2019»Gravel and Tar Classic (1.2)

2019  One day race  »  Feilding  ›  Palmerston North   (131.5k)

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114 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing40153:23:313:23:31
272 Christensen RyanNew Zealand 22New Zealand30100:010:01
312 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing2570:020:02
471 Oram JamesNew Zealand 25New Zealand2040:030:03
5112 Haden GlennTank Guy/Bike Box 35Tank Guy/Bike Box1520:470:47
621 Murtagh ConorOliver's Real Food 25Oliver's Real Food1011:021:02
784 Oliver BenSkoda-Fruzio 22Skoda-Fruzio51:181:18
852 Ivory CameronGPM 26GPM3,,1:18
9122 Hartley-Brown MadiManawatu 18Manawatu31:381:38
1074 Hamilton BenNew Zealand 19New Zealand33:423:42
1132 Vine JayNero Bianchi 23Nero Bianchi4:544:54
12113 Green WilliamTank Guy/Bike Box 22Tank Guy/Bike Box5:115:11
1333 Bascombe SamNero Bianchi 18Nero Bianchi7:427:42
14114 Nalder AntonyTank Guy/Bike Box 32Tank Guy/Bike Box8:058:05
1592 Griffin LoganGD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles  23GD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles 8:078:07
1664 Bettles CarterFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 20Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling8:178:17
1781 West AlexSkoda-Fruzio 22Skoda-Fruzio8:278:27
1815 Whitehouse DanielEvoPro Racing 24EvoPro Racing11:4411:44
1973 Batt EthanNew Zealand 20New Zealand12:0612:06
20116 Fuller IoanTank Guy/Bike Box 21Tank Guy/Bike Box12:0712:07
2131 Miller ChristopherNero Bianchi 37Nero Bianchi,,12:07
2242 Spenceley BenAMR Renault 19AMR Renault12:0812:08
23123 Simpson DylanManawatu 18Manawatu12:1112:11
2454 Green TomGPM 21GPM,,12:11
OTL91 Heaney AlexGD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles  24GD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles --
OTL105 Napier GraysonNZ Cycling Project 23NZ Cycling Project,,-
OTL24 Jones CampbellOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,-
OTL63 Miller NickFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 27Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
OTL55 Bailey HarrisonGPM 22GPM,,-
OTL66 Busbridge DanielFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 23Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
OTL11 Wippert WouterEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,-
OTL103 Duyvesteyn KeesNZ Cycling Project 20NZ Cycling Project,,-
OTL124 Stannard ThomasManawatu Manawatu,,-
OTL75 Fitzwater MatiasNew Zealand 20New Zealand,,-
OTL86 Wright PaulSkoda-Fruzio 20Skoda-Fruzio,,-
OTL94 Cappel LiamGD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles  19GD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles ,,-
OTL41 Marryatt JakeAMR Renault 22AMR Renault,,-
OTL111 Soares ReubenTank Guy/Bike Box 19Tank Guy/Bike Box,,-
OTL45 Standrill CalvinAMR Renault 23AMR Renault,,-
OTL76 McGrath BurnieNew Zealand 19New Zealand,,-
OTL13 Archbold ShaneEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing,,-
OTL65 Cook SamFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 18Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
OTL102 Gilbertson TheoNZ Cycling Project 18NZ Cycling Project,,-
OTL53 Walsh JoelGPM 32GPM,,-
OTL61 Williams ChristopherFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 37Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
OTL34 Hill SamuelNero Bianchi 23Nero Bianchi,,-
OTL26 Pearce CallumOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food,,-
OTL95 Harvey JamesGD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles  28GD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles ,,-
OTL104 Mcdermott LukeNZ Cycling Project 25NZ Cycling Project,,-
OTL115 Gardner SamTank Guy/Bike Box 43Tank Guy/Bike Box,,-
OTL121 Groube CarneManawatu 20Manawatu,,-
OTL82 Yates JoelSkoda-Fruzio 21Skoda-Fruzio,,-
OTL83 Jones OllieSkoda-Fruzio 22Skoda-Fruzio,,-
OTL35 Louis JordanNero Bianchi 20Nero Bianchi,,-
DNS62 Layton CameronFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cycling 27Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
DNS36 Field RyleeNero Bianchi 24Nero Bianchi,,-
DNS22 Conway FintanOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNS56 Fleming RileyGPM 19GPM,,-
DNS125 Ray AlexanderManawatu 28Manawatu,,-
DNS93 Kuysten JoshGD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles  28GD Pringle Building/Spoken Cycles ,,-
DNS46 Fuller TobyAMR Renault 20AMR Renault,,-
DNS51 Roberts CameronGPM 24GPM,,-
DNS85 Sutton FrankSkoda-Fruzio 23Skoda-Fruzio,,-
DNS43 Edwards LiamAMR Renault 19AMR Renault,,-
DNS23 Hodges WilliamOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Gravel and Tar Classic logoDate: 19th January 2019
Avg. speed winner: 38.77 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.2
Start/finish: FeildingPalmerston North


Race ranking position
5 pnt
Position and points as on startdate of race.