2013»22nd Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (1.HC)

2013  One day race  »  Utsunomiya  ›  Utsunomiya   (151.3k)

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 1 42 Rogers MichaelTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 33Team Saxo - Tinkoff--
161 Bauer JackGarmin Sharp 28Garmin Sharp1001254:25:444:25:44
251 Cunego DamianoLampre - Merida 32Lampre - Merida7085,,,,
3102 Arredondo Julián DavidTeam Nippo - De Rosa 25Team Nippo - De Rosa4060,,,,
411 López DavidSky Procycling 32Sky Procycling30500:060:06
555 Mori ManueleLampre - Merida 33Lampre - Merida25450:140:14
614 Dombrowski JoeSky Procycling 22Sky Procycling2040,,0:14
71 Verona CarlosOmega Pharma - Quick-Step 20Omega Pharma - Quick-Step1535,,0:14
8121 Nishitani TaijiAisan Racing Team 32Aisan Racing Team10300:210:21
912 Edmondson JoshuaSky Procycling 21Sky Procycling9260:490:49
1054 Favilli EliaLampre - Merida 24Lampre - Merida8221:461:46
1121 Hermans BenRadioShack - Leopard 27RadioShack - Leopard7202:112:11
125 Serry PieterOmega Pharma - Quick-Step 24Omega Pharma - Quick-Step6182:152:15
1331 Basso IvanCannondale Pro Cycling Team 35Cannondale Pro Cycling Team516,,2:15
1465 Von Hoff SteeleGarmin Sharp 25Garmin Sharp4143:143:14
1585 Țvetcov SergheiJelly Belly p/b Kenda 24Jelly Belly p/b Kenda312,,3:14
16154 Iino TomoyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 24Utsunomiya Blitzen10,,3:14
17131 Toribio José VicenteTeam UKYO 27Team UKYO9,,3:14
18145 Nonaka RyomaShimano Racing Team 24Shimano Racing Team8,,3:14
19125 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuAisan Racing Team 24Aisan Racing Team7,,3:14
2034 Krizek MatthiasCannondale Pro Cycling Team 25Cannondale Pro Cycling Team6,,3:14
2145 Sutherland RoryTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 31Team Saxo - Tinkoff5,,3:14
2264 Martin DanGarmin Sharp 27Garmin Sharp43:203:20
2341 Petrov EvgeniTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 35Team Saxo - Tinkoff3,,3:20
2471 Nishizono RyotaChampion System Pro Cycling Team 26Champion System Pro Cycling Team23:523:52
2591 Alizadeh HosseinAmore & Vita 25Amore & Vita16:076:07
26163 Uchino NaoyaJapan 19Japan7:267:26
2784 Mazich SeanJelly Belly p/b Kenda 27Jelly Belly p/b Kenda7:337:33
2813 Eisel BernhardSky Procycling 32Sky Procycling,,7:33
2935 Masuda NariyukiCannondale Pro Cycling Team 29Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,7:33
30123 Nakajima YasuharuAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team,,7:33
3181 Huff Charles BradleyJelly Belly p/b Kenda 34Jelly Belly p/b Kenda,,7:33
32113 Hatsuyama ShoTeam Bridgestone Anchor 25Team Bridgestone Anchor7:357:35
33165 Yoshioka NaoyaJapan 21Japan,,7:35
34143 Yoshida HayatoShimano Racing Team 24Shimano Racing Team,,7:35
35142 Suzuki YuzuruShimano Racing Team 27Shimano Racing Team9:469:46
3695 Martins UriAmore & Vita 23Amore & Vita10:4210:42
37164 Akimaru YuyaJapan 22Japan11:3211:32
38101 Fukushima ShinichiTeam Nippo - De Rosa 42Team Nippo - De Rosa11:5211:52
DNF63 Haas NathanGarmin Sharp 24Garmin Sharp--
DNF153 Nakamura MakotoUtsunomiya Blitzen 30Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF32 Sagan PeterCannondale Pro Cycling Team 23Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF53 Stortoni SimoneLampre - Merida 28Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF92 Di Battista AntonioAmore & Vita 27Amore & Vita,,-
DNF104 Ishibashi ManabuTeam Nippo - De Rosa 20Team Nippo - De Rosa,,-
DNF115 Hirai EiichiTeam Bridgestone Anchor 22Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF74 Friedemann MatthiasChampion System Pro Cycling Team 29Champion System Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF72 Beyer ChadChampion System Pro Cycling Team 27Champion System Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF151 Suzuki ShinriUtsunomiya Blitzen 38Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF22 Jungels BobRadioShack - Leopard 21RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF144 Iribe ShotaroShimano Racing Team 24Shimano Racing Team,,-
DNF73 Brammeier MattChampion System Pro Cycling Team 28Champion System Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF103 Nakane HidetoTeam Nippo - De Rosa 23Team Nippo - De Rosa,,-
DNF124 Ito MasakazuAisan Racing Team 25Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF105 Uchima KoheiTeam Nippo - De Rosa 24Team Nippo - De Rosa,,-
DNF33 Sagan JurajCannondale Pro Cycling Team 24Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF62 Rasmussen AlexGarmin Sharp 29Garmin Sharp,,-
DNF122 Mori KazuhiroAisan Racing Team 31Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF24 Oliveira NelsonRadioShack - Leopard 24RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF134 Abe TakayukiTeam UKYO 27Team UKYO,,-
DNF23 Bennett GeorgeRadioShack - Leopard 23RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF76 Lewis CraigChampion System Pro Cycling Team 28Champion System Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF161 Kuroeda ShikiJapan 21Japan,,-
DNF135 Cabello AntonioTeam UKYO 23Team UKYO,,-
DNF4 Trentin MatteoOmega Pharma - Quick-Step 24Omega Pharma - Quick-Step,,-
DNF111 Shimizu MiyatakaTeam Bridgestone Anchor 31Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF25 Roulston HaydenRadioShack - Leopard 32RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF82 Rodriguez FredJelly Belly p/b Kenda 40Jelly Belly p/b Kenda,,-
DNF112 Lebas ThomasTeam Bridgestone Anchor 27Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF133 Kano TomoyaTeam UKYO 40Team UKYO,,-
DNF83 Lemus LuisJelly Belly p/b Kenda 21Jelly Belly p/b Kenda,,-
DNF3 Vandenbergh StijnOmega Pharma - Quick-Step 29Omega Pharma - Quick-Step,,-
DNF43 Breschel MattiTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 29Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF132 Doi YukihiroTeam UKYO 30Team UKYO,,-
DNF114 Itami KenjiTeam Bridgestone Anchor 25Team Bridgestone Anchor,,-
DNF155 Hori TakaakiUtsunomiya Blitzen 21Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF14 Porte RichieSky Procycling 28Sky Procycling,,-
DNF141 Hatanaka YusukeShimano Racing Team 28Shimano Racing Team,,-
DNF2 Vermote JulienOmega Pharma - Quick-Step 24Omega Pharma - Quick-Step,,-
DNF162 Terasaki TakeroJapan 21Japan,,-
DNF152 Fukuhara MasaruUtsunomiya Blitzen 32Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF44 Miyazawa TakashiTeam Saxo - Tinkoff 35Team Saxo - Tinkoff,,-
DNF94 Räim MihkelAmore & Vita 20Amore & Vita,,-
DNF52 Conti ValerioLampre - Merida 20Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race logoDate: 20th October 2013
Avg. speed winner: 34.26 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Utsunomiya › Utsunomiya
PCS point scale: 1.HC

Race profile

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