13 pnt
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