2015»1st Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (1.1)

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132 Meersman GianniEtixx - Quick Step 29Etixx - Quick Step80754:15:224:15:22
212 Clarke SimonOrica GreenEDGE 28Orica GreenEDGE5655,,0:00
362 Haas NathanTeam Cannondale - Garmin  25Team Cannondale - Garmin 3240,,0:00
424 Rowe LukeTeam Sky 24Team Sky2432,,0:00
51 Evans CadelBMC Racing Team 37BMC Racing Team2028,,0:00
641 Caruso GiampaoloTeam Katusha  34Team Katusha 1624,,0:00
764 Moser MorenoTeam Cannondale - Garmin  24Team Cannondale - Garmin 1220,,0:00
84 Wyss DaniloBMC Racing Team 29BMC Racing Team818,,0:00
923 Kennaugh PeterTeam Sky 25Team Sky7160:070:07
1071 Haussler HeinrichIAM Cycling 30IAM Cycling6140:090:09
112 Dillier SilvanBMC Racing Team 24BMC Racing Team512,,0:09
1246 Tsatevich AlexeyTeam Katusha  25Team Katusha 310,,0:09
13182 Bevin PatrickAvanti Racing Team 23Avanti Racing Team8,,0:09
1495 Putt TannerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 22UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team7,,0:09
1536 Serry PieterEtixx - Quick Step 26Etixx - Quick Step6,,0:09
1633 de la Cruz DavidEtixx - Quick Step 25Etixx - Quick Step5,,0:09
17115 Spokes SamuelDrapac Professional Cycling 22Drapac Professional Cycling4,,0:09
18122 Canty BrendanTeam Budget Forklifts 23Team Budget Forklifts3,,0:09
1925 Stannard IanTeam Sky 27Team Sky2,,0:09
2021 Porte RichieTeam Sky 30Team Sky1,,0:09
2153 Roulston HaydenTrek Factory Racing  34Trek Factory Racing ,,0:09
2222 Earle NathanTeam Sky 26Team Sky,,0:09
23195 Clements AlexUniSA-Australia 21UniSA-Australia,,0:09
2434 Lampaert YvesEtixx - Quick Step 23Etixx - Quick Step,,0:09
25132 Bayly Cycling Team Cycling Team,,0:09
265 Stetina PeterBMC Racing Team 27BMC Racing Team,,0:09
273 Schär MichaelBMC Racing Team 28BMC Racing Team,,0:09
2845 Lagutin SergeyTeam Katusha  34Team Katusha ,,0:09
2913 Meyer CameronOrica GreenEDGE 27Orica GreenEDGE,,0:09
3073 Elmiger MartinIAM Cycling 36IAM Cycling0:590:59
3174 Pantano JarlinsonIAM Cycling 26IAM Cycling1:321:32
32151 Lane PatrickAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 23African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team1:581:58
3335 Bouet MaximeEtixx - Quick Step 28Etixx - Quick Step,,1:58
3472 Clement StefIAM Cycling 32IAM Cycling,,1:58
35103 Dall'Antonia TizianoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 31Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,1:58
36101 Pellizotti FrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 37Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,1:58
3784 Farrar TylerMTN - Qhubeka 30MTN - Qhubeka,,1:58
3854 Sergent JesseTrek Factory Racing  26Trek Factory Racing ,,1:58
39113 Lapthorne DarrenDrapac Professional Cycling 31Drapac Professional Cycling,,1:58
4065 Villella DavideTeam Cannondale - Garmin  23Team Cannondale - Garmin ,,1:58
4196 Summerhill DanielUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 25UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,1:58
4242 Belkov MaximTeam Katusha  30Team Katusha ,,1:58
4344 Selig RüdigerTeam Katusha  25Team Katusha 2:432:43
4455 Watson CalvinTrek Factory Racing  22Trek Factory Racing ,,2:43
45133 Donohoe Cycling Team Cycling Team,,2:43
4692 Euser LucasUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 31UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,2:43
4794 Jones ChrisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 35UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,2:43
48142 Cooper MitchellNavitas Satalyst Racing team 21Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,2:43
49155 Smyth AlexanderAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 26African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team5:425:42
50196 Power RobertUniSA-Australia 19UniSA-Australia,,5:42
51185 Shaw PatrickAvanti Racing Team 28Avanti Racing Team7:237:23
5215 Howson DamienOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE9:049:04
5363 Howes AlexTeam Cannondale - Garmin  27Team Cannondale - Garmin 12:0612:06
5461 Bauer JackTeam Cannondale - Garmin  29Team Cannondale - Garmin 12:0812:08
DNF165 Melville DavidData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 27Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF131 Shaw Cycling Team Cycling Team,,-
DNF161 Mowatt JamesData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 24Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF75 Reynés VicenteIAM Cycling 33IAM Cycling,,-
DNF141 Walker KaneNavitas Satalyst Racing team 25Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,-
DNF6 Sánchez SamuelBMC Racing Team 36BMC Racing Team,,-
DNF121 Talbot BrodieTeam Budget Forklifts 25Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF186 Van Der Ploeg NeilAvanti Racing Team 27Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF146 Strachan JoelNavitas Satalyst Racing team 33Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,-
DNF93 Hegyvary AdrianUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 31UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF194 Carpenter HarryUniSA-Australia 21UniSA-Australia,,-
DNF83 Dougall NicMTN - Qhubeka 22MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF16 Hepburn MichaelOrica GreenEDGE 23Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF175 Edwards DavidCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 21Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF171 Robinson ThomasCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 25Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF126 Torckler MichaelTeam Budget Forklifts 27Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF156 Woolley DarcyAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 21African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team,,-
DNF52 Didier LaurentTrek Factory Racing  30Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF136 Smith Cycling Team Cycling Team,,-
DNF104 Frapporti MarcoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 29Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNF116 Sulzberger BernardDrapac Professional Cycling 31Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF184 O'Brien MarkAvanti Racing Team 27Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF145 Napier GraysonNavitas Satalyst Racing team 19Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,-
DNF105 Nardin AlbertoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 24Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNF164 Bridgwood KyleData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 25Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF82 Brammeier MattMTN - Qhubeka 29MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF174 Katsonis NicholasCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 20Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF125 Nankervis TommyTeam Budget Forklifts 32Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF193 Cavanagh RyanUniSA-Australia 19UniSA-Australia,,-
DNF154 Lake SeanAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 23African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team,,-
DNF51 Alafaci EugenioTrek Factory Racing  24Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF91 Murphy JohnUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 30UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF166 Thomas RyanData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 19Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF114 Koning PeterDrapac Professional Cycling 24Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF183 Lovelock-Fay MitchellAvanti Racing Team 23Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF144 Mawby JacksonNavitas Satalyst Racing team 19Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,-
DNF135 Martz Cycling Team Cycling Team,,-
DNF163 Jory ChristopherData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 27Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF81 Goss MatthewMTN - Qhubeka 28MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF173 Hill BenjaminCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 24Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF124 Kauffmann JacobTeam Budget Forklifts 27Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF192 Beckinsale JackUniSA-Australia 21UniSA-Australia,,-
DNF153 Graziato MassimoAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 26African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team,,-
DNF43 Isaychev VladimirTeam Katusha  28Team Katusha ,,-
DNF11 Ewan CalebOrica GreenEDGE 20Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF86 Pauwels SergeMTN - Qhubeka 31MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF112 Hucker RobbieDrapac Professional Cycling 24Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF181 Giacoppo AnthonyAvanti Racing Team 28Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF143 Fitzgerald MichaelNavitas Satalyst Racing team 26Navitas Satalyst Racing team,,-
DNF134 Kent-spark Cycling Team Cycling Team,,-
DNF162 Cupitt MichaelData#3 Symantec team p/b Scody 32Data#3 Symantec team p/b Scody,,-
DNF76 Tanner DavidIAM Cycling 30IAM Cycling,,-
DNF172 Copp JaydenCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 25Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF123 Horgan SamuelTeam Budget Forklifts 27Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF191 Haig JackUniSA-Australia 21UniSA-Australia,,-
DNF152 Crosbie MichaelAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 22African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team,,-
DNF31 Renshaw MarkEtixx - Quick Step 32Etixx - Quick Step,,-
DNF14 Bewley SamOrica GreenEDGE 27Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF85 Jim SongezoMTN - Qhubeka 24MTN - Qhubeka,,-
DNF111 Kohler MartinDrapac Professional Cycling 29Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF176 Taylor JoshuaCharter Mason Giant Racing Team 23Charter Mason Giant Racing Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race logoDate: 1st February 2015
Avg. speed winner: 40.88 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Geelong › Geelong
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1

Race profile

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