2012»21st Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (1.HC)

2012  One day race  »  Utsunomiya  ›  Utsunomiya   (151.3k)

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1 Basso IvanLiquigas - Cannondale 34Liquigas - Cannondale1001254:01:584:01:58
2 Martin DanGarmin Sharp 26Garmin Sharp7085,,0:00
3 Majka RafałTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 23Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank4060,,0:00
4 Arredondo Julián DavidTeam Nippo 24Team Nippo3050,,0:00
5 Meier ChristianOrica GreenEDGE 27Orica GreenEDGE25450:460:46
6 Shimizu MiyatakaTeam Bridgestone Anchor 30Team Bridgestone Anchor20400:590:59
7 Clarke SimonOrica GreenEDGE 26Orica GreenEDGE1535,,0:59
8 Le Mével ChristopheGarmin Sharp 32Garmin Sharp10301:381:38
9 Hatanaka YusukeShimano Racing Team 27Shimano Racing Team9261:391:39
10 Haas NathanGarmin Sharp 23Garmin Sharp822,,1:39
11 Shinagawa MasahiroAisan Racing Team 30Aisan Racing Team720,,1:39
12 Nishitani TaijiAisan Racing Team 31Aisan Racing Team618,,1:39
13 Caruso DamianoLiquigas - Cannondale 25Liquigas - Cannondale516,,1:39
14 Iino TomoyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 23Utsunomiya Blitzen414,,1:39
15 Parisien FrançoisSpidertech Powered by C10 30Spidertech Powered by C10312,,1:39
16 Beppu FumiyukiOrica GreenEDGE 29Orica GreenEDGE10,,1:39
17 Marycz JarosławTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 25Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank9,,1:39
18 Masuda NariyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 28Utsunomiya Blitzen81:411:41
19 O'Brien MarkTeam Budget Forklifts 25Team Budget Forklifts7,,1:41
20 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuShimano Racing Team 23Shimano Racing Team6,,1:41
21 Fukuhara MasaruUtsunomiya Blitzen 31Utsunomiya Blitzen5,,1:41
22 Vandborg Brian BachSpidertech Powered by C10 30Spidertech Powered by C1041:451:45
23 Nishizono RyotaTeam Bridgestone Anchor 25Team Bridgestone Anchor36:036:03
24 Nonaka RyomaShimano Racing Team 23Shimano Racing Team2,,6:03
25 Lemus LuisJelly Belly Cycling 20Jelly Belly Cycling16:076:07
26 Hagman AlexJelly Belly Cycling 28Jelly Belly Cycling6:096:09
27 Suzuki YuzuruShimano Racing Team 26Shimano Racing Team,,6:09
28 Roth RyanSpidertech Powered by C10 29Spidertech Powered by C106:116:11
29 Miyazawa TakashiTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 34Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank,,6:11
30 Hamilton NicJelly Belly Cycling 26Jelly Belly Cycling,,6:11
31 Mori KazuhiroAisan Racing Team 30Aisan Racing Team6:156:15
32 Inoue KazuoTeam Bridgestone Anchor 31Team Bridgestone Anchor9:099:09
33 Komori RyoheiTeam Nippo 24Team Nippo,,9:09
34 Lee Kisuk 2410:0810:08
35 Hatsuyama ShoUtsunomiya Blitzen 24Utsunomiya Blitzen,,10:08
36 Nakamura MakotoUtsunomiya Blitzen 29Utsunomiya Blitzen,,10:08
37 Nakajima YasuharuAisan Racing Team 27Aisan Racing Team,,10:08
38 Abe TakayukiShimano Racing Team 26Shimano Racing Team,,10:08
39 Cupitt MichaelTeam Budget Forklifts 30Team Budget Forklifts12:4412:44
DNF Huff Charles BradleyJelly Belly Cycling 33Jelly Belly Cycling--
DNF Kim Joon-wo ,,-
DNF Christensen MadsTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 28Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank,,-
DNF Itami KenjiTeam Bridgestone Anchor 24Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF Ockerby LukeTeam Budget Forklifts 20Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Sulzberger WesleyOrica GreenEDGE 26Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Witmitz SamTeam Budget Forklifts 27Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Anderson RyanSpidertech Powered by C10 25Spidertech Powered by C10,,-
DNF Sagan JurajLiquigas - Cannondale 23Liquigas - Cannondale,,-
DNF Oss DanielLiquigas - Cannondale 25Liquigas - Cannondale,,-
DNF Yoshida HayatoTeam Bridgestone Anchor 23Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF Davison LukeTeam Budget Forklifts 22Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Nakane HidetoTeam Nippo 22Team Nippo,,-
DNF Fukushima ShinichiTerengganu Cycling Team 41Terengganu Cycling Team,,-
DNF Von Hoff SteeleChipotle - First Solar Development Team 24Chipotle - First Solar Development Team,,-
DNF Scully TomChipotle - First Solar Development Team 22Chipotle - First Solar Development Team,,-
DNF Suzuki KenichiAisan Racing Team 31Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF Park Sang-Hoon 19,,-
DNF Nakao Keisuke ,,-
DNF Dean JulianOrica GreenEDGE 37Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Sagan PeterLiquigas - Cannondale 22Liquigas - Cannondale,,-
DNF Mutsumine Wataru 20,,-
DNF Uchima KoheiTeam Nippo 23Team Nippo,,-
DNF Park Sanghong 23,,-
DNF Doi YukihiroArgos - Shimano 29Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF Sano JunyaTeam Nippo 30Team Nippo,,-
DNF Cantwell JonathanTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 30Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank,,-
DNF Lee Sung-ho ,,-
DNF Kuboki KazushigeMatrix Powertag 23Matrix Powertag,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race logoDate: 21st October 2012
Avg. speed winner: 37.518 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Utsunomiya › Utsunomiya
Parcours type: 100*
PCS point scale: 1.HC

Race profile

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