2009»18th Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (1.HC)

2009  One day race  »  Utsunomiya  ›  Utsunomiya   (151.3k)

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1 Sørensen Chris AnkerSaxo Bank  25Saxo Bank 1001254:06:194:06:19
2 Moreno DanielCaisse d'Epargne 28Caisse d'Epargne70850:240:24
3 Santaromita IvanLiquigas 25Liquigas4060,,0:24
4 Cobo Juan JoséFuji-Servetto 28Fuji-Servetto3050,,0:24
5 Lastras PabloCaisse d'Epargne 33Caisse d'Epargne25450:410:41
6 Rodríguez JoaquimCaisse d'Epargne 30Caisse d'Epargne20401:001:00
7 Agnoli ValerioLiquigas 24Liquigas15351:261:26
8 Visconti GiovanniISD Cycling Team 26ISD Cycling Team1030,,1:26
9 Suzuki ShinriShimano Racing Team 34Shimano Racing Team9262:092:09
10 Larsson Gustav ErikSaxo Bank  29Saxo Bank 822,,2:09
11 Tschopp JohannBbox Bouygues Telekom 27Bbox Bouygues Telekom720,,2:09
12 Nishitani TaijiAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team6182:212:21
13 Miyazawa TakashiAeronautica Militare-Amica Chips 31Aeronautica Militare-Amica Chips516,,2:21
14 Iijima MakotoTeam Bridgestone Anchor 38Team Bridgestone Anchor414,,2:21
15 Shimizu MiyatakaEqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design 27Eqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design312,,2:21
16 Shinagawa MasahiroAisan Racing Team 27Aisan Racing Team102:242:24
17 de la Fuente DavidFuji-Servetto 28Fuji-Servetto9,,2:24
18 Fukushima ShinichiEqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design 38Eqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design83:013:01
19 Nodera HidenoriShimano Racing Team 34Shimano Racing Team7,,3:01
20 Doi YukihiroSkil - Shimano 26Skil - Shimano6,,3:01
21 Itami KenjiTeam Bridgestone Anchor 21Team Bridgestone Anchor5,,3:01
22 Kano TomoyaShimano Racing Team 36Shimano Racing Team43:053:05
23 Carlström KjellLiquigas 33Liquigas33:213:21
24 Basso IvanLiquigas 31Liquigas2,,3:21
25 Proni AlessandroISD Cycling Team 26ISD Cycling Team1,,3:21
26 Kessiakoff FredrikFuji-Servetto 29Fuji-Servetto,,3:21
27 Erviti ImanolCaisse d'Epargne 25Caisse d'Epargne,,3:21
28 Arashiro YukiyaBbox Bouygues Telekom 25Bbox Bouygues Telekom3:253:25
29 Nakajima YasuharuEqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design 24Eqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design4:344:34
30 Mori KazuhiroAisan Racing Team 27Aisan Racing Team4:384:38
31 Voigt JensSaxo Bank  38Saxo Bank 5:135:13
32 Naganuma TakayukiBlitzen Utsunomiya Pro Racing 24Blitzen Utsunomiya Pro Racing5:175:17
33 Suzuki KenichiAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team5:225:22
34 Fukuhara MasaruTeam Bridgestone Anchor 28Team Bridgestone Anchor7:597:59
35 Hiratsuka Yoshimitsu 208:498:49
36 Tonti AndreaFuji-Servetto 37Fuji-Servetto12:1212:12
37 Mirenda GianlucaISD Cycling Team 25ISD Cycling Team,,12:12
38 Hatanaka YusukeShimano Racing Team 24Shimano Racing Team,,12:12
39 Le Floch GuillaumeBbox Bouygues Telekom 24Bbox Bouygues Telekom,,12:12
40 Wakumoto MasakiMatrix Powertag 21Matrix Powertag,,12:12
41 Komori RyoheiTrek - Livestrong 21Trek - Livestrong,,12:12
42 Sørensen NickiSaxo Bank  34Saxo Bank ,,12:12
43 Guay Julien 23,,12:12
44 Shimizu YoshiyukiBlitzen Utsunomiya Pro Racing 26Blitzen Utsunomiya Pro Racing,,12:12
45 Kikuchi MasaakiEqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design 23Eqa - Meitan Hompo - Graphite Design,,12:12
46 Sawada KensyoMatrix Powertag 20Matrix Powertag,,12:12
47 Aoyanagi Kazuki 20,,12:12
48 Nishizono Ryota 22,,12:12
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race logoDate: 25th October 2009
Avg. speed winner: 36.855 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Utsunomiya › Utsunomiya
PCS point scale: 1.HC

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