2014»23rd Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (1.HC)

2014  One day race  »  Utsunomiya  ›  Utsunomiya   (151.3k)

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13 Haas NathanGarmin Sharp 25Garmin Sharp1001254:06:484:06:48
241 Boasson Hagen EdvaldTeam Sky 27Team Sky7085,,0:00
3141 Bole GregaVini Fantini Nippo  29Vini Fantini Nippo 4060,,0:00
454 Valgren MichaelTinkoff - Saxo 22Tinkoff - Saxo3050,,0:00
561 Arredondo Julián DavidTrek Factory Racing  26Trek Factory Racing 2545,,0:00
621 Conti ValerioLampre - Merida 21Lampre - Merida2040,,0:00
711 Formolo DavideCannondale  21Cannondale 1535,,0:00
814 Moser MorenoCannondale  23Cannondale 1030,,0:00
924 Polanc JanLampre - Merida 22Lampre - Merida9260:050:05
1051 Juul-Jensen ChristopherTinkoff - Saxo 25Tinkoff - Saxo8220:180:18
1153 Boaro ManueleTinkoff - Saxo 27Tinkoff - Saxo7200:250:25
124 Martin DanGarmin Sharp 28Garmin Sharp6180:380:38
13103 Lebas ThomasBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 28Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team5160:480:48
1462 Beppu FumiyukiTrek Factory Racing  31Trek Factory Racing 414,,0:48
15111 Masuda NariyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 30Utsunomiya Blitzen312,,0:48
165 Von Hoff SteeleGarmin Sharp 26Garmin Sharp100:560:56
1744 Sutton ChrisTeam Sky 30Team Sky9,,0:56
18132 García RicardoTeam UKYO 26Team UKYO8,,0:56
1974 Sulzberger BernardDrapac Professional Cycling 30Drapac Professional Cycling7,,0:56
2012 Longo Borghini PaoloCannondale  33Cannondale 6,,0:56
21134 Guardiola SalvadorTeam UKYO 26Team UKYO5,,0:56
2291 Nishitani TaijiAisan Racing Team 33Aisan Racing Team4,,0:56
23105 Hatsuyama ShoBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 26Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team3,,0:56
24104 Uchima KoheiBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 25Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team2,,0:56
2515 Salerno CristianoCannondale  29Cannondale 1,,0:56
2631 Arashiro YukiyaTeam Europcar 30Team Europcar,,0:56
2734 Kern ChristopheTeam Europcar 33Team Europcar,,0:56
282 Gaimon PhillipGarmin Sharp 28Garmin Sharp1:021:02
2922 Cunego DamianoLampre - Merida 33Lampre - Merida,,1:02
3095 Hayakawa TomohiroAisan Racing Team 24Aisan Racing Team,,1:02
31101 Shimizu MiyatakaBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 32Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team2:012:01
32131 Toribio José VicenteTeam UKYO 28Team UKYO3:113:11
33142 De Negri Pier PaoloVini Fantini Nippo  28Vini Fantini Nippo 3:553:55
3423 Favilli EliaLampre - Merida 25Lampre - Merida,,3:55
3513 Marcato MarcoCannondale  30Cannondale ,,3:55
3663 Roulston HaydenTrek Factory Racing  33Trek Factory Racing ,,3:55
3735 Thurau BjörnTeam Europcar 26Team Europcar4:254:25
38133 Doi YukihiroTeam UKYO 31Team UKYO4:374:37
39121 Hatanaka YusukeShimano Racing Team 29Shimano Racing Team5:055:05
4045 Swift BenTeam Sky 26Team Sky5:365:36
41144 Miyazawa TakashiVini Fantini Nippo  36Vini Fantini Nippo 5:465:46
4252 Kroon KarstenTinkoff - Saxo 38Tinkoff - Saxo5:485:48
4343 Eisel BernhardTeam Sky 33Team Sky,,5:48
44154 Oka AtsushiJapan 19Japan,,5:48
4584 Planet CharlesTeam Novo Nordisk 20Team Novo Nordisk,,5:48
4681 Megías JavierTeam Novo Nordisk 31Team Novo Nordisk5:515:51
4792 Mori KazuhiroAisan Racing Team 32Aisan Racing Team,,5:51
48102 Monier DamienBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 32Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team,,5:51
49124 Nonaka RyomaShimano Racing Team 25Shimano Racing Team,,5:51
5094 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuAisan Racing Team 25Aisan Racing Team,,5:51
51112 Suzuki YuzuruUtsunomiya Blitzen 28Utsunomiya Blitzen,,5:51
5275 Sulzberger WesleyDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling,,5:51
5373 Norris LachlanDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling,,5:51
5472 Lapthorne DarrenDrapac Professional Cycling 31Drapac Professional Cycling,,5:51
55135 Yamamoto ShunTeam UKYO 21Team UKYO5:595:59
5682 Lozano DavidTeam Novo Nordisk 25Team Novo Nordisk6:366:36
5771 Anderson JackDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling,,6:36
5893 Ito MasakazuAisan Racing Team 26Aisan Racing Team,,6:36
59155 Uchino NaoyaJapan 20Japan,,6:36
60113 Suzuki ShinriUtsunomiya Blitzen 39Utsunomiya Blitzen,,6:36
61114 Abe TakayukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 28Utsunomiya Blitzen6:576:57
62115 Hori TakaakiUtsunomiya Blitzen 22Utsunomiya Blitzen9:459:45
63123 Iribe ShotaroShimano Racing Team 25Shimano Racing Team9:489:48
64143 Ishibashi ManabuVini Fantini Nippo  21Vini Fantini Nippo 10:4010:40
65125 Kimura KeisukeShimano Racing Team 22Shimano Racing Team11:5211:52
DNF145 Yamamoto GenkiVini Fantini Nippo  22Vini Fantini Nippo ,,-
DNF85 Eldridge JoeTeam Novo Nordisk 32Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF151 Sano JunyaJapan 32Japan,,-
DNF83 De Mesmaeker KevinTeam Novo Nordisk 23Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF25 Vaccher AndreaLampre - Merida 25Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF153 Tokuda SuguruJapan 20Japan,,-
DNF64 Popovych YaroslavTrek Factory Racing  34Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF122 Yoshida HayatoShimano Racing Team 25Shimano Racing Team,,-
DNF152 Tokuda TanzoJapan 22Japan,,-
DNF1 Fairly CalebGarmin Sharp 27Garmin Sharp,,-
DNF42 Boswell IanTeam Sky 23Team Sky,,-
DNF32 Cornu JérémyTeam Europcar 23Team Europcar,,-
DNF33 Cousin JérômeTeam Europcar 25Team Europcar,,-
DNF55 Sutherland RoryTinkoff - Saxo 32Tinkoff - Saxo,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race logoDate: 19th October 2014
Avg. speed winner: 36.782 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Utsunomiya › Utsunomiya
Parcours type: 100*
PCS point scale: 1.HC

Race profile

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