2020»Grand Prix Gazipasa WE (1.2)

2020  One day race  »  Gazipasa  ›  Gazipasa   (108.6k)

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125 Shekel OlgaUkraine 25Ukraine40402:42:152:42:15
212 Kirillova PolinaSestroretsk 22Sestroretsk3030,,0:00
313 Chernyshova GalinaSestroretsk 26Sestroretsk2516,,0:00
464 Novolodskaia MariiaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 20Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team20120:130:13
526 Solovey AnnaUkraine 28Ukraine1510,,0:13
651 Dronova Tamara Moscow Regional Team Moscow Regional Team108,,0:13
762 Klimova DianaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 23Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team56,,0:13
863 Miliaeva MariiaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 18Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team33,,0:13
973 Sharga OlenaLviv Cycling Team 33Lviv Cycling Team3,,0:13
1091 Sarkulova AlinaCycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 20Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-233,,0:13
1152 Dobrynina KseniyaMoscow Regional Team 26Moscow Regional Team,,0:13
1221 Riabchenko TetyanaUkraine 30Ukraine,,0:13
1382 Umutzhanova MakhabbatKazakhstan 25Kazakhstan,,0:13
1416 Syradoeva MargaritaSestroretsk 24Sestroretsk,,0:13
1561 Malkova DariaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 19Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,0:13
1653 Archibasova Elizaveta Moscow Regional Team Moscow Regional Team,,0:13
17104 Baidak AnnaRussia 19Russia,,0:13
1822 Melnychuk ViktoriiaUkraine 21Ukraine,,0:13
19101 Oshurkova YelyzavetaRussia 28Russia,,0:13
2072 Biryukova JuliaLviv Cycling Team 22Lviv Cycling Team,,0:13
2111 Ivanova IrinaSestroretsk 21Sestroretsk,,0:13
2231 Kiptsikava NastassiaMinsk Cycling Club 20Minsk Cycling Club,,0:13
2381 Saifutdinova NatalyaKazakhstan 31Kazakhstan,,0:13
2471 Nahirna AnnaLviv Cycling Team 31Lviv Cycling Team,,0:13
25106 Likhanova MarinaRussia 29Russia,,0:13
2634 Sharakova TatsianaMinsk Cycling Club 35Minsk Cycling Club0:240:24
2735 Tserakh HannaMinsk Cycling Club 21Minsk Cycling Club0:290:29
2832 Naskovich TaisaMinsk Cycling Club 24Minsk Cycling Club2:422:42
2983 Sanakbayeva ZhanerkeKazakhstan 22Kazakhstan3:313:31
3033 Abramenko AlinaMinsk Cycling Club 19Minsk Cycling Club,,3:31
3123 Semionova IrynaUkraine 29Ukraine,,3:31
3292 Lynnik AnastassiyaCycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 18Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-23,,3:31
3376 Lukachuk SolomiiaLviv Cycling Team 18Lviv Cycling Team,,3:31
3415 Vinogradova ViktoriaSestroretsk 20Sestroretsk,,3:31
3565 Gareeva AigulCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 18Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,3:31
3693 Tolemissova AssemCycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 18Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-23,,3:31
3785 Potapova FainaKazakhstan 23Kazakhstan,,3:31
3824 Vysotska YevheniyaUkraine 44Ukraine,,3:31
39102 Pliaskina AnastasiiaRussia 23Russia,,3:31
4014 Starodubova ValentinaSestroretsk 20Sestroretsk5:275:27
4136 Dziakola DaryaMinsk Cycling Club 19Minsk Cycling Club,,5:27
4294 Abramchuk Alyona Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-23,,5:27
4366 Uvarova MarinaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 19Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,5:27
4484 Pachshenko SvetlanaKazakhstan 19Kazakhstan,,5:27
4543 Slobodyan IrynaMix Team 1 Mix Team 1,,5:27
46105 Deyko OlgaRussia 24Russia6:216:21
475 Cakir AyseTurkey 22Turkey8:248:24
4875 Yaroshenko ViktoriiaLviv Cycling Team 20Lviv Cycling Team10:4110:41
492 Koyun KezibanTurkey 19Turkey12:0812:08
5096 Solovyeva AnzhelaCycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 19Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-2314:1514:15
5146 Khankishiyeva AyanMix Team 1 18Mix Team 1,,14:15
5245 Kaliulha ValeriiaMix Team 1 19Mix Team 1,,14:15
531 Aygun BuseTurkey Turkey,,14:15
DNF4 Sezer FatmaTurkey 20Turkey--
DNF44 Parkhomiuk ViktoriiaMix Team 1 18Mix Team 1,,-
DNF3 Sağnak ArzuTurkey 32Turkey,,-
DNF103 Rostovtseva MariaRussia 20Russia,,-
DNF74 Bondar ViktoriyaLviv Cycling Team 24Lviv Cycling Team,,-
DNF42 Anoud Awamleh Mix Team 1 Mix Team 1,,-
DNF6 Elmali MehlikaTurkey 20Turkey,,-
DNF41 Bekar AzizeMix Team 1 Mix Team 1,,-
DNS86 Pastarnak ViktoriyaKazakhstan 22Kazakhstan,,-
DNS54 Krylova SedaMoscow Regional Team 25Moscow Regional Team,,-
DNS95 Sultanova RinataCycling Olympic Training Center Under-23 21Cycling Olympic Training Center Under-23,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 14th February 2020
Avg. speed winner: 40.16 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Gazipasa › Gazipasa
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.2

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120 pnt
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